Living On 30-mg Of Adderall

Why is 30-mg of Adderall the Most Prescribed Dosage?

Adderall 30mg is the strongest amount given in one capsule, which is why 30 milligrams is the most popular, and most prescribed dosage. It is most commonly prescribed in extended release format.

Adderall 30mg – Benefits

The benefits of the Adderall 30mg dosage is that it is the most powerful dose currently available, as it is the highest and the strongest.

My story

So this blog post will focus mainly on my Adderall addiction memoir and on the struggles I’ve had with quitting Adderall. I took Adderall 30mg capsules every day, so if you’re trying to get off it this book will be for you. As always, Adderall needs a doctors prescription to get.  If you don’t want to read this, just skip to the end.

Chapter 9

The next morning I started to feel like my old self, only this time with a purpose, something that gave me drive to do better in school and to find myself with more success than I could’ve ever dreamed of. I went to school early that morning with an envelope in hand containing twenty dollars and swapped it for a small dime bag with four instant release, orange Adderall’s inside. I almost couldn’t resist the urge and immediately rushed to the bathroom, broke off a quarter of one of the pills, and swallowed it whole. It tasted sweet in my mouth and had a peculiar chalky texture to it as it slowly fell down my throat.

I jammed my headphones into my ears as in a few minutes my eyes dilated, and an aura of endless strength and endurance built up in my legs. I walked the hallways, completely centered in my own, euphoric walk to class, pushing people out of the way and ignoring others as they acknowledged me in my path to class. Minutes later, I was sitting inside my first-period class, waiting for the teacher to finish off her last bit of coffee.

“Okay everyone, get in groups of four,” she said, walking around the room and pointing towards desks, giving directions for which way to turn them. “Well, she seems cheery today,” I said. My entire group laughed before we opened our books and tried to decipher whatever student’s handwriting lie on the next student’s essay we were being forced to look over. My motor mouth began to run to its fullest, as I couldn’t seem to resist the urge to talk loudly and excessively “Oh my God, this essay is ridiculous, it looks like the kid wrote it in freaking Sanskrit or something, Jesus.”

My group laughed once again as I continued to insult other infidelities about the paper, triggering my teacher Mrs. Cotter to visit our table and give a stern lecture on multiple occasions. There was no stopping me; I didn’t have an off button. The bell rang, and I popped another piece of the pill, same with the next period, and finally one right after lunch. The more I started upping the dosage, the more my drug-induced photographic memory began to get stronger.

I continued to chase that one strong, amazing high, the one with infinite memory and in which I had an unprecedented potential and overly optimistic outlook on life. I justified my usage by saying it helped me with school, that it helped me get my GPA and test scores up. I was chasing the euphoria and nothing else, I continued to indulge on the pills until, by the end the end of the week, I was down to my last one.

Staring at my usual packet of pills underneath my bookshelf that next morning before school provided me with more relief this time than even excitement. Relief that I could still get high and prolong the crash, relief that I could still keep my wallet in check and continue to partake endlessly in my new obsession. With my growing tolerance, I took the entire pill that morning and left the house feeling slightly upbeat, euphoric, and particularly motivated towards something I hadn’t dipped into before.

“Well hey there James, what’s up with you?” Camila soon asked before I could even open my mouth that lunch period and begin rambling about whatever thoughts came to mind. “So much, oh my God,” I said, “I was walking home yesterday and I got attacked by a tiger, oh and my dad also won the lottery yesterday, it was just freaking great.”I thought I was being funny, but the tone I had used due to my now extremely overconfident speed high had made it almost noticeable that I was on something, and my other friends soon took initiative to ask me what was going on.

“What are you on dude, your legs are hopping up and down and you haven’t shut up all week. I learned about some of this stuff in my forensics class, the dilated eyes, the twitches, the sweating. What are you on dude, let me help you, what is it?. My friend Tyler interrogated me with questions, understandable seeing as if we had both gone to the same private middle school and been polluted with negativity about drugs since nearly the fifth grade.

I laughed at how closely resembled such a minute street drug as Adderall was with hardcore narcotics. “No it’s nothing,” I said “just a lot of um, coffee.” Tyler continued to look me in the eye “coffee, dude you’re speaking super fast, so fast that no one else can even get close to getting a word in, and your entire body is constantly moving. Like right there, you’re tossing your water bottle back and forth like its nothing.”

My friend Tyler continued to push the issue, realizing the situation and not wanting my friend to go without knowing a little bit about what was going on, and judging me as some hardened criminal, I decided to fess up. “It’s not anything bad, just Adderall,” I told him. “What’s Adderall?” Tyler asked, noticeably confused about what I was talking about. “Nothing, it’s just Attention medication,” I said.

Tyler paused and continued to stare at me with an ashamed look on his face “so what you’re one of those pill poppers now. That’s no better than a  drug head” Tyler said. “Are you kidding me” I replied, infuriated at Tyler’s ignorance “it’s a hell of a lot better than being some coke junkie.” Tyler shook his head, believing me to be heavily delusional as a side effect of the drug “still, you’re pretty much already a junkie” he said.

The thought crossed my mind that now, yes, there was the possibility that I could be considered a junkie. I didn’t care; I was smarter and learned faster than everybody else. My grade point average was amazing, and my social life had never been better if this was what a junkie’s life what like, that I would more than happily take on the title. “Fine, maybe a little bit” I replied to Tyler, who at the moment was still unhappy with my improper judgment. “I don’t even know what to say to you right now, even though I like, just met you,” said Camila, changing the subject of the conversation slightly, and my concentration completely.

“It’s not that bad, oh my God,” I told her. Camila looked away “right, whatever you say” she replied. “It’s really not,” I said, “I bet my GPA’s as high as yours, which is what again by the way?” Camila squinted her eyes, in a look of disgust “4.8” she said in reply. I shook my head laughing “okay so maybe it’s not that high, but I guarantee you I’m still smarter than you. Anyways, my God, you’re so lucky to have that GPA I said.” Camila stared at the ground immediately as the words left my mouth “luck had nothing to do with it, neither did God, it was all me buddy.”

My eyes widened in shock “well alright then, don’t know if we have to go that far” I said, trying to laugh off what I had just heard. Camila looked up at me “no, we do have to go that far Stephen, I’m tired of people bringing God into why it is that I accomplished everything I did, it was through me and my hard work, I did that, and no supernatural force helped me through it” she said with a shriek in her voice. The speediness was continuing to get stronger, and I thought I’d put my focus on some good and humorous use, especially in this conversation. “Really, so what do you think happens when we die? You think we just reincarnate into rabbits and run around humping each other all day?”

The entire table broke out into immediate, hysterical laughter as Camila continued to stare at me, wondering why I would say such a thing and publicly humiliate her in front of our closest friends. “No James, we just die, that’s it, there’s nothing,” she said. I laughed at her analysis and inability to support her claim, however, I was so focused on myself, and what it actually meant to me that I outwitted her in this conversation, that I managed to come across as almost angry.

“Alright then what about this, how do you think we got here, monkeys? I’m sure we just went poof and we’re all here right?” Camila began to back away in an almost fearful state as I continued to obsessively press forward on the issue, continuously becoming more and more focused with every passing second “maybe we’re actually aliens guys, wow, we’re freaking aliens, go figure.”

The speediness present in my body in my mind was forcing me to ramble almost uncontrollably and made me lose all sense of impulse control. My entire table continued to laugh at my assumptions nonetheless as they continued to get crazier and crazier. “I don’t know, that’s just how I feel” Camila finally finished off with, before passively walking away in a state of almost fear. I didn’t care, I had gotten my point across and I had won the insult battle.

Why should I care if I had just hurt an innocent girl’s feelings and gotten away without any real consequences? “Dude you really ripped on that girl today, I’m pretty sure she was like borderline crying,” Tyler said as we began to walk back to class. As sycophant and amoral as I was from the euphoric effects of the drug, I didn’t actually care but instead tried to make myself look better. “I’m sure she didn’t take it that hard, I was mostly joking around,” I said. Tyler laughed at how ridiculously calm I was being about what I had just done. “What are you talking about” Tyler started up again “she was literally tearing up dude, I’m not kidding, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she never talked to you again.”

End of Excerpt*

Final Thoughts on Living on 30-mg of Adderall

Adderall is very powerful and addictive and should only be taken if you legitimately have a reason for it.

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