Adderall and Aniracetam

Adderall and Aniracetam

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More About Aniracetam

Aniracetam has been found to be effective smart drug that can work on your brain to improve its cognitive faculties. People who take this have found it quite efficient in treating symptoms of attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and in enhancing the activity levels of the mind and body. Incidentally Adderall also does quite a similar function and perhaps is more popularly used by people across the United States and also around the world. What if one tries stacking Adderall and Aniracetam? Adderall is beneficial for attention deficit syndrome patients, since, if taken regularly, it has a significant impact on the brain’s functioning by improving the mental alertness of individuals and in reducing, if not removing also their anxiety and negative thoughts. The ingredients present in Adderall, help the neurotransmitters to work well in the brain keeping functioning of the focus and memory areas of the cerebral cortex, at peak levels. Commercially it is sold in two variants; the immediate release and the extended release. Furthermore, the dosage has to be determined according to an individual’s condition. The therapeutic effects of Adderall have been proven over the years, and many people buy this smart drug across the counter in many places. Like most other medicines, Adderall also has some side effects. The most serious one perhaps is that its regular use can cause a burnout sensation or a downward mood swing.


Developed in1970, Aniracetam is one more smart drug from the racetam family with extreme capabilities if taken long term, and is very widely used off label for treatment of anxiety. Unlike many such formulations, Aniracetam has the least side effects of any other nootropic compound. Aniracetam has the approval for treating general memory loss and attention disorders and is normally administered to the elderly in order to help them in bringing down symptoms, if their cognitive functions are degenerating. Because of its excellent therapeutic qualities, Aniracetam finds its use for successful treatment of symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia, though not as a full treatment for these disorders. The known benefits of Aniracetam include, memory enhancement, improved learning ability, heightened  reflexes and perception, and considerable reduction in depression and anxiety.

Stacking Adderall and Aniracetam

Now to the topic; what if people resort to stacking Adderall and Aniracetam? The public opinion appears to be divided on the positive or negative effects of mixing these two smart drugs together. However, by and large, experts feel that while both the drugs offer unique advantages, it is also established that in the long run, Aniracetam is a better remedy and does not cause any side effects. Adderall has been reported to produce some mood swings not really in the favor of the user. Stacking them could therefore, not give any significant additional benefit, in theory…however… my experience…this is DEFINITELY not the case. There are also issues related to the consumption of alcohol, while being on Adderall. That could be causing more negative effects when Aniracetam works on Adderall and alcohol. It is advisable to avoid stacking these two powerful Nootropics. On the contrary, an opinion is developing that ultimately Aniracetam could even replace Adderall for longer duration treatments, for symptoms of attention deficit disorders and other old age symptoms leading to Alzheimer’s or dementia.

My Experience

Stacking Aniracetam with Adderall was very similar to when I used Piracetam with it, it potentiated it significantly, just was slightly stronger and had a type of “taking the edge off” effect, in that it lowered the anxiety that Adderall can sometimes call. This combination is reported as very safe, and overall when the two are combined, it is a much more potent and euphoric experience than if one uses either drug on its own.

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