Combining Adderall and Caffeine: Is This A Good Idea?

Adderall and Caffeine

This blog post will discuss exactly what happens when you take Adderall and Caffeine, either together or separately on the same day. As both are stimulants, this is generally not a good idea, however, in low doses it may be alright. Adderall and caffeine is a very common “stack” of sorts that is put together by college students in an attempt to stay awake last minute to cram for papers, as well as study for finals. Nicotine is also a common secondary drug used with Adderall.


There can be benefits to using Adderall and Caffeine together, and while generally, it is not really a good idea to mix the two of these (it can put stress on the heart and really put stress on your brain) if you use a low amount of coffee, it may not be a huge deal.


The dangers, as I’ve expressed thoroughly in the last two paragraphs, range from the fact that both drugs put a large strain on both your heart and brain and the combination can be dangerous.

The Second Installment of My Memoir of Adderall Abuse and How I Quit

The bottom part of this post will focus on the issues that Adderall can cause while using with Caffeine. Read the chapters though, it gives you a first-hand look at what Adderall addiction is like, and there’s plenty in there of me not being able to sleep. You’ll be able to read chapter 2 at the link at the bottom of this blog post. You need a doctor’s prescription to get Adderall and even then, don’t take it as it’s very dangerous. If you’re looking for more info on Adderall and caffeine, scroll down to the bottom of this post, as it’ll touch on the topic once more in the ending paragraphs.

Chapter 2

Okay, let me start over. Probably wondering how it got this bad right? How I could possibly let myself get to this point, how my parents were clueless that their dying son was a drug-addicted liar. Like any story worth telling, it started off with a small problem, pieces started falling out of place, and everything just gradually got worse.

I thought I could handle it; I was just going to do it once, take my success by the horns and get out before any real damage was done. The story truly unravels in my junior year of High School, in a class I had been put in by mistake. Journalism I, a class for freshman, and one that pertained to nothing I planned to do during, or after high school, and a lunch period that proved to be something special.

I walked into the cafeteria of our run down and unmotivated high school that day, the stench of second-hand marijuana present in my nostrils, hoping that by some miracle I could avoid my usual routine of constant boredom and extreme lethargy, properly breaking the ice of a new school year’s lunch table.

I strutted towards the lunch line, and pushed my way through the silver, still slightly sticky rotating wheel, before I heard a familiar voice scream “McLovin!” I knew in an instant that it was a male, and that it had to have been someone from Mrs. Raz’s class last year, (the first AP I had ever taken, and one in which I managed to get a one on the exam) and the first group of kids with whom I had thoroughly adopted that nickname.

Sure enough, when I turned around and saw no one at eye level, but rather a short, and extremely wired Peruvian kid with glasses of who was only as tall as my abdomen, the student finally caught my eye. He looked up, and I did the opposite, looking down on him, and saying “Sebastian! What’s up kid, I haven’t seen you in months!” He nodded, and gave a facial expression that indicated his cooperativeness towards my remark, and replied, “I’ve been pretty busy lately to be completely honest with you.”

I nodded, and as he looked at the floor, scraping his shoe nervously across the dirt and pushing a candy wrapper away from our conversation circle, I couldn’t help but wonder what he’d meant by his general statement of “busy.” I decided not to pursue his comment, and instead backed off for a moment, before transferring the conversation topic to a more casual and socially appropriate tone.

He looked up at me, and I suddenly realized that his pupils seemed darker and much wider than usual. He seemed extremely awake and to me, this did not seem abnormal, as I was used to kids in AP classes drinking loads of energy drinks, and family recipes of Cuban coffee I order to aid studying.

We continued walking however, and after a minute of casual conversation, I noticed a sense of violence in both his voice, and his veering body language as he jumped around, excited over nothing and speaking too rapidly for me to understand, indicative to me, even as naïve as I was, that Sebastian was not dealing with coffee. My heartbeat increased, and I felt present in an extreme sense of danger.

I pushed on, walking, nearly running, trying to get through the crowds of people in the circle of vending machines our school had, and as he began to bounce around more, and get seemingly another burst of energy, my fear increased appropriately.

I was now in a genuine state of caution both for the safety of my friend and for my own well being. The lunch bell sounded, and I shunned Sebastian a sly nod that instigated mutual respect before walking to class. We walked in separate directions, and as much height and weight as I had had on the kid, I was glad I had gotten out of the situation safely. I tried to wrap my head around what had happened and spent the rest of the day wondering where that kid’s life was going, and if he was really in need of some serious help.

Chapter 3
The next day, I tried to mark off the previous events as mere suspicion and proceeded on with my normal routine, at least until fourth hour, when in my journalism class (a course I hadn’t even wanted, but that I was instead placed in by mistake), something worth mentioning for the day finally happened to break the droll chain of events that usually occurred during the final hours of the day. (A little off topic, but bear with me here.)

For the past few weeks, a freshman named Caitlyn had been taking up much of my attention in the easy, lethargic final class period. My life seemed normal, and I had actually wished for some excitement of the day, just something of a change to finally put some enthusiasm in my life.

It was that day that Caitlyn wasn’t happy, wasn’t in a good mood, and things started to escalate towards me. I said something wrong, she spit at me, and I spit back at her; a childish gesture nonetheless, but one that would change my life, and send me down a path of suffering and regret in a way I could’ve never imagined.

“Eew, you actually spit at me!” Screamed the cute blonde girl of whom I had come to know as Caitlyn, and whom I had been chatting with for the past several days, helping to pass the time in the easy but apathetic class filled with obnoxious high school freshman.

She began kicking my desk, and that, along with her facial expression whenever I turned around enlightened me that I should probably move my seat. “Mikala!” I yelled across the room to a chubby redheaded girl while Caitlyn continued kicking me “please, please, please change seats with me.” She shook her head, and the temper tantrum from Caitlyn began to get louder, persuading the teacher to walk over and separate us as far as possible in the small scale public school classroom. “James, move over here and for God sakes, Caitlyn, quit your whining,” said our teacher, giving a look of disgust at our behavior, seemingly only facilitating Caitlyn’s pessimistic attitude. “Mrs. Mullin’s he spit at me!”

I shrugged my shoulders “Mrs. Mullin’s I have no idea what she’s talking about.” Luckily I was a good student and she took my ignorance for the truth instead of buying into this freshman brat’s lies. Mrs. Mullin’s looked at us and stood up “whatever, I don’t care who did it, Caitlyn. James, go move your seat over there and both of you be quiet.”

Looking at the big picture, to this very day had not been for that girl, for that same instance, I would’ve never made it to where I am now nor would I have done some of the things I did to this day. It was only fate that the events played out as they did, and I was guided towards the right people to put the right things in my possession.

“Well she seems nice,” said the new kid sitting to my right “No not really, no” I replied, chuckling a bit. “It’s okay; I heard she’s bulimic anyways. You don’t want that stuff in your mouth” he added. We laughed hysterically until the teacher gave us a sly grin and said “James, I took your word for it, but I don’t wanna have to move you again. Do you understand me?” I chuckled to myself about her patronizing manner, and replied with a smirk “yes Mrs. Mullins.”
“Wow you just made the envy of the class out of everyone,” Eric said, almost out of nowhere. I turned around to notice everyone glancing at me, keeping their giggling to themselves and hoping I didn’t notice that their eyes were directed on me.

“Or, at least of Logan,” he said. I turned to the left and laid my eyes on an idiot basketball jock who had been obnoxiously complaining the entire month. Caitlyn was now complaining to him about me, which in the midst of everything actually made me feel quite special in that she actually cared. I tried not to let my hormones overcome what I knew was right in my mind, and I resisted going up and apologizing to her multiple times.

The new kid I was talking to soon took out his wallet, tapped me on the shoulder and asked, “you got change for a twenty?” I turned around and looked into his wallet, which he was opening to show me the twenty dollar bill he was trying to break, but my attention was diverted instantly to the crisp, brand new one hundred dollar bill stack that was sitting in his wallet right behind the twenty dollar bill. “No, I don’t have change for a twenty, all I have is a five,” I said to him, trying to sound casual.

“So what’s up with all the money kid?” I asked. “Oh yeah that” he quickly closed his wallet “never mind, I’ll get change from the vending machine guy whenever he comes around.” “I was just kidding dude,” I said as I tried to maintain a conversation with the kid just as any other teenager would when a large amount of cash is flashed before his eyes. “Just a little curious,” I said, “I’ve never seen so much money at one time.” He laughed “sorry, no one’s ever noticed how much money I actually had in my wallet before.”

“What was your name again,” I asked, acting like he had told me as to not be awkward and seem too straightforward “Eric: he said. “And the reason I have all the money is that…um” there was a pause for nearly a minute “I…work in an auto shop with my dad, fixing up cars for showrooms and what not. And what was your name again by the way?” he asked. “Oh, it’s James,” I said, sure of myself that this kid was lying through his teeth about the money, but appealing to a burning desire to push the issue nonetheless. “So wait aren’t you a freshman like the rest of this class, how’d you get a job that pays good money.”

I said “It only pays twenty-five bucks an hour” he replied. My eyes got wide and I said “what! Twenty-five dollars an hour, no wonder, you must be rolling in cash” he looked at me and chuckled. “Kinda,” he said, and proceeded to take out his phone, scrolling through his photo album and showing me a picture of him and his dad behind a pool table with over fifteen thousand dollars in cash lying on top of it. My jaw dropped and I gazed at the picture trying to resist drooling. “Whoa,” I mumbled. “Yeah, I’ve been doing this for almost two years now and yeah I’m a freshman, but my birthday missed the cut off for the next year, and I got held back in fourth grade for missing too many days of school. So, I’m turning seventeen in October.” He said, closing the conversation and sparking my curiosity all the more before the final bell of the school day rang.

I arrived home that day to an empty house, still extremely worried about my friend Sebastian, and unable to shake the thought lingering in the back of my mind that he had gotten into something serious. It wasn’t until I ran into him at lunch the next day that I stumbled upon the answer. “McLovin!” Screamed my friend across the cafeteria once again as he had done so many times in the past. “Buddy, what the hell was wrong with you yesterday?

I asked very straightforwardly, looking for his answer to do the same and hopefully state the obvious, that yesterday he was severely intoxicated on some particular substance. “Aw dude, I was tweaking like a maniac” he replied. As ignorant to this childish lingo as I was, however, I played along and pretended to know what he was talking about, although I only really managed to embarrass myself. “Oh I get it,” I said. “So what kind of weed did you smoke”, I asked while maintaining a serious facial expression and trying to sound educated.

“You have no idea what tweaking means to you, James?” Sebastian confirmed. “Not one bit” I responded. “Alright here goes. I was not on weed yesterday.” A long pause occurred before Sebastian took a deep breath and admitted almost with excitement “I was on speed.” I stared at the ground and shook my head back and forth, not able to believe what my ears had just heard. “So you’re a meth head, what about college, didn’t you want to go to MIT and make something out of your life” I ranted, genuinely concerned for my friend’s well-being.

There was another pause until it was broken up by hysterical laughter on Sebastian’s part. “Not meth, kiddy speed. Amps” he said. “I don’t even know what you’re talking about, speak English dude” I replied angrily. “Alright here goes,” he said with a smile, “I just snorted some Ritalin.” I gave an angered and disappointed look before walking away in disgust, nearly praying for my friend’s life, that he might not die.

Several seconds later, Sebastian ran after me and tapped me on the shoulder “I’m sober now, and I’m not dying.” He said, trying to assure me he was fine. “Yet” I replied, trying to hold back my expression of worry. “It’s not like some crazy street drug. It’s just attention medication, kids in AP classes take it all the time, how do you think I possibly got a five on all my AP exams last year, I took them as a freshman, freshman’s don’t get fives on AP exams” he said, shocking me with this extreme feat of knowledge. “Wait, you got fives on your AP exams and you were on drugs? I got ones on my AP exams. Geez, how the? I mean, what’s your GPA if it works that good?” I asked.

“For last year, an overall of 4.0” he replied. My jaw dropped at this amazing feat, and I laughed like he must’ve been pulling my leg. Sure enough, he saw in my facial expression that I wasn’t convinced and quickly turned on his jailbroken iPhone he had proceeded to brag about all last year and pulled up a screen revealing the school’s graduation information page, revealing that his overall, unweighted GPA was a 4.0.

I was appalled, and soon the lunch bell rang, leaving me with a new look on what it truly means to be successful, and a glimpse of some of the corruption that lies in something as innocent as high school. All those commercials warning kids about the dangers of drugs were a lie, it was just to keep parents at bay and make the world seem like an apathetic and happy place, through the eyes of an ignorant and unrealistic twelve-year-old.

It was now engrained in my still healthy mind that I had a way of truly conquering the SAT, AP exams, and my overall GPA, and I searched for a way to follow in the footsteps of my otherwise successful peers.

End of Excerpt chapters 2 and 3

So what do you think so far? To keep reading, check out the next blog post in the installment in the blog post right after this.

For now, I’ll continue the blog post…


In my own personal experience, since, yes…I have, in fact, taken the two in combination, it is too much of a strain on the heart, and it makes your brain get way too tweaked out.

Safety Concerns

As stated in the former, these two drugs are very powerful mind-altering stimulants, are psychoactive drugs, and can put a strain on the brain, as well as the heart, use with caution. There are many reviews of both of these drugs on popular forums. Even more, a simple Google will give you a plethora of information on how these two drugs react.

Legal Status

Adderall needs a prescription from your doctor. Caffeine is totally legal and you can find it at like, every single store in the entire world.

Final Thoughts

Too risky, mixing two stimulants. Don’t do it, be safe!

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