Combining Sulbutiamine, Adderall and L-Tyrosine

Adderall and L-Tyrosine

More about Adderall

While treating disorders related to brain, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, a good medical practitioner might have to weigh a number of options in terms of relying on a single formulation. The symptoms could show a range of problems, which might not be tackled by just one smart drug. For instance, one drug could address the problem of that part of the brain which needs to stay alert to happenings around and be conscious of the next step required of him or her. To explain this, if a young boy or girl suffers from ADHD, regularly taking Adderall could improve the attention span and enable the person to be more mindful of the lessons in school. However, there could be other difficulties such as memory power, other psychological effects of being treated differently among peers and so on, which need to be simultaneously treated for. Here is where a combination is resorted to. Before we discuss the effect of combining Adderall, Sulbutiamine and L-Tyrosine, we need to delve a little on each of these formulations to know their characteristics and benefits, and even the side effects.


Here, Adderall could be combined with Sulbutiamine, which is derived out of Thiamine and is recommended as a smart drug to boost memory. One major benefit Sulbutiamine possesses is the ease with which it can enter the areas of the brain, breaking the blood-brain barriers, BBB. The formulation dissolves quickly with fats and therefore, poses no discomfort while being absorbed in the intestine.

The Trio

Again in a holistic treatment of certain specific disorders, multi dimensional treatment is required and one can think of combining Adderall, Sulbutiamine and L-Tyrosine. One must always hasten to add that each of these drugs, should be recommended by the professional medical practitioners, though one or more of these substances could be sold as an over the counter (OTC) product dispensed by the pharmacy stores. The broad purposes for which all these Nootropics are used cover the cognitive functioning of the faculties. With each person, however, the dosage, the combination, the frequency and duration of intake of the respective medicines will change. So to have the patient assessed objectively by a professional is a must.

Side Effects

There are also several instances where smart drugs can cause harm. People with known heart ailments, glaucoma, high blood pressure and so on will not be allowed to use these drugs since in a few cases, it could even result in death.On the other hand, combining Adderall, Sulbutiamine and L-Tyrosine will provide many benefits, with the user being able to see benefits quicker and even return to normal. However, some may not react so fast to the combination and will require a close observation to see if the drugs are acting uniformly or if changes have to be made to the dosage and other factors.All the three smart drugs are permitted to be sold in many countries such as the US and there is also a lot of information available online for people to search, explore, read and understand. Nothing can, however, replace an expert’s opinion after conducting the mandatory tests.

Final Thoughts

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