The Adderall Book – My Personal Memoir of Addiction

What is My Adderall Book About?

My Adderall addiction and recovery! Read it is super awesome, a great story of someone who stands up after they’ve fallen!

A Quick Excerpt from My Adderall Book About my Addiction

The majority of this blog post will be a large excerpt from my Adderall addiction memoir. This chapter is somewhat personal, so feel free to skip past this and click around some of the categories if you’re looking for Smart Drugs. Read the chapters though, it gives you a first-hand look at what Adderall addiction is like, and there’s plenty in there of me not being able to sleep. You’ll be able to read chapter 2 at the link at the bottom of this blog post. You need a doctor’s prescription to get Adderall and even then, don’t take it as it’s very dangerous. Here it is…

Chapter 4

Dinner that day presented me with more of a struggle than the usual Wednesday as I tried to digest both my food and the events that had been slowly unraveling towards me at school. The door suddenly slammed open with the kick of my father’s run down and beat up gym shoes. “Dammit, James can’t anyone take out the fucking trash can or fold the Goddamn clothes!”

My heart began to race, and nausea replaced what had minutes before been a raging hunger, making it all the more difficult to force down an already soggy turkey sandwich. My saliva slowly dissipated from my mouth as my adrenaline began to pump faster, worried about my father’s unpredictability both when something out of the ordinary had happened at work, and when one of his autism spells (something my mother referred to as “adult temper tantrums”) was acting up.

“Screw you James and screw this entire family, no one appreciates anything around here, and no one appreciates anything I do.” My father slammed his fist against the brownish granite counter of which he had tried to dissuade my mother from buying so many times in the past. I turned around to see what was going on, trying not to make direct eye contact as his face took on a paranoid and almost psychotic glimmer.

The pain he was now enduring in his hand seemed to only facilitate his anger and rage as he proceeded to downgrade me more thoroughly in the conversation, dragging my brother Peter out of his room almost innately in the process. I couldn’t tell if he knew what he was doing while blinded by anger, how scary he appeared, and how worrisome it must’ve been for my mother had locked herself in a dark room with nothing to provide her comfort but a bible, a koala teddy bear, and her own, crazy, racing thoughts.

“Peter, time for dinner,” my father said, finally trying to sound casual, insulting my brother’s intelligence in the process in that he actually believed his actions were somewhat normal and justified. My brother walked out of his room out of sheer fear as my father threw an old sandwich for him to eat on the dining room table. “You know what you guys,” my father said turning on the television and making direct eye contact with me. “I hope you guys fail out of school. I hope you get a shit boss to go along with your shitty attitude so that you can learn what it’s like in the real side of Florida.” I was sick of his irrational and borderline verbally abusive behavior; however, I didn’t know if I was ready to face it yet on my own.

“Dad, what are you talking about? We didn’t even do anything!” I said, trying to be as calm yet assertive as possible with my comment towards his behavior. “That’s the kind of bullshit attitude that’s gonna get you nowhere in this world, that and your laid back attitude towards school

and being silly about every little bullshit thing.” I felt the anger building up in my legs, and my adrenaline was now functioning at such a high intensity that eating became not only an abnormality but a complete impossibility.

Adderall Book Review

I’ll be honest most of that chapter was complete crap. Just was trying to fill up some of the pages in my book, this
argument never did, and if it did, it definitely wasn’t this bad. Anyhow, read the first chapter so you can follow along with the book, and read the next chapter if you’re interested.

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