Can Adderall Cause A Boost In Confidence?

What Is Adderall?

Adderall can in-fact boost confidence by a very significant degree, as it influences the brain’s dopamine neurotransmitter. Adderall is a very potent, powerful and effective amphetamine drug used for treating a wide variety of disorders like, Bipolar, Narcolepsy, depression, ADD, ADHD, sleep disorders, eating disorders like obesity, social and anxiety disorders and more. This is a stimulant drug that can only be obtained with a doctor or pharmacy prescription. It is sold at traditional pharmacies and online pharmacies. This stimulant drug has a combination of one amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. It is often prescribed by specialty doctors like psychologists, psychiatrists, weight loss doctors, and behavioral health hospitals. If you suffer from a social disorder or behavioral problem, then you should ask your doctor if Adderall can be beneficial to you. Adderall can help balance chemicals in the brain to help you feel normal again.


Adderall had a different name in history as it was a weight loss drug and it was later developed and given the name Adderall. This was after the drug was studied how it worked to help people with different types of psychological and anxiety disorders. The FDA plays a role in its history as well by approving the drug to be used in this nation. Once Adderall is approved it is placed on the market or pharmaceutical companies to sell.


There are quite a few uses for this stimulant drug. In behavioral health, Adderall helps people who have social disorders make positive improvements in socializing, meeting and making new friends. For those who have learning disabilities, the drug can help them focus on tasks and concentrate better. It is also used to help manage and control weight for those who are overweight or obese. Children must be six to take this drug and it is usually prescribed to one this age for being inattentive, lack of concentration, which leads to learning disability when attending schools. If a child is prescribed this medication to take during school hours, then it must only be administered to the child for the time required by a school nurse or the child’s parent. this is a controlled substance, a stimulant child cannot have the medication in his/her possession.

How To Use Adderall For Improved Confidence

Children under the age of six should not take this drug. People who have heart disorders or thyroid disorders should not take this drug. You should use Adderall only as directed by the doctor and the pharmacy. Your prescription label on the bottle will tell you exactly how to use it. This medication should be taken with food or drink. You should not drink citrus juice like orange juice when taking this medication because it will, not work. Your online pharmacy can give you a counseling sheet with your medication that will tell you just the right way to take your medication. Adderall is a pill and should be taken with a full glass of water.


The benefits of Adderall are great, and with regards to confidence can increase one’s levels of energy, focus, awareness, wakefulness and overall clarity of thought. People who suffer from ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, they are better able to focus and concentrate on tasks like school work and driving. People who have ADHD are really hyperactive and have short attention spans due to the chemical imbalance in their brain. Adderall works to help replace the natural chemicals and to provide chemical balance. Children, teens, and adults who suffer from learning disabilities get many great benefits from taking Adderall. It helps them to concentrate better in class. People who suffer from falling asleep too much can benefit from taking Adderall because it is a stimulant to help you stay awake. It can help speed a slow person up. People who suffer from social disorders are better able to communicate and make friends by taking Adderall. People who suffer from being severely overweight, like obese, can benefit from taking Adderall and lose weight because it will help curb the appetite and you will eat less. Adderall can change your life along with proper healthy dieting and exercise and rest. Your doctor will create a personalized health plan for you taking Adderall. It is important that you take Adderall exactly as the doctor orders to avoid complications.

Recommended Dosage

Adderall comes available in a few different strengths of dosage. While I hate to say this, I’m going to be 100% honest here on my blog and say that the higher dose of Adderall you take, the more of an “Adderall Confidence Boost,” you’ll get from it. With that being said, if you take too high of a dose, this can backfire, so always stick within a therapeutic amount of between 5 and 30mg per day. You can get tablets or capsules in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 mg. Adderall is also available in Adderall XR, extended-release capsules, this is the long-acting dose which works for 8 to 12 hours depending on the individual it is prescribed to. Regular Adderall works for about 4 hours. When the physicians prescribe Adderall, he/she will make sure you are getting the correct dosage. The dosage amount will be printed on the prescription bottle of medication. Your online pharmacy can counsel you on the correct dosage and the time it should be taken each day. Online pharmacies provide information sheets with each prescription to ensure you have all the information you need. 

Side Effects

The side effects of Adderall are not as severe as some of the other medications used for treating these disorders. Some side effects will include rapid heartbeat or pulse, insomnia or trouble falling asleep, nausea, Euphoria, withdrawals if you stop taking it suddenly. If you want to stop taking Adderall, then you should tell your doctor so they can gradually decrease your dosage and you will not differ from side effects. Tiredness or fatigue are other side effects if you stop taking the medication suddenly or miss a few doses. If you take Adderall and have experienced depression headaches fatigue nausea or rapid heartbeat or pulse then you should tell your doctor right away so your dosage can be regulated. Sometimes the doctor will perform blood tests to ensure amphetamine levels are not too high in your body. If you feel you have an addiction problem with this drug then you should go to the nearest healthcare center for help. Adderall is meant for healing and not hurting. When you take a drug in order to get a boost in confidence however, there’s always a certain degree of hurt on a psychological level with regards to dependency. Amphetamines, in particular, can have a rebound effect on confidence once they are discontinued (if they are taken on a regular basis.)

What Does Adderall Feel Like?

After Adderall is taken it will make hyperactive people feel calm and lessen anxiety. If you have been prescribed Adderall for being overweight after you take it you will not feel hungry. It will curb your appetite and help you lose unwanted weight fast. If you have been prescribed Adderall XR, this is an extended release medication that will provide results for 8 to 12 hours. Regular strength Adderall will last for about 4 hours. If you have been prescribed Adderall for a learning disability, then it will help you feel you can concentrate, remember and focus better on learning and comprehending things. Adderall has been a great discovery and makes many feels energized and happy and say that they have found the right drug to help them control their disorder.


Adderall has been studied and researched by many medical professionals. It was found to improve a person’s behavioral health and help increase self-esteem. Adderall has been extensively researched in treating a variety of disorders. It all began as a weight loss medication and then it was researched for treating other disorders. It has been tested in trials on people and proved positive results. It was tested on patients that were admitted to behavioral health centers as well.

Adderall vs Ritalin 

Most adults prefer to give their children Adderall over Ritalin because Adderall has less adverse side effects. Adderall is used to treat more disorders than Ritalin too. Ritalin can make drowsiness and Adderall does not. It will keep you alert and awake. It can help you concentrate, be awake and focus all at the same time. Ritalin has too many relaxing effects. School-age children need to remain alert and awake to learn. You cannot do this with Ritalin by being relaxed and falling asleep.

Adderall vs Provigil

Adderall is better than Provigil some people believe because Adderall has a lot less adverse side effects than Provigil. Adderall can treat bipolar disorder while Provigil cannot. Adderall is a top-selling drug in the U.S to treat a variety of social disorders. Adderall comes available in generic as amphetamine salts. Adderall can be purchased as a brand or generic medication. People can take Adderall, for long periods of time or short-term treatment. You can compare the two by obtaining a prescription and being closely monitored by your doctor

Legal Status

Adderall is a powerful and potent drug that is classified as a controlled substance. It has been approved safe for use by the FDA. Adderall may only be obtained from a licensed doctor or pharmacist. You must have a prescription to purchase it and it is not sold on the shelf. Adderall is available at most traditional pharmacies and online pharmacies. Pharmacies must be licensed to sell Adderall in traditional stores or online. This drug has a very high abuse rate in the U.S. If you are caught selling or buying without a prescription, then you make face fines and jail time. This is a powerful stimulant that can lead to addiction if not taken properly. Since it is a combination of amphetamines, then many pharmacies may ask you to present the proper identification for the person it is being prescribed to. You have to be 21 years or older to pick up Adderall prescription at the pharmacy traditional store or online pharmacy.

Final Thoughts

Patients who have tried Adderall are pleased with all of the benefits, especially when being compared to other medications for treating their disorders. This medication is good for teens, children age six or more and adults. It can be complicated to find the right medication to treat these types of disorders for all ages, but Adderall can. Adderall can help change your life so you should ask your doctor for a prescription of Adderall or Adderall XR. Teachers praise Adderall as well for helping the students to have a better learning atmosphere and a better life at school. It makes some children feel they fit in the crowd at school better, get along with friends better and bring up their grades because they can now understand school work by concentrating. Brain changes Can be a scary thing and people want to have a right balance in life and Adderall has helped to just that for millions of people around the nation. The Adderall confidence boost can be a great and powerful tool but remember to use it as just that, and if you plan on using Adderall on a regular basis, always use nootropics with the drug in an effort to A. Counteract the unpleasant side effects, and B. Make the drug more potent!

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