The Adderall – Food Relationship and Why It’s Important

Exploring the Adderal – Food Relationship

Adderall – Food planning is extremely important to do on a regular basis because while Adderall may increase dopamine in the brain, your brain runs truly..on glucose, which your brain needs to survive and thrive.

Benefits of Adderall Food Planning

If you take Adderall without eating properly, the drug will not work well at all, and, in fact, will start to hinder you..plain and simple. Adderall food planning is essential because when your blood sugar is at a healthy level, you’ll be healthy, happy and full of energy. Allow the Adderall appetite suppressant to stop your food intake, however, and Adderall will start to become a huge burden on both the body and mind. Nature intended for us to eat and sleep, and these need to be done whether you feel like it or not.

The Book

Chapter 10

I arrived home that day after the SAT, still incredibly revved up and the drug as if in full effect. My father sat at the dining room table on call for the weekend, eating alone and watching politics in his underwear, staring at his food nonchalantly and pretending I didn’t exist as I went to fill another glass of water in an attempt to soothe my seemingly endless cotton mouth.

“James, you know man, I’m really sorry, and I shouldn’t have been such an asshole the other day,” I said, loudly and out in the open, mocking my father as he stayed, eating his sandwich and staying seemingly unresponsive. He paused for a moment, finishing his bite of bread and only opening his mouth in an attempt to otherwise justify further what he had done earlier that week.

“You don’t know what I go through at work alright, so shut your mouth and change your attitude, because otherwise I just won’t pay for college and you can get a job as a ditch digger like your cousins. I like that idea, how about no college; it’ll save me money, yay!”

My vision once again turned sepia and my anger and frustration that would’ve usually occurred while sober only added to my growing amphetamine mania and my senseless outlet on which to use my motivation. I gave an evil smile (similar to what my father had done the previous argument) as a way of almost mocking him and asserting my dominance to its fullest extent. “Are you freaking kidding me right now dad.

No you know what, you’re a real idiot sometimes, I’m getting really tired of your bullshit and I’m pretty sure mom and everyone else in your family is too, so quit whining about your job and just do it!”

I confidently and stoically walked to my room, slamming the door shut and turning the lock, sitting down and realizing what I had just done, and better yet, what I had just and finally accomplished. I had told off my father, something I had always been too scared and too laid back to do, something my father could’ve never done towards the resentment built up towards his own father for himself.

I wasn’t sure if it was the Adderall that had done it, or if it was just something inside of me that I had always wanted to release, but would’ve rather remained passive. Whatever the case, I was proud of myself and considered confronting my father as a milestone of sorts, one that told me to be my own person and not let my parents persuade me or even dissuade me towards what I knew was right in my gut.

I closed the door in my room, soaking in what I had finally done, and trying to transmute my newfound energy into something that would benefit me in the future. I slid my chair over and got started on all my papers for the quarter, two spreadsheets, a project, and finally spent the rest of the night doing my online classes, and completely remodeling and organizing my room.

In a blur, my tenacity and perseverance in everything I did for the day were gone, and my clear mind dissipated into a foggy depressed state, finally falling asleep around two am.

I awoke the very next day at just past three in the afternoon, searching my brain for some type of lingering grandiose, and instead sporting a runny nose, chills, a horrid cough, what seemed like a fever, and a slightly dripping bloody nose. After sleeping for thirteen plus hours, one could usually expect to feel pretty well refreshed. In my case, however, my brain was foggy, my body was fatigued, and I felt something deep inside me that I can’t say I had ever felt before in my life, true sadness.

Not the kind of sadness one feels when a pet or a loved one dies, or a romantic partner decides they’ve had enough, the kind of sadness that causes people to mope around in bed for weeks at a time, dragging others down into their slump with them, and blasting out negative comments and thoughts for the rest of the world to absorb. I felt useless, unmotivated, and was nowhere close to the stellar student I needed to be in this all-important junior year of high school.

I opened up my phone, and sent a text message to Eric saying “That was fun yesterday! Think you can bring me four more say tomorrow?” Minutes later I was greeted with another brief text message of “sure, no problem”, leading me to immediately delete the message, close my phone, and fasten twenty dollars securely into a folded envelope.

Suddenly, there was a loud shrieking noise coming from the kitchen that I could only recognize as my mother, and that only added to my already severe headache. “James, I just got word from your online teacher. He wants you to verify that it was you who did all the work yesterday while you take your DBA’s today.” I leaned my head against my pillow in despair. All I wanted to do was eat everything in the house, take a nice long shower, and lie in bed for the rest of the day. “James! Get our here right now! What’s taking you so long, Jesus! I already set up the conference with your online teacher!” My mother screamed “Yesterday you seemed so motivated and enthused, what happened to you?” said my mother “fine mom, I’m coming, just kind of tired from working so hard yesterday that’s all” I replied to her, trying to make the noise finally end.

I sat down at our office computer and lay on a computer screen and an audio microphone of an old man who was most likely in his late forties. “How are ya, James?” I wiped my nose and took a deep breath “um, f…fine” I looked down at my paper “Mr. um, Teutken, how about you” I said. “Great, great he replied. “I’m just a little concerned because you completed almost a quarter of the entire Algebra II class yesterday, and whenever a student moves through a class that fast, we like to verify it was really the student that did it during the DBA.” I sighed, followed by a deep breath and a short pause “sure thing” I said rather loudly, trying to give the impression that I was actually enthused about the entire situation.

The test started up, I raced through question one, then two, and then in a blink of an eye it seemed, I was all the way through question fifteen. Even with my foggy brain, and my flu-like symptoms, I still understood everything perfectly. “Alright well, it looks like it really was you that did it all,” he said. I laughed at this sly comment, turned off the computer, and retreated back into my room, in shock that I still remembered everything, and with a desire to use that crowded my foggy thoughts.

End of Excerpt*

Adderall – Food Planning Consequences

So basically, having a good relationship between Adderall and food is super important, if you don’t eat, well, you’ll get a crash as I did in this chapter of the book. And you’ll feel awful overall.

How to Integrate Adderall – Food Planning

Make Food Planning a necessity, and set an alarm if you have to remind yourself to eat. Force it down your throat if you have to, you’ll be glad you did later.

Lots of water. This may sound counterproductive, but the main reason I couldn’t eat when I used to take it is that my mouth was just so dry. Water will help you to chew and swallow better.

Final Thoughts on Adderall Food Planning

Be sure to integrate Adderall food planning into your routine, and you’ll be well on your way to good functioning.

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