The Uses And Benefits Of Adrafinil 300mg

What Is Adrafinil?

Wall Street traders swear by them and use them in their day-to-day trading in the market where their minds have to function like high-speed computers in order to keep up with the numerous trades occurring on the Big Boards of World Markets today. Executives at a high-level use nootropics to help them focus their minds better and make decisions in a highly changeable and stress-filled environment that is today’s business climate in America.

Many of these compounds were discovered initially in Europe and have made their way to England, the United States as well as Asia. In the 21st century now whether you are going to college in a Beijing University or an Ivy League school it no longer matters, those who use them get higher scores and better grades in their classes than those who do not. So, in today’s article you will learn about one nootropic that can help you stay awake while studying, focus your mind, and give you a burst of energy as well as keep you in a positive mood as you are attempting to cram or burn the midnight oil as you’re writing your thesis and term papers.

If you’re an entrepreneur or businessperson you know you need to keep the edge and sometimes this means working far into the night and in order to stay alert, you may need something to keep your mind focused on the task at hand. Coffee has always been a reliable standby, but with Adrafinil, you can get much better results for a longer period of time. So, let’s find out a little bit more about one of the most amazing nootropics compounds that you can get that doesn’t require a doctor’s script or causes dependence and addiction.


It was originally discovered in the late 70s by Group Lafon who was later bought out by Cephalon in 2001 in order to gain control of Provigil as well as Adrafinil. The drug was marketed under the name Olmifon, which was discontinued in 2011. However, Adrafinil is available online from many nootropic suppliers.

This means Adrafinil has been available on the open market in one form or another since 1986.

Why Use Adrafinil 300-mg Capsules?

Some people when they hear the word, nootropics, their heads begin to spin and visions of shadowy figures offering you a pill in a darkened room. But the reality is much simpler than all of that. People want to get the edge in business, work, and study. Staying awake is one such route to winning.

Adrafinil is one of the early drugs that can give you a leg up and it’s been around since the ’70s and sold in Europe as Olimifon in France until 2011.

Taking the place of caffeine as it will keep you awake and alert for long periods of time. This made it one of the drugs of choice for students cramming for an exam or working on the 2nd and 3rd shifts.


If you are taking this drug for the right reasons rather than using it for recreation, it provides you with a quick way to increase your mental alertness, concentration and removes the effects of fatigue on your body.

This means for a student you can burn the midnight oil and be ready the next day for your examinations and make it through them with flying colors. For the person who works the night or swing shift, you’ll be able to focus and concentrate on your job much better. Adrafinil 300-mg capsules and powders are typically the perfect doses of the drug.

Adrafinil 300-mg Dosage

Most people are concerned about how much of Adrafinil to take and how long will it stay in their systems. This is an easy question to answer, as when you purchase the drug it is already measured out into either 200 or 300-mg tablets it has been shown that the 300-mg amount, gives the best results within one hour the effects can last from between 3 – 6 hours. This drug rapidly metabolizes and will stay in your bloodstream for the times mentioned above after you’ve taken the pill.

Your dosage, however, should not ever exceed 600-mg – 1200-mg of Adrafinil three times a week for a maximum of five months.

A good starter dose for beginners has been shown to be 20 – 30-mg.

Adrafinil 300 mg Capsules: Why Is This The Perfect Dose?

Again, this depends on your tolerance level, the reasoning behind why you are taking Adrafinil in the first place.

Adrafinil 300-mg matches most of the capsule dosages and gives about a 3 – 6 hours of energy and doesn’t exceed the 600 -1200-mg maximums for 3-day usage.

The medical dosage is 600-mg twice a day. But that is for someone suffering from narcolepsy and shouldn’t be used for study or work purposes.

Many people have reported that they take much higher dosages with no ill effects. However, this writer prefers to err on the side of caution and recommends a lower value for the initial and the dosage you finally settle on for maintenance and general use.

Side Effects

There have been many scare stories nootropics in general and while there are side effects if you use the drug over a prolonged period of time but generally you can expect the same withdrawal symptoms as if you were a heavy coffee drinker you were weaning yourself away from caffeine with symptoms like dizziness, drowsiness, irritability, and headaches. With long-term use however your liver, as it is the primary organ to metabolize Adrafinil into Modafinil, the release of liver enzymes over time could result in liver damage.

However, by following recommended dosages and not taking the drug longer than a 2-week interval with the rest period of two weeks between, the drug is considered safe for most healthy individuals. Remember the old adage “too much of a good thing is too much.”

Long-Term Use

As mentioned above Adrafinil should not be taken longer than two weeks at a time and you should allow yourself a breather of at least two weeks to allow the liver enzymes to work their way out of your system. Having said that the drug has been in use in Europe since 1986 and as of this writing is totally unregulated by the FDA or DEA and is considered a nutritional supplement so requires no prescription at this time and is available for purchase online from many sources.

Short-Term Use

However, for short-term use, the effects, are similar to drinking a large quantity of coffee. Remember to take the recommended dosage and do not exceed a 300-mg per day limit. You can get away with a 600 – 1200-mg limit for five days. However, most find the 300-mg limit to be within their tolerances.

What Will I Feel When I Take This?

You may experience an increase of heart rate and your skin may become flushed initially and you may get a slight high sensation.

Because of its rapid effects and ease of which it metabolizes New Zealand has had the chemical placed on the prescription list as many young people are now using it as a party drug for that rush, and energy they get when taking it.


Your head clears, you’re better able to focus, and you have a boost of energy that lasts up to an hour.


There are numerous citations about Adrafinil available as it has been in use for an extended period of time and here is a sampling of the research work that was done:

 If you would like even more research information, just click here:

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Adrafinil vs. Adderall?

In the never-ending quest for better ways of improving our thinking process and reversing brain, aging nootropics are becoming more prevalent in today’s media and society. Even as we speak a new TV series based on the movies limitless will soon be on the air and the theme is what happens to individuals who use these types of drugs, two of which are Adrafinil and Adderall though they are both considered performance and brain enhancement compounds they have some marked differences. Adrafinil is primarily geared for performance, wakefulness, and sensory acuity. Adderall functions similarly but may cause dependence and, therefore, is more open to abuse. This is why Adderall is a schedule II controlled substance while Adrafinil is a dietary supplement.

The differences go even deeper, as a dietary supplement can be bought online for over-the-counter at most well-stocked pharmacies while the other can only be purchased through a prescription given by a doctor.

Additionally, Adderall is a focused compound that is used primarily to treat ADHD in contrast Adrafinil can be used for a variety of conditions and has even been useful and reversing cognitive impairment in decline caused by sleep deprivation.

So you can see while both of these drugs are highly useful Adrafinil is much easier to acquire and can be used for many other purposes.

Final Thoughts

Even though nootropics have been around since the middle of the 60s, they are just now coming into mainstream consciousness. Movies like “Lucy” and “Limitless” have just now sparked public curiosity. Though they were in use in the business world, Wall Street, and in virtually every university and college by people who want to get ahead and have that winning edge.

Adrafinil is only one of over 200 brain-enhancing drugs currently on the market today with more appearing with each day as the demand increases. Not only the United States but all through the EU and as far away as China people want to be able to focus their attention and concentration in order to get more productivity and performance out of their day-to-day lives.

This is where the ability to stay awake for extended periods of time, to think clearly, and to have an extra boost of energy when needed are all things that this simple 300-mg tablet can provide. For the ordinary healthy individual, Adrafinil has no harmful side effects if used in moderation and according to the guidelines outlined in this article.

What’s even better is that this compound has a long track record of performance with few ill effects to its user community. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the traditional stimulants that have come down to us since the 60s such as amphetamines and other controlled substances which are now thankfully falling by the wayside and being replaced by drugs like Adrafinil, which are not addicted or open the doorway to dependence. Overall, the Adrafinil 300-mg dosage is the absolute most effective for long-term, habitual use.

Today you learned more about this nootropic chemical that can take the place of caffeine or other stimulants that you may be used to help you study, work late at night, and keep your mind razor-sharp.

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