Adrafinil 600mg

What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a synthetic nootropic compound under the non-specific stimulant category. Adrafinil serves as a prodrug that aims at increasing the levels of it in the human body. Its key role is to promote alertness, attention, vigilance, as well as wakefulness. Though it is considered a stimulant, it does not lead to hyperactivity but rather it fights sleepiness to keep you alert. You do not need a prescription from your doctor for this.


This drug comes with a number of benefits from its consumption with the help of increasing the stimulant concentration in the body. It aims at increasing individual’s wakefulness, which plays a key role in retaining alertness. This is not to say that you will lead a hyperactive lifestyle but it means that individuals will be able to stay awake over a longer period. There is also the analysis of its ability to help boost and improve individual memory.

With the named goals and objectives, it comes in handy in for individuals who work late into the night or for those who have less rest between their busy schedules. In addition, students especially those in the universities also benefit from its wakeful effect and its ability to keep them alert.

Key benefits include:

  • Increasing energy levels in the human body
  • Boosts energy levels, wakefulness, as well as alertness
  • It boosts mental performance by boosting memory capabilities
  • It helps with better concentration thus better results

Adrafinil 600mg Dosage 

The aspect of the right dosage is dependent on the user in question. However, the average dosage that an individual is expected to consume despite the ailment in question is between 300 and 600mg.

Though the dosage is provided, it is important to ensure that you do not keep at it for more than several weeks. More than this is considered a tolerance and it may come with side effects. The dosage is not also a daily dosage for the full several weeks. In this, it is highly recommended that before settling for its use, that you consult with your doctor.

N/B: Never take Adrafinil in the evening hours so that it allows you to fall asleep considering that it is a wakeful agent. It is important that you retain your sleeping patterns. Adrafinil 600mg is a dosage for experienced individuals only, stick with 300 milligrams to start always.

Side Effects

The considered side effects of Adrafinil tend to vary from one individual to another. Even at this, there are some common side effects noted by consumers. At 600 milligrams, this is considered to be a high dosage and it typically leads to excess side effects. These may include:

  • Irritability
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pains
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Slight headaches

These side effects are common and one may experience one or a combination of them even though they consume it as directed to the latter.

N/B: Ensure that you do not consume alcohol when using Adrafinil. This is because there is a higher possibility of causing liver damages and more so if do so in the long-term.

Long-Term Use

Long-term use of Adrafinil is forbidden. To help define how long is long-term for this drug, it is expected that users do not surpass five months of usage. However, this will also be determined by the ailment in question. In an effort to be sure, it is best that you receive your dosage from your doctor rather than self-medicating. Stick to the dosage and you should be fine.

The attempt to ingest more than is recommended will be addressed as abuse. Long-term use will also damage your liver considering that it is metabolized in the liver.

Short-Term Use

The short-term use of Adrafinil serves several benefits to the human body as long as one adheres to the provided dosage. Depending on the individual, they may experience some minor side effects that will not last. Short-term benefits include:

  • Raising the levels of a stimulant in your body
  • Increasing body energy
  • Establishing wakefulness and motivation
  • Boosting and enhancing mental performance, alertness, as well as concentration

What will I feel when taking this?

When taking Adrafinil, there is no major change in your metabolism to indicate its presence in your body but one will notice its effects. For those who were constantly getting tired even after a short time will start to feel active and alert. In addition, you will seem to remember other items easier. With the right dosage, you will be able to control your sleeping patterns even after a hard day’s work.


According to research, Adrafinil is bound to start taking effect in about an hour when it is orally taken. On the other hand, it takes twice as much time, with similar dosage, when referring to neurological effects. This is because it first has to be converted to Modafinil (its active metabolite).

Online Reviews

Looking at reviews online, consumers are reporting positive effects from the drug. As expected, some users indicate side effects when using the drug. Overall, the benefits of using the drug were evident amongst users with several noting that they would make another purchase when the need arises.

Other reviews also report positive feedback when using the drug. However, a few users report they had to stop taking the drug as they could not withstand some adverse side effects. Even at this, a greater percentage of users were well served by the drug.

Common Adrafinil Stacks

There are instances when Adrafinil is used as stacks. Commonly, individuals use it as a study stack, which is important in the presence of heavy workload. In this, it works great with Pramiracetam, which serves as a learning and memory booster. The added advantage is that Adrafinil will boost focus while eliminating the jitter effect. One can work over long hours and remain healthy.

Final Thoughts 

Adrafinil, when used in the right quantities as provided in the dosage, provides several benefits and positive effects. Long-term use and incorrect dosage are prohibited as it causes adverse side effects. You will start to experience its benefits in about an hour after ingestion. The key to reaping its benefits lies in consulting with your doctor before embarking on its use. Individuals vary and so do the reasons for wanting the drug. Your doctor will be able to determine the right dosage so you can benefit from Adrafinil as desired.


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