Is Adrafinil Addiction Possible?

What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil was discovered in 1974 by two chemists. They were working for the French pharmaceutical company, Laboratoires Lafon, screening compounds in search of analgesics. Introduced by Cephalon, it reached the market in France in 1984. Adrafinil is a synthetic nootropic compound that belongs to the eugeroic group. It is a supplement leading to increased concentrations of energy in the body. Adrafinil increases alertness and wakefulness while is a stimulant without hyperactivity. It also boosts the level of the neurotransmitter, hypocretin, and stimulates the release of Glutamate, thereby improving cognitive and perceptive abilities in human beings. Adrafinil addiction, the subject of this article, is actually quite rare, and if the drug is taken in normal doses ranging from 300-900 mg daily, addiction should not, and will not occur.


Adrafinil is a powerful supplement that is designed to bring alertness and vigilance to an individual. It is a wakefulness-promoting agent that affects the user by promoting one’s attention span, wakefulness, mood, and other parameters. Adrafinil is often used by individuals wishing to avoid fatigue. This is more common for people holding a nighttime career or someone that needs to stay awake for long periods of time such as a truck driver as well as a college student studying for an exam.


There are many benefits to taking Adrafinil with very positive effects. Many users take Adrafinil early in the morning to alleviate drowsiness throughout the day. Did you have a long night of studying and a day filled with tests? I suggest taking Adrafinil to make it through the day. The great news is that not only will you be wide awake for the day but it can help strengthen your focus and concentration when at work. You can achieve so much more with Adrafinil while having stronger mental alertness and a raised energy level. We are all better students, employees, and parents when we are awake, alert, and full. When taking properly, Adrafinil can help motivate you as well as make your life more productive without causing jitters or the feeling of over-stimulation. Why not try being a better you today?

Recommended Dosages

A standard dosage of Adrafinil is 600mg to 1,200mg.  Do not take Adrafinil in the afternoon or evening if you need to get a good night’s rest seeing that it would impair your sleep habits. It is most commonly taken only two to three times a week within a five-month span.

Side Effects

Just as all medicines do have side effects, you should be aware of a few side effects that could occur when taking Adrafinil. Mild side effects include headaches, stomach discomfort, dizziness, and nausea. If not taken properly and for prolonged use, Adrafinil can have dangerous effects on your liver functions due to a build-up of enzymes. If taken daily, the user should be monitored on a daily basis. Most healthy individuals that use Adrafinil as suggest do not see complications. Keep in mind that Adrafinil was taken by these individuals for the recommended dosages and not for long periods of time. Speak with your doctor before using the product or any other smart drug.

Long-Term Use

Adrafinil can be used for long term use if used on and off. Speak to your doctor about creating a schedule that allows a safe, long term schedule. For instance, you would want to use Adrafinil only a few times a week if using for over a month. This depends on each person’s personal effects on the medication and build of their mental and physical self. Long term use is possible when Adrafinil is not taken daily.

Sublingual Use

It may be recommended for you to administer your dose of Adrafinil sublingually, which means to place it below the tongue. This means that you are not swallowing your dosage but allowing it to dissolve. It is a very easy process but can take time to get used to it. You will need to place a few drops underneath your tongue and do not swallow. The drops will need to disintegrate very quickly which results in a smaller dosage that is just as effective while being more affordable. Only after the material has fully been absorbed for a further few seconds should you rinse the mouth out with water. Make sure to speak with a doctor before making the choice to take a prescription sublingually.

Safety Concerns

Many individuals do ask if Adrafinil is a safe supplement. Overall, Adrafinil is an effective and safe supplement when taken the correct way. The biggest safety concern is when Adrafinil is not used properly as recommended by a doctor. If the directions on the label are not followed in regards to dosage than an individual is taking a huge risk on their life. Start off with a low dose, around 100-150mg. You can up the dosage from there based on your own needs. Consult with a doctor before exceeding the limit recommended. Keep in mind that the side effects are similar to aspirins and other medicines are taken often. Using Adrafinil in small cycles is suggested to prevent tolerance and the build-up of unhealthy enzymes. By following these safety recommendations and guidelines you should be able to use this supplement in a healthy manner. This will lead to a number of incredible benefits for years to come.

Legal status

Each country has its own permissions and restrictions that can change from time to time. Adrafinil is legal to buy and use in the United States, United Kingdom, and in Canada. In Australia, Citizens are free to purchase it both domestically or to import it from abroad for personal use. Adrafinil addiction is very rare, and should not be of extreme concern to users.


Scientific research for Adrafinil (diphenylmethyl sulfinyl-2 acetohydroxamic acid) states that it is a prodrug. Adrafinil is classified as a eugregoric agent which is an agent who promotes wakefulness and alertness. It is commonly used by athletes around the world. Adrafinil is similar to the bioactive metabolite, Modafinil. In elderly humans, Adrafinil showed in the blood within one hour of orally ingesting a single dosage of 900mg with a span of five-hour alertness. Research has shown that one month of oral treatment up to 400mg/kg or three months treatment up to 200mg/kg does not cause toxicity.

Online Reviews

Adrafinil is a hit with many users and they are excited that it is everything they needed it to be. One happy customer stated that “It’s less shaky and more of a smooth, pleasurable rush of energy.” Another thrilled individual stated that “I tried Adrafinil and got the results that were described and I expected. Will continue to buy, and use, occasionally.” Research for yourself and you will see that Adrafinil is exactly what it says it is. If you need energy, want to stay alert, and are need to focus on your day then why not try Adrafinil. It is obvious that there are many positive benefits and no hidden concerns when using Adrafinil.


Overall, you can see that Adrafinil is a great product. It is beneficial for many people around the world. If you are an exhausted mother having a tough time finding enough energy to care for your family while keeping everything perfectly clean, then you could try Adrafinil. Even if you are a student that is studying hard for finals, then Adrafinil would be a great occasional solution for you. How about if you are working two jobs and need some help staying positive and motivated? Adrafinil may be the answer for you. We all live different lives but we all have one thing in common, we need to be productive in our lives. If you need more energy, strong focus, and positive alertness then try Adrafinil today. Why wait when you can be great now?

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