The Dangers of Combining Adrafinil and Alcohol

What is Adrafinil and Should It Be Mixed with Alcohol?

Adrafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent otherwise referred to as a nootropic, which can be used to improve the attention levels and vigilance levels of individuals. The supplement was also a standard solution for those who wanted to improve their awareness, wakefulness, and mood as well. Adrafinil is also a prodrug, which is metabolized in the body and converted into Modafinil, thereby leading to similar side effects on the user. However, unlike Modafinil, this type of nootropic takes a significant amount of time before accumulating to active levels in the user’s bloodstream. In fact, users have reported feeling the full effects of the drug in as little as 45-60 minutes, especially after consuming the drug on an empty stomach.

The combination of Adrafinil and Alcohol can actually be extremely dangerous and toxic to the liver, and as such is highly recommended you should not combine the two substances. An Adrafinil alcohol combination can be toxic and dangerous, the article at hand explains this phenomenon in further detail.


Similar to all nootropic drugs that are available in its class, Adrafinil has similar effects as a wakefulness-promoting agent as well as helping to enhance various cognitive functions in the user. Those who require extensive levels of focus such as students and academic writers might also benefit from the wakefulness benefits of the drug. Additionally, a significant number of sportsmen and physical health enthusiasts have also invested in Adrafinil as a way to boost their performance levels. How can one get prescribed this?


The recommended dosage for those who need to be improved focus levels is 250mg taken orally early in the morning or perhaps in the afternoon. And important to note that the body can tolerate dosages as much as 400mg, though scientific research has not shown any benefits of using the drug past 250mg. Furthermore, those who want to mitigate the effects of work-related sleepiness, then the perfect dosage might be the 200mg versions taken before checking into the workplace.

Side Effects

Before consuming Adrafinil, it’s important to note that using it on a constant basis helps to increase locomotor capability and mitigate the effects of histamine levels in the body. The effects of the drug will only wear off after 4-7 hours depending on the user`s metabolism levels and body type as well. For this reason, users are highly recommended to consume the drug early in the morning after waking up or perhaps early in the afternoon as well. A significant number of studies have documented the effects of the drug in that it improves locomotor capability, and it helps to mitigate histamine levels in the body and to the central nervous system as well.

Besides that, this kind of drug is also suitable for individuals that require improved focus levels, stamina, and attention as well. For this reason, the drug has evolved into a standard solution for students and employees who are on long hours of shift work.

Long-Term Use

The added benefit of using Adrafinil is that it has no anabolic side effects on the user, and it makes for an excellent long-term solution for your unique focus enhancement levels.

Short-Term Use

Since the drug improves your focus and alertness levels, it’s important that you consume it several hours of sleep. Besides that, a significant number of users have reported increased temperature, stomach upsets, headaches, but these seem to be minimal cases and disappears after using the drug several times.

Online Reviews

Sharon says:

I’m a student, and I have my final exams in my Bachelors of Medicine in Australia. However, I find it difficult to focus, and I have tried all the legal focus enhancing solutions including coffee and red bull, but nothing has worked. Since I tried out Adrafinil, I must say that the side effects have been exceptional for my study needs.

Elon says

Being a computer writer and content developer online, there is no improvisation when it comes to enhancing your focus levels. I was advised to try out some illegal drugs, but I’m not into that type of stuff, and I love myself. For this reason, my General practitioner recommended that I try Adrafinil, and I must say that this the magic pill I’ve been waiting for LOL.


All things considered, nootropics are an excellent way to improve your focus and alertness levels as well. The added benefit of using these types of drugs is that they don’t have significant side effects on the user and them also legal solutions for enhancing cognitive capabilities.

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