Adrafinil in Canada, the International Thunderstorm

Adrafinil Canada

Adrafinil in Canada is helping to explode a wide range nootropics market. Adrafinil is an effective and powerful nootropic – or, smart drug – which promotes wakefulness and combats fatigue. While new to the mainstream market, it has been around for decades, going nearly unheard of, as we are just beginning to understand its potential as smart drug. Being that this is the case, finding vast amounts of information regarding its legal status, as well as its functions within the body, can be a tiring ordeal. Below is nearly all the available knowledge on Adrafinil compiled after much research.


Is Adrafinil Legal In Canada?

Currently, the legal status of Adrafinil in Canada remains completely unregulated; this goes for distributing, using and possessing. Users of the drug in Canada are able to purchase any amount of it in any form without question nor legal ramifications. Individuals are also able to import any amount of Adrafinil into Canada without issue. While the laws may change in the future, as they have with other smart drugs, currently Adrafinil is completely legal in Canada.


What Is Adrafinil?

The short answer: Adrafinil is a central nervous system stimulant – meaning it gives users energy.


The long answer: Adrafinil is a prodrug which, once in the body, converts into another drug; Modafinil. Modafinil is the primary psychoactive drug in the user’s blood which causes the stimulant effects. While in some ways similar to caffeine, Adrafinil (and Modafinil) differentiates itself in many ways, making it an effective caffeine alternative for

those prone to adverse caffeine-related side effects. Adrafinil is currently unregulated in most countries; one cannot simply acquire a prescription for the drug or buy it over-the-counter at their local pharmacy. Those wishing to acquire Adrafinil generally find themselves having to purchase it through vendors on the internet due to this lack of regulation as a store product.


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Like many stimulants on the market today, one of Adrafinil’s most seductive qualities is its ability to counteract fatigue. Like caffeine, these benefits are most noted during early morning hours as well as extended periods of mental output.


Unlike many other stimulants however, Adrafinil seems to have quite the positive effect on memory and cognitive function. This means that it doesn’t only give users mental energy, it actually improves the way one’s mind uses said energy to improve brain functions. This particular effect is something one may find beneficial throughout the whole day, not just during periods of tiredness and fatigue.


The drug is also known for its ability to increase mental focus and concentration in an efficient, not-so-jittery manner, relative to other stimulants; making it beneficial for those taking in new information on a regular basis such as students and new employees.


One less common (but still somewhat common) benefit associated with Adrafinil is it’s ability to promote and improve one’s sense of well-being. While this is something often seen with more harsh and heavy stimulants, the positive effects on one’s mood are disproportionately strong relative to the overall strength of this one.


Side Effects of Adrafinil Canada


As great as all of this sounds, users should take precaution when administering this drug. As with any drug, Adrafinil does indeed come with its own set of side effects. While these can be reduced or avoided completely, one should be educated in the possible risks of Adrafinil use. As stated earlier, we’re dealing with a relatively new drug; there may be side effects which have not yet been discovered. But the side effects that we do know about are as follows:


– Headaches (common with extended use)

– Dizziness (somewhat common with extended use)

– Nausea (uncommon, generally seen only in high doses)

– Liver toxicity (inconclusive, but far from impossible)

– Increased Heart Rate (common)


While these may sound a little scary, they are easily preventable with smart dosing as well as properly timed doses. Many of those who report serious side effects are generally reckless users. Such people can find nasty side effects in any drug/medication/supplement. One should simply be smart about their usage and the risk (and severity) of side effects should be minimal. One thing that should be noted however, is that being a stimulant, those with heart conditions as well as those with blood pressure problems would do best to stay away from this drug. Women in pregnancy should also steer clear of Adrafinil until more research is done on its effects on pregnancy and unborn babies.



Being such a versatile stimulant, Adrafinil can be used for a variety of situations by a variety of different people. While everyone can get something different out of this drug, there are several universally accepted effects which make it good for certain situations.


Earlier, we covered Adrifinal’s effects on memory and focus. This makes it great for those studying for exams. Not only will it help in ability to stay focused on the task at hand, its effect on retention of information lasts long after the drug wears off. Meaning, just because you studied on Adrafinil, that doesn’t mean you need to take it again before the exam.


People who work erratic schedules (policemen, soldiers and truck drivers to name a few) may find value in the drug due its ability to combat fatigue. Being that it isn’t regulated or considered a recreational drug, any professional can freely take it at work as they would coffee, but with less side effects.


While those with mental health issues shouldn’t medicate themselves without first speaking to a professional, many people may find Adrafinil’s effect on mood – as well as the sense of well-being it promotes – to be a positive influence in their life. Adrafinil could possibly help with depressive mood disorders as long as precautionary steps are first taken with one’s doctor.


User Reviews

Where better to find out if something works than from the people who use it? Adrafinil has received both positive and negative reviews from its users. Those with positive experiences generally report stimulation without many of the anxious, jittery side effects associated with other stimulants. Some of these people like it so much they found themselves replacing their caffeine intake with Adrafinil. These same users also sometimes reported going about their day with an unusual sense of optimism and a better outlook on life.


Those with negative reviews complained about Adrafinil’s effectiveness. Stating that the recommended dose was not as effective as they would have hoped. Upon increasing the dose, some of these users experienced increased side effects with none of the drug’s intended effects other than its ability to increase energy. One user even compared it to a side effect-laden cup of coffee. It’s clear that Adrafinil effects many people in many different ways.



Generally (and this can vary), the recommended dosage rests between 600mg and 650mg once or twice a day (up to preference). While this may be the dose that works best for the majority of the population, it is recommended start as low as 250mg to 300mg to play it safe. If it doesn’t do anything you can always take more; if you took too much for your liking, you can’t take less.


Long-Term Effects

In terms of Adrafinil’s long term effects, more research is needed. Since it’s relatively new, there aren’t a whole lot of people who’ve been taking it long enough to report on such effects. But here’s what we know so far. Adrafinil has been (inconclusively) linked to liver damage. While we don’t know this for certain, taking large doses every day may cause issues down the road.


It has also been (once again, inconclusively) linked to Orofacial Dyskinesia; the involuntary movement of one’s facial muscles. Something which isn’t easily reversed. While these haven’t been proven for certain, some common sense must come into play once again. You wouldn’t drink energy drinks every other hour of every day, the same caution should be taken with any stimulant, including Adrafinil.


Short Term Effects

Adrafinil’s short term effects aren’t much different than any other stimulant. Things such as slightly heavier breathing as well as a somewhat raised heart rate are things to be expected while taking this type of drug. These are generally nothing to be concerned about though, when taking proper-sized doses.


Is Adrafinil Legal?


While we’ve already covered the legal status of Adrafinil in Canada, it’s worth mentioning that, although Adrafinil is currently legal all over the world, New Zealand has recently declared it a prescription medication. So, while it still remains unregulated, it could be a sign of new Adrafinils regulations to come.


Adrafinil Liver Toxicity

As previously mentioned, Adrafinil has been linked to liver complications. Here’s what the researchers have come to believe. The induction of Adrafinil into one’s body is said to release extra liver enzymes. For those who don’t know, the constant release of liver enzymes over a long period of time is what causes liver disease in heavy drinkers. So if this is true, that means Adrafinil would have no serious liver repercussions when used on an irregular basis, much like alcohol. Those who choose to take the drug every day, however, should think twice about their level of usage.


Adrafinil Vs. Modafinil

Adrafinil is Modafinil’s prodrug. A prodrug is a drug which converts to another drug once entering the bloodstream. In this case, Adrafinil converts to Modafinil once entering the bloodstream to mimic the latter drug’s effects. In terms of which is better, there isn’t a right or wrong answer as each has their advantages as well as drawbacks. Adrafinil generally comes cheaper than it’s little brother, although some complain about a relative lack of effectiveness as well as an increase in side effects. Modafinil, while more expensive, is said to (in some cases) be a better overall experience. The only real issue with Modafinil is that, relative to Adrafinil, Modafinil may have some heavier restrictions and regulations on it depending on the country you are in. Adrafinil just makes for a more convenient experience.


Adrafinil History

Adrafinil originated in the 1970s when French researchers developed the drug for a pharmaceutical company as a means of treating narcolepsy. While Adrafinil is a prodrug for Modafinil, the former actually came out before the latter, contrary to popular belief. Modafinil was created as an alternative to its prodrug under the guise of having less side-effects.


Adrafinil Research


While it has undergone quite extensive research as a medication, Adrafinil still requires many more conclusive studies as a nootropic. While the research we do have suggests that, in some ways, it can improve the quality of one’s life, anyone who takes it upon themselves to undergo its consumption is taking somewhat of a risk.


Final Thoughts

There is no denying the potential of Adrafinil as a smart drug. User experiences and the small amount of research done on the topic so far makes it hard to deny that it has at least some benefits. It also serves as a great substance for those looking for a Modafinil substitute, as well as those looking to reduce or eliminate the consumption of other stimulants with lots of side-effects, such as caffeine. However, by taking Adrafinil in this manner, one is to some degree playing the role of their own human guinea pig. Whether or not it is worth the risk is truly up to the individual.

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