Adrafinil Dosage, what amount is best long-term?

Adrafinil Dosage

What is Adrafinil?


Adrafinil is one of the most potent supplements on the market today, and it is popular in many different markets. It was used as a remedy for people with sleeping problems for a very long period of time. Today, it is used by almost anyone who wants to have a lot of control over his or her sleep cycle in general, even if he or she has something of a technically normal sleep cycle.


Adrafinil can help people get through some of the most difficult periods of their lives. They can take Adrafinil and they won’t find themselves getting tired when they’re halfway through the long term papers that they have to write at the end of every semester for college. They can complete the projects at the end of their business quarters, and they will be able to give them everything that they have internally because they will be awake and alert enough to get everything completed. Adrafinil is a supplement that can give people the energy and the focus that they really need in order to succeed in their fields or in their departments.




Many people will talk at length about the benefits of Adrafinil. Most of them lie in its ability to keep people more alert and more focused than they ever could have imagined. Adrafinil will often make people feel as if they could stay awake for days working on the exact same task, and it just may manage to accomplish that for some people. Choose an Adrafinil dosage based on the benefits it offers you, not just on your online readings. Trial and Error is the only way to do this. Other related compounds include Fladrafinil, Flmodafinil, and Hydrafinil (Fluorenol).


One of the defining features of Adrafinil is the fact that it lasts for so long. People will often barely be able to last for two hours on a cup of coffee, and they will suffer from some of the withdrawal symptoms fairly quickly nonetheless. Adrafinil can keep people awake and alert for an astonishing eight hours at a time, and most people should be able to last for at least six hours on it.


Adrafinil has achieved a great reputation for its ability to help people stay awake for a while largely because it not only does it for a long time, but it does it effectively for a long time. People won’t find themselves suddenly crashing at the six-hour mark or the eight-hour mark. No supplement is going to last forever, but Adrafinil manages to give people the results that they really want and the result that they really need effectively enough in a way that gives them more than enough time to complete the tasks at hand.


Some people have reported that they were able to retain information more effectively as a result of taking Adrafinil. Other people found that they had better cognition when they were on it as well. It is possible that Adrafinil merely corrected some of the cognitive problems that people can have when they aren’t getting enough sleep. However, either way, they were still able to benefit from taking Adrafinil for themselves, so those benefits were still very real.


Side effects


People in the nootropics community are more than aware of the sorts of side effects that people will often experience as a result of the supplements. The side effects are usually more than worth it for the people who take nootropics. People who take Adrafinil within the recommended dosage range are probably not going to experience any side effects other than the most mild ones. The best Adrafinil dosage for eliminating side effects is put at between 3 and 600 milligrams per day. Past this, and the risk of excess side effects go up much more significantly than the benefits do.


Some people get a little bit nauseous the first time they take Adrafinil, although these symptoms will usually clear up as people get more used to the supplement. Other people may have a difficult time sleeping even when they actually want to sleep thanks to Adrafinil, which is going to be something of an inevitable consequence of almost any supplement that was formulated in order to keep people awake in the first place. People who are sufficiently busy or sufficiently ambitious may not even mind that they aren’t able to sleep, since that will give them even more time to get everything finished.


Other patients may find that taking Adrafinil will affect their moods somewhat. There are people who can become irritable as a result of taking Adrafinil. The irritability is usually minor, but it will vary from person to person, and it may be more pronounced in some people. One of the other common mood shifts is characterized by an increase in anxiety. Some people may simple experience this effect because of the circumstances in which they are taking Adrafinil in the first place. However, it can be directly related to the supplement itself. If people start feeling more anxious, they should remember that it could be a simple consequence of the supplement, and it is not cause for further anxiety.


Plenty of people experience dry mouth as a result of taking Adrafinil. In most cases, people can simply try to drink more water in order to solve that problem. Other people may want to chew gum or suck on hard candy in order to stimulate the production of saliva and keep their mouths moist. These habits will also help people stay awake even more effectively, which will be useful for the typical Adrafinil user.

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The more significant side effects of Adrafinil are far more rare, fortunately, but people should still consider them as possibilities if they want to be able to look after their health as easily as possible. There are some people who have experienced heart palpitations as a result of taking Adrafinil. Other people have experienced mild and yet troubling chest pains when they took Adrafinil. Individuals who were prone to allergic reactions, especially with supplements, have experienced these kinds of terrible medication reactions with it as well. However, the liver toxicity side effects are among the most infamous when it comes to the side effects of Adrafinil. These have received the most study, which is why they are comparatively well known.


However, the people who stick to the supplementation guidelines for Adrafinil usually are not going to run into the usual problems with the supplement, let alone the worst supplements associated with the supplement.




Adrafinil may be the perfect supplement to take for the people who need to pull all-night study or work sessions for whatever reason. They will be able to stay awake for eight hours without experiencing a gradual weakening of the drug, which should make a huge difference for them. People who try to get similar results with coffee will spend at least part of that time going to and from the bathroom, which is going to cut into their allotted time and their level of motivation and focus. Interruptions like that will always make it more difficult for people to focus.


Adrafinil is something that people can take as a simple supplement. It also won’t give them the headaches and the hyperactivity that people will sometimes get with caffeine and with sugary energy drinks. Sugary energy drinks tend to be very high in calories, and people will have to cope with the inevitable sugar rush shortly after they’ve taken the energy drinks in the first place. Adrafinil, which contains no calories and which will work for so much longer, is a great alternative.


Lots of professional and amateur athletes will also take Adrafinil, especially if they are still in training. People who are in training for any sort of sport are going to need to have a high degree of focus, which they will definitely be able to get as a result of Adrafinil. Adrafinil is also useful for giving people more energy in general, which is always going to be useful for the people who are involved with athletics. Athletes place a great deal of emphasis on cycling when it comes to Adrafinil, just like they will often cycle with all of the supplements that they will take.


User reviews


Adrafinil is often a supplement that people rave about in the nootropics community. A lot of people are thrilled with the fact that they can stay awake for eight hours at a time after taking this particular supplement. Plenty of other people are thrilled with how much energy they will have after they take this supplement. Staying awake is one thing, but staying awake and alert with energy to spare is another. Adrafinil certainly has the reputation of being able to keep everyone energetic, alert, focused, and most of all, awake. User reviews of the perfect Adrafinil dosage put it at right around 300 milligrams (hey we sell Adrafinil at that dose right here on our website!)




A dose of Adrafinil is somewhere in the range of 150 and 300 mg. Some people will get better results with a dose on the lower end of the range, and some people will get better results with a dose on the higher end of the range. People should try to experiment with that in order to find the dosage of Adrafinil that will work well for them personally. People’s ability to absorb it will depend on many factors. Larger people may need to have the larger dose, for instance.


People will still only need to take one dose at a time. The fact that Adrafinil lasts for such a long time means that a lot of people aren’t going to need to take repetitive doses. Given that Adrafinil can cause fairly extreme side effects at very high doses, people are better off taking smart doses rather than large doses.


Long-term effects


It’s somewhat debatable among people in the nootropics community as to whether or not Adrafinil will cause a major drug tolerance. A lot of people do nootropic cycles with Adrafinil in order to avoid that very problem and to get the full effects. People can build up a tolerance to almost any drug, and there doesn’t seem to be any reason to think that Adrafinil is going to be an exception to the rule. The people who cycle with Adrafinil will be that much more likely to get the full effects of the supplement without having to suffer from any of the unfortunate side effects of the supplement. To get a good Adrafinil dosage for the long-term, trial and error is the best judge of character.


Short-term effects


Some people will automatically feel more awake as they begin to break down the Adrafinil internally. While other people will experience the effects more gradually, they will become potent soon enough. Some people may experience some of the milder side effects right away as well, especially the effects that Adrafinil can have on a person’s mood. However, these are going to vary a lot between individuals.


Is Adrafinil legal?


Adrafinil has many advantages over its competitors in the nootropics community. One of them is the simple fact that it is completely legal and unregulated. People will be able to purchase Adrafinil on their own. They can get all of the effects of Adrafinil without having to stock up on the supplement out of a concern that it will be very difficult to get their next supply.


Adrafinil Liver Toxicity


One of the most infamous long-term consequences associated with Adrafinil use is that it has been known to cause liver toxicity. It is certainly not an inevitable consequence of Adrafinil use, and in fact the majority of people will use Adrafinil with no additional major side effects whatsoever. However, liver toxicity is still a very real threat when it comes to Adrafinil use, and this is something that people should take note of when they are weighing the pros and cons of taking Adrafinil.


Taking most drugs is going to cause the liver to work harder, and this is particularly pronounced with Adrafinil. Many people will have to create more liver enzymes in the process, and thus is more or less how a lot of liver diseases start in the first place. People who had elevated liver enzymes to begin with are going to experience an exaggerated version of this problem.


Adrafinil vs Modafinil


It’s very difficult to get nootropics fans to agree on almost anything, and it is especially difficult to get them to agree on whether Modafinil is better than Adrafinil, or whether it is the other way around. Some people will even argue over what constitutes ‘better’ in the first place. Some people will say that one of them is too strong, or the other is too weak.


Chemically, the two of them are similar enough that it is very difficult to answer this question in a completely objective manner. Ultimately, the people who are interested in getting the nootropic benefits should try both of them at one point or another in order to find out which one of them will work better for them personally. From there, they will be able to find something measuring objectivity.


Adrafinil vs Adderall


Adderall is a drug that is often used to help people with ADHD with their ability to concentrate and stay focused on particular tasks. Adrafinil can accomplish the exact same thing, and it is still prescribed for the people who do have documented conditions like ADHD in the first place. However, there are some people who are interested in taking Adrafinil and Adderall together in the form of a nootropic stack, and other people who are currently taking Adderall and who may want to switch to Adrafinil. They may want to know which one is better and whether the two of them are going to work in an effective combination.


Lots of people experience tremendous feelings of lethargy when they take Adderall and similar types of medications for ADHD. The cost of quieting down the static in their brains is that they will often lose the energy that helps motivate that brain static in the first place. Understandably, a lot of people are looking for some kind of solution to that problem. Adrafinil is certainly a nootropic that can make people feel much more energetic and awake. Since it can help people focus, just like Adderall, some people may assume that it will augment that effect when the two supplements are taken together.


It should be noted that the stack between Adrafinil and Adderall isn’t all that effective for a lot of the people who are trying it in order to become more motivated and energetic. Plenty of the people in that situation will still find that they will continue to feel sluggish and lacking in motivation. The side effects of Adderall can be very strong with a lot of people, and even taking Adrafinil isn’t always going to manage to mitigate all of them. The people in this situation may be better off just trying Adrafinil on their own. This supplement has been shown to help people with ADD and ADHD. It will manage to provide assistance to those people without making them feel lethargic and lacking in motivation, because it was specifically designed to address those very problems.


Adrafinil vs Noopept


Adrafinil and Noopept are both popular nootropics, and it is also becoming increasingly popular to take them together. These nootropics are similar enough that they will not clash in any way, and yet they are also different enough that combining them actually manages to add something to the experience. Combining nootropics that are very similar will augment their effects, but people will still get the same basic benefits. Combining Noopept and Adrafinil will really allow people to get a wide range of nootropic benefits.


There is some overlap between Noopept and Adrafinil in terms of the nootropic benefits that they offer. For one thing, people can improve their ability to concentrate by taking either Noopept or Adrafinil. However, while some people experience improvements in their memories and their cognitive abilities thanks to taking Adrafinil, that isn’t really what this particular nootropic is all about for anyone. Taking Adrafinil is more about staying awake and staying focused. Noopept is more the sort of nootropic that people should take in order to improve their ability to learn, to reason, and to remember what they have learned.


The Noopept and Adrafinil stack is one of the most popular nootropic stacks in the modern nootropic community, and with good reason. People will manage to get so many benefits by combining these two nootropics that it is worth it when they also absorb all of the side effects with both. However, as long as they stick to the correct dosage of both, the side effects should not be overly extreme.


Adrafinil vs Sunifiram


Sunifiram is a popular nootropic, as is Adrafinil. However, they aren’t stacked together all that often. Sunifiram tends to stack more easily with members of the racetam family or L-Theanine. For one thing, since this is a nootropic that can lead to feelings of sleepiness, it seems somewhat counterproductive to stack it with Adrafinil.


Lots of people will take Adrafinil instead of Sunifiram or visa versa. These supplements are not frequently stacked with one another. Instead, people tend to debate about which one is better, because some of their effects are very similar to one another. Sunifiram also has potential for helping people increase their energy levels, focus more on the tasks at hand, and stay alert. However, it has more effects than that, and many of its effects are more diffuse. Adrafinil is a supplement that is more specialized. It is primarily tasked with keeping people focused and awake, and it is very proficient at being able to do that.


People who are deciding between Sunifiram and Adrafinil should try to sort out their priorities. If they really want to stay awake as long as they can and with as much focus as they can muster, then taking Adrafinil is probably the better idea. Taking Sunifiram is more important for the people who are on the lookout for a wider range of nootropic benefits, which Sunifiram is going to be better equipped to offer.


Is Adrafinil the strongest nootropic?


Many people will debate over which nootropic is the most potent. Really, it should be noted that all nootropics are going to have slightly different functions. It seems somewhat odd to try to compare nootropics across nootropic categories. Deciding which nootropic is the most powerful racetam, for instance, is fairly straightforward. Deciding which nootropic is the most powerful of all nootropics is much more difficult, because the criteria is going to shift too much and the effects are going to vary too much.


However, Adrafinil is still certainly a very powerful nootropic, and it deserves its place in the proverbial nootropic hall of fame. People can stay awake effortlessly all night long if they decide to take Adrafinil, since it will manage to keep them awake and alert for eight hours. As such, its potency is certainly noteworthy. It could be said that it is the strongest nootropic for what it does, which is keeping people awake and alert. In that regard, it is a noteworthy nootropic.


Do you need choline with Adrafinil?


Choline is a supplement that is favored in the nootropics community. People will often take it in order to mitigate some of the side effects that they might experience when they take certain nootropic supplements. It should be noted that not all nootropic supplements are created equal, including when it comes to side effects.


Choline supplementation is primarily recommended for the people who are taking nootropics in the racetam family. These drugs work in such a way that the body can become deficient in choline, so choline supplementation is needed. People can develop headaches when they are deficient in choline, which is why this side effect can be mitigated in this way. However, Adrafinil works in a different manner than the racetam supplements. As such, most people are not going to need to take choline with Adrafinil if they are just taking the Adrafinil. Headaches are actually not even symptoms that are commonly associated with Adrafinil in the first place, so the benefits of stacking Adrafinil with choline are going to be comparatively minimal.


However, many people experience choline deficiencies anyway, especially people on vegetarian or vegan diets. As such, it may still be a good idea for the people who are taking Adrafinil to take choline. If people are stacking Adrafinil with other types of nootropics, than they may want to take choline as well. The Adrafinil certainly won’t inhibit the side effects of other nootropics.


Why is Adrafinil so expensive? It works!


Adrafinil may be out of the price range for some of the people in the nootropics community. However, overall, it should be regarded as a very cost-effective supplement. It is a supplement that will allow people to accomplish a lot more in terms of their work in the first place. As such, they may manage to earn more money. If it helps them earn more money, it will have paid for itself quickly enough. For many people, the main obstacle to making money can be the fact that they never have enough time to really increase their output effectively. Excessive spending just isn’t a problem for everyone. As such, taking Adrafinil could be a very effective investment for them.


People should note that Adrafinil’s price is a direct function of its efficacy. It is one of the most efficient drugs on the market today. People can stay awake for a long time on Adrafinil.


What will I feel when taking this?


Everyone’s experience with nootropic supplements is going to be different, but most people should feel more energetic, more alert, and better able to concentrate when they take Adrafinil. They should also manage to feel that way for a fairly long period of time, which makes the nootropic supplement that much more effective. The effects of Adrafinil are very strong, and people may feel them relatively quickly.


Can you stack Adrafinil with Phenylpiracetam?


It should be noted that contrary to some reports, Adrafinil can be stacked effectively with quite a few different nootropics. Many people have had great results with a number of different Adrafinil stacks, and typically the worst thing that happens is that the stack didn’t have all of the benefits that they expected.


Phenylpiracetam and Adrafinil are both very potent nootropics. Some people might find that the effects will be too strong when they decide to take them together, which could make this particular stack somewhat riskier than most. Other people may find that the side effects are more pronounced with two supplements that are as potent as these two. However, Adrafinil does ultimately still manage to stack well with lots of different supplements. This is a more controversial stack than most, but it is one that other people have tried.


Adrafinil History


Adrafinil made its world debut during the 1970’s. While it eventually spread to the rest of the world, especially in the twenty-first century, it was a European phenomenon when it was first introduced. A lot of people got their experience with it there, and it is possible that some people traveled there in order to purchase some. Today, it is easier to acquire Adrafinil than ever before, and it is used all over the industrialized world.


Adrafinil Research


Adrafinil has been the subject of a great deal of research since its introduction during the 1970’s. A lot of research has been done on the exact dosage that people need, for one thing. Given the possibility that taking Adrafinil can lead to liver toxicity in high doses, it is important for researchers to try to narrow down exactly what constitutes a high dose, and a lot of research has been done in that specific area.


Final thoughts


Adrafinil is a great nootropic, and it is also a very versatile one. People from all walks of life can take it, and they can take it effectively with many different nootropics. Adrafinil won’t stack well with every supplement, but it will stack well with a lot of them. The Adrafinil dosage is one of the most important things to consider for the people who are trying to ward off some of the most terrifying consequences of the supplement. If they keep the Adrafinil dosage in mind and stick to the low end of the range, they will have nothing to worry about at all. Adrafinil can help people achieve their goals at last. The cost and benefit analysis works in its favor.




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