How Can Adrafinil Help Its Users To Focus?

What is Adrafinil and How Can It Help Me Focus?

Adrafinil is a premium nootropic drug and in many ways is the strongest currently on the market. It is an extremely powerful nootropic drug with a very wide range of cognitive benefits. The main receptors it works on in the human brain are the dopamine and serotonin receptors. Adrafinil is also known as Olmifon, this is its brand name. It is not available by prescription and is only available in online stores and nootropic blogs like this one. It is a eugeroic drug that is on par with regards to effects with many other drugs of the same category.

Adrafinil is a very well researched and studied compound and is a prodrug of a highly popular nootropic drug. Adrafinil works on mainly the dopamine and histamine centers of the human brain, and as such helps the user to focus much better by improving overall stimulation, stamina, and endurance.

Adrafinil is not controlled in the United States and as such is 100% legal to purchase online. Because of the receptors that the drug influences, Adrafinil is very effective for improving mood, memory, focus, and productivity during the day. Put quite simply, Adrafinil is a great, legal stimulant that can be purchased online. It’s a great supplement, and while like any supplement, it comes with its drawbacks, as a whole it is a great and powerful nootropic drug.


Adrafinil has immense effects on how one’s ability to focus can be channeled in amazing amounts regarding how one works. Adrafinil improves focus by improving mood, memory and energy levels, and through activating a host of neurotransmitters. Adrafinil is typically used by those in start-ups or business who are looking for an edge in productivity. Dave Asprey has even been quoted as consistently using Adrafinil’s sister drug, Modafinil, the prescription form of it. Asprey is a successful multi-millionaire entrepreneur…and who says drugs are bad I mean really?


Typical dosages range from 300-600 mg per day. Always start with the minimum effective dosage, which is 1 capsule or 300 milligrams, if you go above this, side effects may occur.


Adrafinil has a wide range of effects that lead to better focus as a by-product and a hell of a good amount of focus that it is. Because Adrafinil is meant to improve wakefulness and energy levels, it affects specific neurotransmitters that also tend to improve focus. These include dopamine (think natural happy chemical, released when eating, during sex, drinking, sleeping, when you land a job interview, etc.) Adrafinil hijacks this ultra-important chemical neurotransmitter and makes your brain fire off rapidly. It also improves histamine, the wakefulness neurotransmitter, as well as norepinephrine (physical strength) and a host of others…though these are the main ones.

Long-Term Use for Focus

Adrafinil should really be taken on more of a short-term basis, as it can cause withdrawal and tolerance if the drug is taken on a regular basis.

Short-Term Use for Focus

Short-term is where this drug thrives. Adrafinil is great for taking for like 1-2 weeks straight and then cycling off of. Adrafinil can really have potent effects on the mind if it is taken somewhat infrequently. Adrafinil helps the user to be a somewhat better version of themselves while you’re on it, and while it may have its share of downsides it’s definitely a very potent nootropic.

Final Thoughts

The major Adrafinil focus improvements also work on mood and memory, as well as energy levels. Because of the host of neurotransmitters that Adrafinil helps to further activate, the drug can significantly improve one’s overall cognition, making productivity, focus and the vibration of one’s thoughts skyrocket. Adrafinil has extensive research on it and has been around since the 1960s. Adrafinil is bar none one of the most powerful (and probably the most popular) nootropics on the market.


  1. Nick
    , 2016-09-12

    That’s a good legal alternative to Modafinil. You can also try Phenotropil, it’s like a Russian version of modafinil, a stimulant nootropic. It’s also available online.


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