What is Adrafinil and Is It Available at GNC?

What is Adrafinil and Is It Available at GNC?

Adrafinil is a popular nootropic agent that is considered by many to be a powerful smart drug. It was first discovered by a pharmaceutical company, Lafon, in France in the 1970s. Additionally, Adrafinil is a prodrug. This means that while taking Adrafinil as a supplement, you will experience the many benefits of the drug while increasing your body’s production of Modafinil. As your body metabolizes Adrafinil, it produces increasing amounts of it. Adrafinil is a unique stimulant, or eugregoric agent, that fights sleepiness, increases wakefulness, and increases alertness without causing hyperactivity. Adrafinil GNC laws are fairly simple…the drug is NOT AVAILABLE in stores and is only available online.


This drug is also used by workers that work long hours or different shifts to help them stay awake. Adrafinil is used by college students and others that need enhanced focus, memory, and concentration. Because of the energy-boosting characteristics of Adrafinil, it is also used by athletes. For athletes that travel to other countries, be sure to check the legal status of Adrafinil in the country you are traveling to.


Some benefits of using Adrafinil include:

  • Is not a controlled substance and no prescription is required
  • Increases mental alertness
  • Increases daytime wakefulness without hyperactivity, jitters, and over-stimulation
  • Dramatically increases energy
  • Increases stamina
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Eliminates drowsiness
  • Reduces daytime sleepiness
  • Reduces excessive sleepiness
  • Helps to boost mood by preventing the breakdown of Dopamine
  • Helps to reduce stress
  • May increase cognitive function
  • May help increase motivation and drive
  • May positively affect reaction times
  • May help improve memory
  • May work as a cognitive enhancement drug
  • May help increase productivity
  • May increase speed of thought


Because Adrafinil is one of the strongest and most powerful nootropics, it is recommended to start out with smaller doses and increase the slowly dose only if needed. This will allow your body time to adjust to the medication. The recommended dosages of Adrafinil range from 150-mg to 300-mg per day. Dosages for elderly patients may be lower than an adult dose.  If that is the case, you would take one dose in the morning and the second midday, or one dose only in the morning. Adrafinil should only be taken first thing in the morning due to its ability to keep you awake. It should not be taken within eight hours of going to bed. Adrafinil is generally prescribed short-term, for a few weeks to five months. As with any medication, you should always check with your doctor to ensure this drug is safe for you to use and the recommended dosage. If you plan on taking this medication long-term, consult with your doctor.

Side Effects

Some of the side effects of Adrafinil include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Nausea
  • Can raise liver enzymes if used for a long period of time or overused

Long-Term Use

Long-term use is not recommended unless your liver function is being closely monitored by your doctor. Long-term use of Adrafinil can affect liver enzymes that can potentially cause liver damage.

Sublingual Use

Adrafinil can be used sublingually by purchasing the drug in powder form and allowing the powder to dissolve under the tongue. This will result in an instant effect that is strong but short-acting. Sublingual use of Adrafinil is most commonly used by college students that have papers to write and the due date is swiftly approaching.

Safety Concerns

Adrafinil is considered a safe drug to use daily on a short-term basis, about three weeks. If used in high doses or for longer periods of time on a daily basis for an extended period of time, Adrafinil can potentially elevate enzymes in the liver that can lead to damage. This risk can be alleviated by taking Adrafinil for a short time period and by consulting with your doctor prior to and during use. Your doctor may choose to track your liver functions while taking this drug. Adrafinil is a stimulant, so those with heart problems should refrain from the use of this drug unless recommended by your doctor. The mechanisms of this drug are not completely understood at this time.

Legal Status

Adrafinil is legal and available without a prescription as an uncontrolled substance in most European countries. It has not been FDA approved for human consumption in the United States yet because it has not been submitted for approval, but it is legal to purchase, possess, and use in the United States. While the founder of the medication, Lafon, discontinued production of Adrafinil in September 2011, other companies continue to manufacture the drug. The United Kingdom does not regulate Adrafinil and allows the purchase, possession, and personal use of Adrafinil. Canada does not regulate Adrafinil and allows small doses of the drug to be bought. Australia requires a prescription for Adrafinil.


In January 2003, a study proved Adrafinil and modafinil cause cognitive enhancing effects. Additional research showing Adrafinil to have a positive effect on motivation, vigilance, daytime sleepiness, and mood can online. The actual mechanism of Adrafinil is unknown and further research is required to fully understand how it works.

Online Reviews

Adrafinil has received mixed reviews. This nootropic is more expensive than many others and use has decreased significantly since Modafinil has been produced. Adrafinil does not require a prescription, which is one reason why some users choose Adrafinil over Modafinil. Some users feel the drug’s benefits outweigh the side effects. Others feel the side effects outweigh the benefits.


Adrafinil is a powerful stimulant drug that has many benefits with few side effects. If you are looking for a boost of energy and mood or a drug to help you stay awake without making your heart race without a prescription, Adrafinil is a short-term answer for you. You can quickly and easily order this drug online in capsule or powder form and have it delivered right to your door.


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