Understanding the Half-Life Experience of Adrafinil

What is the Adrafinil Half-Life?

This synthetic nootropic is vital in increasing the concentration levels of Modafinil in the human body. This is vital in aiding wakefulness and alertness in users while also playing the role of a stimulant, without the need of causing hyperactivity. Preliminary evidence on the drug finds its relationship with Modafinil, a compound vital treatment of excessive sleepiness in the daytime and narcolepsy.

Additionally, the drug brings about cognitive benefits to users. They include positive effects on a patient’s mood, increasing the energy levels in the body while bringing about motivation and sharpening one’s ability to respond to reflexes quickly. This drug can be purchased over the counter as it’s not controlled in countries like US and UK, unlike other nootropics like Modafinil.


This supplement is known to affect the nervous systems after consuming it. On top of this, cases of dizziness, nausea, and headaches are very mild, as, at this point, the body basically responds to stimulation brought about by the drug. This stimulation tends to reduce as the users start focusing on their daily routine.

Benefits of the Adrafinil Half-Life

This brain supplement shares more or less the same benefits as its counterpart Modafinil. However, it exhibits fewer side effects compared to Modafinil. In addition, in order to enjoy the following benefits, one needs to have the drug prescribed by a qualified doctor or psychologist:

  • This brain booster helps in increasing the user’s period of alertness while also clearing brain fog.
  • It helps in boosting the body’s energy levels, improving one’s short memory leading to a more motivated individual in the long run.
  • Patients who have used the drug say it helps in improving cognition and mental focus when going about their day to day activities.
  • It has also been found to help patients reduce errors in performance or executing of tasks while raising the levels of Modafinil in the user’s body.
  • Although tested only under clinical settings, this supplement helps in restoring sleep patterns in patients who find it hard to get restful sleep during the night.

Recommended Dosage to Maximize the Adrafinil Half-Life

The supplement is used as a stimulant by persons working in financial and high tech industries in order to increases alertness and energy levels vital in seeing them through their daily tasks. With a daily low dosage of 300-900mg, you can maintain the long Adrafinil half-life for years to come, and effectively take down the build-up of tolerance.

The standard dosage for this supplement is 600-1200 mg. But this is dependent on the disorder one is treating using Adrafinil. For example, when treating narcolepsy, it is recommended that a dose of 600 mg, taken twice; morning and mid-day on a daily basis could be effective in treating this disorder. The reason why the supplement is not taken in the evening or before sleep is that it could lead to impairment of sleep in the long run. In most cases, psychologists recommend that Adrafinil only is taken three times per week and for a period not exceeding five months.

Side Effects of the Adrafinil Half-Life

Despite this supplement’s ability to improve a patient’s cognitive abilities, the drug comes with some degree of risk. They include adding stress to the cardiovascular system of the body, for example, the heart. This is because the drug causes increased blood pressure in the body because of an increase in heart rate.

In addition, it also causes hepatoxicity in the liver as it raises enzymes vital in breaking down the drug’s compounds. The drug should not be administered on patients with past liver complications or those battling chronic alcoholism. Other mild side effects include chest pains, vomiting, and hallucinations.

Long Term Use

The supplement provides patients with long term cognitive benefits, for example, increased alertness and increase in the short memory. But individuals battling chronic cases of alcoholism or liver complications are advised to avoid taking the drug. This is because the drug requires the liver to produce enzymes to break down complex compounds in the supplement.

There are patients whose bodies have allergic reactions due to medications are advised to keep off this drug since Adrafinil is a strong drug that could trigger allergic reactions in the body. It’s advisable to consider this factor before Adrafinil is prescribed to a patient.

Research on the Adrafinil Half-Life

Adrafinil was first discovered in 1974 in France. Currently, the manufacturer and marketer Laboratories Lafon conduct clinical tests on how the drug can improve one’s cognitive capabilities. However, Adrafinil is the only known nootropic that has undergone extensive research compared to others in the market.

In addition, the negative side effects of this drug is a problem in any case but there are ongoing tests and research on the drug in order to reduce the severity of these side effects on patients. This should make patients feel safer and continue using the drug in the long run.

Safety Concerns

This supplement contains dopamine, a compound responsible for causing addiction in users. Caution is still advised on users of this drug despite it having less euphoric properties compared to other nootropics. It also goes without saying that nootropic should not be mixed with alcohol or other harmful drugs since this leads to increased blood pressure and cardiovascular complications.

Legal Status

Currently, the supplements are not regulated in most countries such as the US. In addition, it is bought over the counter, but it is recommended that this is done after being given a prescription by a qualified psychologist or doctor in countries like New Zealand since it is prone to abuse as a party drug. However, there some regulations by the World Anti-Doping Agency as the supplement has active metabolite modafinil that is a burned substance among athletes.

Final Thoughts

Adrafinil has a very long half-life, and this can be kept by always keeping the dosage low, and by never going above 1200 mg in a single day (don’t even get close to this unless you’ve been taking it for a while.) Despite Adrafinil being one of the safest drugs in the world, it has become difficult to trace it in recent years.

In addition, most countries recommend that users produce a prescription before being given the drug over the counter for use despite nootropic being 100% legal. But if you follow the prescription correctly, you are more likely to get energy boosts, improved short memory, and alertness. Frequent use of this drug also builds general body tolerance to this drug. Adrafinil has been compared to super-powered coffee by most users.


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