How To Deal With An Adrafinil Headache

What is an Adrafinil Headache?

Adrafinil is a supplement that could be considered a relative of the more well-known supplement, Modafinil. It is not as potent as Modafinil, for all that that implies. On the one hand, this is a supplement that is not going to manage to give people the same tremendous effects that they’re going to be able to get with the parent drug Modafinil. On the other hand, side effects are also going to be reduced. Adrafinil is a supplement that can energize people at the right level. They will also be very well-equipped to use all of the energy that they have gained while they are taking Adrafinil supplements. The Adrafinil headache is rare and normally does not affect the user.


Adrafinil can make people feel more energetic right away. They will start to feel more motivated to complete different tasks before they even really get started, luxuriating in all of the extra energy that Adrafinil can offer them. One of the reasons why so many people try to take Adrafinil for a long period of time is a simple fact that this is a supplement that is going to manage to help people feel so good and work so effectively.


People are going to take Adrafinil in order to experience boosts in mental energy. This is a supplement that is going to help people to feel much more energetic in general, of course, but they are specifically going to be able to get a boost in their mental energy reserves. As such, Adrafinil is going to be effective for the people who are taking it as a nootropic supplement. A lot of the thought capacity of any person is going to be a function of his or her mental energy levels. As long as people have more brain fuel, so to speak, their overall brain functioning will improve. That is what Adrafinil is going to be able to do for people everywhere.

People who take Adrafinil are going to feel that much more focused and motivated to complete all of the necessary tasks that they need in order to get through the day, or even to complete a given project at a given time. This is a drug that can improve a person’s mood in such a way that he or she is going to be able to approach different tasks that much more successfully.

Recommended Dosage

People are usually going to need to take 150 mg to 300 mg of Adrafinil in order to maintain the high energy level that is associated with this supplement. They will be able to do this fairly easily in many cases. Some people will take the daily dosage all at once, and some people are going to find it easier to break up the daily dosage. One way or another, Adrafinil is going to be able to energize people very effectively at the rate of only 150 mg a day. At doses of between 3-900 milligrams daily, the headache should not occur.

Side Effects

Many people are understandably worried about the severe side effects that are associated with Adrafinil, such as the problems with the liver. However, there are also minor side effects that people might experience, and these are going to be much more prevalent. People might get headaches, feelings of dizziness and nausea, or different stomach problems. Adrafinil is usually not going to cause anything worse than that in the people who are not taking it for years at a time.

However, the people who do take Adrafinil for years at a time may develop liver toxicity as a result. This is a severe reaction that is going to take years to develop and it should not be a tremendous concern for the new users of Adrafinil. However, it is still a thing to keep in mind for the people who are trying to make responsible decisions about their nootropic drug regimens.

Long-Term Use

It is highly recommended that people avoid long-term use of Adrafinil. This is a supplement that people should keep on hand for when they really need it. It is not the supplement that people should use for waking up, which might be the case for caffeine. Some people might manage to use it safely for a long period of time, but it is a good idea not to assume that these people are typical users.


Research has indeed shown that Adrafinil can cause liver toxicity over time. However, Adrafinil can also truly improve a person’s performance when it comes to whatever work they do, so it is definitely true that the effects of Adrafinil are very real.

Legal Status

Adrafinil is partly popular due to the fact that it has legal advantages over Modafinil. These legal advantages may be temporary. Modafinil is a prescription drug because it can give people liver toxicity over time if they are not sure to take it in reasonable sessions. However, Adrafinil carries similar risks, albeit to a lesser degree. As such, it may one day become just as much of a prescription drug. However, at present, it is easier to order Adrafinil online compared to Modafinil, because Adrafinil is not a prescription drug.

Safety Concerns

The liver toxicity that is associated with the long-term use of Adrafinil is important not to discount. Although, the people who use Tylenol and similar drugs are running a similar risk, which demonstrates just how much more careful the nootropics community can be with drugs than the rest of the population. Taking Tylenol for years and taking Adrafinil for years is not a good idea, but both of these medications can give people a lot of help in the short-term.

Final Thoughts

Few supplements are going to energize people quite at the level of Adrafinil. Modafinil is more potent, but not everyone is going to need something as strong as Modafinil in order to get through a task. Adrafinil is a bit safer than Modafinil, and this is a supplement that is going to manage to help people with a wide range of different tasks. Adrafinil can make a big difference in the lives of users, at least within reason.

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