Adrafinil Use In India

What Is Adrafinil?

It is widely considered to be preferable as compared to many other stimulants it has generally far more benign side effects. Nowadays, it is most commonly considered to be a nootropic and is very popular with those who need a little help getting through long busy days. It is regarded to be a ‘nonspecific’ stimulant that has generated a large following with shift workers, students and similar people needing to maintain concentration in a largely safe and legal manner. Adrafinil India laws are fairly straightforward, and they are that the drug is 100% legal in some places overseas.

Adrafinil Uses

Adrafinil has been widely used for over four decades and has seen a considerable rise in popularity over the past few years. Largely this has been supported by the increased interest and use of nootropic substances. To reiterate a point from above – Adrafinil really does work as a benign stimulant when taken with respect. For this reason, it was the drug of choice for anyone needing extra mental stamina, wakefulness and all the advantage to performance that this may deliver.

As a study supplement, it is extremely popular with students needing to enhance critical thinking – although it is thought to not be so good for memory retention. In this sense, it is ideal for those writing papers into the night. Professionally it has long been popular with shift workers, especially those who work into the early hours and has been a success with anyone ranging from doctors and airline pilots to actors and others.


One of the major pluses of Adrafinil is that it’s very potent and will work for the majority of people. It has a naturally high success rate when used carefully. Having been taken by many thousands of people over the year (if not millions) to positive benefits are that it causes mental stimulation, concentration, and wakefulness. Make no mistake – when taken well and responsibly it’s a significant cognitive enhancer. Plus small doses can go a very long way.


Adrafinil is a potent drug and ought to be approached with great care. Like many nootropics (and some dispute whether Adrafinil genuinely falls into this category), it’s best to start with a very low dose and see how it’s working after a week. Then slowly up the dose to see what works out best.

A word of caution: Adrafinil is not designed to be taken every day and/or over a long period of time. Plus dosages ought to be taken in the morning as afternoon ingestion will likely lead to unwanted sleeplessness.

Recommended starter dose would be between 150-300 mg depending on body size. This should be taken initially to measure tolerance, and usually, the dose rises to between 450-800 mg but it is very important to take care of this medication.

The doses should be taken only when needed, limited to three per week and for no longer than four-six months.

Ingestion is simple. As it’s such a variable nootropic drug in regards to dosage it is most commonly a powder form that is mixed with a little water and swallowed. Pills can also be found. Remember to take it in the morning for the best results.

Side Effects

Given its reputation, it also tends to be one of the most expensive nootropics (we will use this term for sake of argument!). However more importantly it’s vital that anyone thinking about taking Adrafinil are aware of how to effectively prepare their dose. Adrafinil does not have very many problems with side effects.

Long-Term Use

In many cases with nootropics, we’d approach ‘long term use’ in the term of years. Doing so with Adrafinil would be extremely inappropriate – this product needs to be considered viable purely in the very short term. Any more than a few months of regular dosage is likely to cause stress on the body and mind.

There are cases of people who have taken high doses over many years. In many cases, these people have fallen ill of a wide range of conditions much earlier than would be expected. Using short term as part of a stack has proven popular with some people, yet using Adrafinil in a regular dose as a long term stack isn’t sensible. A very small about may be an option in the short term at critical exam time for example. Adrafinil stimulates dopamine and it’s never sensible to artificially release this in the long term.


Recent clinical studies have raised a couple of interesting findings with Adrafinil – and the results are a little mixed. A longstanding trial conducted with Adrafinil and placebos surprisingly found clear evidence that this nootropic can help people…Given its potency and long term issues (see below) other studies have indicated that long term significant abuse can cause orofacial dyskinesia, one of the tell-tale signs of Parkinson’s and similar generative disease.

Legal Status

One of the advantages Adrafinil has over Modafinil is that it is generally easy to obtain legally in most countries. Precise laws vary but Adrafinil is legal to purchase and possess in most likely markets of interest. In the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom it is legal to buy. It’s always a good rule of thumb to check the legality when buying any nootropic as drug licensing and regulation are likely to frequent change.

Online Reviews

When considering Adrafinil it’s essential to bear in mind that not too long ago there were few rival products out there. Now there are many that suggest similar potency with less risk. However, only the user can determine whether that is marketing talk or a realistic fact. Adrafinil in India is a very powerful nootropic drug, is 100% legal, and is very frequently bought and used.

Reviews will all recognize that Adrafinil is the real deal. However, whether it deserves the term ‘nootropic’ is open to dispute, as it would be unsuitable to use in a stack due to restrictions on sensible usage. To be honest, this drug doesn’t need to be stacked anyway – it’s going to deliver perfectly capable in it’s right, although it is sensible to approach usage from a purely pharmaceutical perspective.

The consensus is that, especially among students, it’s a winner. Expensive, but a little goes a long way, just be responsible.


It’s easy to see why Adrafinil has made an easy switch from the doctor’s favorite to a student’s favorite. There’s little doubt that good quality Adrafinil taken well has a very high probability of helping people focus and concentrate despite their body being tired. It’s a tried and tested stimulant – yet it’s never good to be artificially stimulated long term. That being said it has earned it’s right to be regarded as one of the best nootropics for generating these effects, as well as being also one of the easiest to abuse.

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