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Adrafinil Nootropic

What is Adrafinil

Adrafinil is a pharmaceutical drug that falls under the group referred to as nootropics. Adrafinil has gained popularity for its positive effects on concentration and mood without unwanted side effects such as tension and insomnia. One drug that engenders similar effects as when compared to Adrafinil is modafinil. Modafinil is a metabolic instance of Adrafinil and referred to as a Prodrug. The human body has a natural ability to transform Adrafinil to modafinil in the body. The drug commonly sold as Olmifon and was discovered in the 1970`s by clinical researchers at Group Lafon, A French-based pharmaceutical company. And while Adrafinil might be unregulated and lacks clinical approval in some countries, most people still find ways of accessing the side effects of this drug.

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Since its discovery way back in the eighties, Adrafinil is known to be beneficial alone or alongside other drugs to treat a plethora of health complications. Some of the health complications alleviated Adrafinil Nootropic Qualities include increased concentration, alertness and mood especially in those who suffer from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy. Some other benefits include

l It Increases the levels of energy, overall mood and overall sense of well-being.

l Has a positive impact on memory, cognitive function, and concentration and also enhances the ability to focus.

l Some users with minimal cases of agoraphobia and introversion have also observed a notable enhancement of mood and concentration.

l It also increases the levels of productivity due to the striking rise in stamina and motivation. Such effects have largely contributed to its popularity amongst students and employees that endure long hours of shift work.

Long term side effects

Some of the long-term side effects of Adrafinil that researchers are also concerned with are also related to its impacts on people with heart complications. If you are on other stimulants on medication, you can increase your risk of suffering from a heart-related complication.

Since Adrafinil tends to trigger the flight or fight response, some psychologists suggest that this can be a contributing factor to post-traumatic stress disorder or panic anxiety.

Overdependence can pave the way to the addiction of Adrafinil or even as a gateway to even more harmful drugs for the body.

Short-term side effects

Although Adrafinil might be a stellar mind enhancing pill, it does have some side effects worthy of some concern. Some of them include dizziness; headaches and stomach discomfort/nausea have all been observed in users of this drug.

Since the drug is likely to cause sleep suppression, it is highly recommended that you take it several hours before your sleep time. Additionally, the effects of this drug are known to trigger the chemical process by which the adrenal glands prepare the body for a flight or fight response for trouble.

No known cases of death have been reported as a result of overdosing from Adrafinil. However overdosing can lead to insomnia, seizures, migraines or in critical cases liver failure.

Is Adrafinil Legal?

The usage of this drug is still being regulated in some European and Asian countries. For instance in the Unites States, users can import the drug for private use, and it is legal to have it without a doctor’s prescription. However, it still lacks clinical approval from the FDA and does not fall in the controls of the DEA.

In 2004, the world anti-doping agency added the drug to the list of controlled an banned substance for any professional athlete.


As a prevalent nootropic agent, some of its obvious applications include mental clarity, enhanced focus, improved working memory and overall increased body energy.

The drug has been approved for older patients who tend to experience sleepiness and fatigue. More so, nowadays, people from a wide of disciplines including truck drivers, entrepreneurs, and stock exchange traders are just some of the people who seek the positive side effects of this drug.

Based on myriad lab tests, a single dosage of Adrafinil can stay in the body for four to seven hours after consummation. Additionally, there are some users who have observed an enhanced capability to recall and retain unfamiliar data with ease.

User reviews

The following are some user reviews based on myriad Adrafinil 300mg supplement:

Florentino.P says:

The first thing I can mention I about this supplement is that it is not bad. I have experimented with focus

improving supplements over the last couple of months. When I encountered these pills, my interest peaked about them. I purchased one bottle from an a popular online website. I did not taking it even for a day. As a result, my concentration levels improve along with my focus levels.

Betty J says:

I heard of this product from a colleague. I only sleep 3 to 4 hours a night, and I work 48 hours a week, I have a 2-

year -old toddler and a 40-year-old husband and also handle my bills and family issues. Needless to say, I am stretched thin on the waves lately resulting in poor decision making and dizziness. In fact I observed I kept on forgetting such that I thought I had a brain disorder. However since, discovering these pills, I can say that all those effects are down to manageable levels. I would recommend this to anyone seeking to experience the real essence of Adrafinil Nootropic Qualities.

Jordan Howzel says

I experimented with this supplement hoping that it could be used as a method to help me attain a better focus level. I suffer from ADHD but have I have avoided prescription medicine due to the unwanted side effects. However, after discovering this product, I am confident enough to say that I don’t need to experiment with anything else. Initially, I expected that it would be a mere placebo effect but I soon noticed a significant difference in the duration I spent completing my tasks. I work full time and also do some gigs on the side, and this product has improved my performance in all of them. Additionally, it has helped me with myriad other cognitive complications like lack of focus and forgetfulness.


The recommended dosage for most Adrafinil based supplements for adults is 150 to 400 mg. Although most nootropics such as piracetam work best when used at high dosages then slowly decreased to lower dosages, Adrafinil only has powerful effects at smaller dosages. More so, Adrafinil Nootropic Qualities are best felt when the dosage gradually increases to a maximum of 400mg. However at levels of over 400mg, the drug doesn’t seem to have any notable increase in positive effect.

More importantly, while this drug might be top notch performance and cognitive enhancing drug, it should not be used as daily health supplement since it can affect liver operations. In fact, most general practitioners recommend that heavy users of the drug use it in cycles with sufficient breaks in between.

Most people can quickly acquire the drug by simply going online and accessing the myriad online shopping websites. However, there are some con artists who are known to sell fake instances of the drug to unsuspecting users. It is for this chief reason that prospective users are highly recommended to carry out some basic research on the particular supplement you want to purchase.

Adrafinil Liver Toxicity

Despite this drug being beneficial for cognitive capabilities, it does detrimental effects on the liver. Any user of the drug who will use it for an extended period should consult a medical practitioner who can monitor their body vitals, especially vitals related to liver function. The monitoring of vitals in patients is required because Adrafinil has been shown to increase the levels of certain enzymes that may lead to liver damage.

Adrafinil vs. Modafinil

Modafinil and Adrafinil are similar in chemical structure only that Adrafinil is a prodrug of precursor drug to modafinil. Once consumed, Adrafinil is metabolized by the liver into modafinil. Both drugs then produce similar metabolite compound known as modafinilic acid.

Since Modafinil can’t be metabolized in the liver, it requires a lesser dose to realize supreme and optimum effects. Most medical practitioners recommend or administrate the drug in 100mg and 200m g tablets. 200mg tablets are more prevalent as when compared to other supplements in the pharmaceutical markets since they are highly available. Such a dosage is to be taken especially in the morning with or without food.

Adrafinil History

Adrafinil is a drug originally discovered by a France Pharmaceutical company known as Lafon. The drug, at the time, was commonly believed to be synonymous with the effects of soft drinks, energy drinks, and coffee. While still in the development stages, it was referred to as CRL-40028. The original manufacturer known as Cephalon first named the drug as Olmifon. However, myriad manufacturers produce a multitude of generic versions of Olmifon and there resulting in the Adrafinil name.

Adrafinil Research

Most of the research data in Adrafinil tends to focus on sleep suppression and focus enhancement ability. In narcoleptic, myriad Meta-analysis of patient data has indicated that the drug is active in daytime sleep suppression without the affecting the quality of night sleep.

Although some of the research regarding Adrafinil Nootropic Qualities is still inconclusive, it is believed that the neurotransmitter known as hypocretin handles the benefits experienced. Hypocretin has a direct link to alertness and increased focus. Once hypocretin neurotransmitter levels are increased, other neurotransmitters and hormones are also increased such as dopamine and histamine. Users then observe levels of increased energy and improved mood.

To examine the effects of Adrafinil on learning capability, researchers at the University of Toronto, Ontario in Canada trained beagle dogs to carry out basic cognitive tasks. The dogs experiened training in deciphering learning tasks, with the training breaks where 20 mg of the drug or its placebo were administered. A crossover design framework was implemented so that each animal was tested. Treatment with Adrafinil resulted in a notable enhancement in learning, decrease in error making and overall focus.

Final thoughts

Since the advent of supplements meant to enhance overall brain performance, such drugs have improved in overall effect felt on user’s brain. Such drugs have also reduced levels of unwanted side effects such as dependence, migraines, insomnia, depression and agoraphobia. Adrafinil certain fits this description. More so the drug is increasing garnering popularity amongst people from an array of disciplines that include entrepreneurs, doctors, stock exchange traders and even truck drivers.

In fact, if this drug is used correctly, it can be extremely beneficial especially, and its effects should be explored further for other cognitive health complications.

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