Adrafinil Prescriptions

What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a medication that is considered as a Nootropic agent. The eugeroic drug is a brain intensifier but does not the negative impulses that intensify normally have. It is in the classification of stimulants because it helps improve the feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, and sleepiness. Even though the drug is in the category and classification as a stimulant, it does not increase hyperactivity or agitation.


The benefits of Adrafinil are to increase energy, learning ability, speed, and stamina. It keeps people alert and focused due to the stimulant ingredients. The benefits also help with motivation, productivity, and memory. People who need to stay awake often take this drug. It is popular among truck drivers, shift workers, and college students. A prescription is not needed.


It is a powerful substance and comes in packages with 10 to 20 grams. It is important to ensure that the drug is real and being purchased from a reputable seller. Fake Adrafinil is being sold and it can be deadly if mistaken for the real drug. A 10 gram of Adrafinil is approximately $40. In order to take this drug; heat up a cup of water. Mix approximately 100mg of Adrafinil in the water. Once it is mixed in the water the substance will be clear. It can also be purchased in a capsule form. The drug is not intended to be used for long periods of time. It is best to take it for a week and then stop taking it for a week. Taking the medication in cycles will help reduce side effects from occurring and can decrease the risk of building a tolerance to it. It is considered to be a high nootropic. It is recommended to only take between 150-130 mg. If you have never taken the drug before, start with a smaller amount.

Side Effects

Some of the side effects can be dangerous. These side effects include; nausea, irritability, dry mouth, chest pain, heart problems, and hallucinations. Not everyone will experience these side effects, but some people can experience some of them. If you decide to take this stimulant, be very careful. People with a pre-existing heart condition should take precautions. When this drug is used for a long period without taking a break; it can damage the liver. The enzymes will build up in the liver and can cause complications.

Uses of Adrafinil

The uses of the medication are to increase the body’s energy level, alertness, and memory function. It is also used to stay awake longer and increase productiveness. People with learning issues have used medicine to help them focus and increase their learning ability.

Long-Term Use

One of the main long-term use risks of taking Adrafinil is liver problems. It can be severely dangerous to the liver because of the liver enzymes increase toxins that can occur. It can cause skin problems, DRESS syndrome, and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis. It is important to discuss the medication with your physician and get details on the symptoms of possible side effects.

Short-Term Use

The short term use can increase memory, alertness, increase in learning, production, and stamina. The medication should be taken the short term to decrease permanent liver damage or tolerance build up. Short-term use can be more effective and not harmful. It is suggested to take the medication in intervals or cycles.

Comparison with Modafinil

Modafinil and Adrafinil are very similar and are used for the same memory and cognitive situations. There are differences between the two drugs. Modafinil is different than Adrafinil because it breaks down into the liver enzymes. Adrafinil does not break down in this same manner. When it is taken the medication needs more help to break down in the liver. It turns into Modafinil when it is in the liver. Therefore, it needs more enzymes to break down activity to process in an effective manner. It can take longer to break down Adrafinil depending on the rate the body metabolizes. It may require an increase in the Cytochrome 450 enzymes.

Online Reviews

The reviews of Adrafinil are mostly positive. People who have taken the drug have experienced alertness and felt energized. Other people have felt like they took a huge shot of coffee without the jittery feeling. Some people experience brighter colors and heightened sensations.

Some online reviews focus on users who have positive results taking the medication. People who take between 300 and 600 milligrams each day have positive effects. Users of Adrafinil take a dose of approximately 300 milligrams of a morning and take the same dosage later in the evening.


Adrafinil is a stimulant drug that if used properly, can increase energy and mental abilities. It is not recommended for long term use due to extensive side effects. When purchasing this type of drug it is important to buy it from a professional and reputable company. There is a fake type of Adrafinil that is in the markets and can be deadly if taken. The medication should be taken with the right dosage amount and a consult with a physician should be done. The reviews of the drug have had positive feedback from users who have taken the medication properly. To be totally honest with you, an “Adrafinil Prescription” is not even a thing, doctors don’t prescribe it, it’s just an online supplement.

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