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What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a rare kind of medicine that is used to elevate the mental power by boosting concentration. It is categorized as a nootropic drug. The majority of the users have likened it to a stimulant, a compound that makes one stay awake. Thus, the more adrafinil is consumed, the more stimulant will be produced in the body. Adrafinil Reddit reviews typically give this drug great ratings.

The origin of the drug can be traced back to 1970 in France by a successful pharmaceutical firm known as Lafon. Nowadays, the drug has become popular, and it is being used to treat sleepiness – a condition that makes one fall asleep uncontrollably. Most doctors are now prescribing the drug to patients across the world. Adrafinil does not require a doctors prescription to get. As far as Reddit reviews, one user called it a “wonder drug”.

What are the Benefits of Adrafinil?

With many doctors prescribing the drug to patients, it is evident that the drug has several benefits. Unlike other nootropic compounds, it has a robust impact to trigger wakefulness and elevate body energy.

  • The drug elevates energy, compels one to stay awake and motivates an individual. It has been proved that Adrafinil has a strong impact compared to other drugs.
  • It enhances the performance of the mental power making one to stay focused for long.
  • The drug is endowed with rich minerals that trigger instant effects on an individual.
  • It reliefs stress and boost body alertness.
  • It boosts learner’s activities as the glutamatergic receptors are triggered to initiate learning.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Adrafinil?

According to medics, the appropriate dosage for Adrafinil is about 600-1200mg. Well, since it is highly soluble in water, it is recommendable to take the drug with water before taking any meal. It becomes effective when it lands on an empty stomach. Thus, taking the drug in the morning is ideal as compared to the afternoon where it can lead to an inability to sleep. Also, it should be administered on a regular basis during heavy work. For instance, when tight deadlines are to be met adrafinil comes in handy. Most Adrafinil Reddit Reviews advocate for a 300-milligram dosage.

However, desist from taking the drug for longer periods. It can lead to severe damage to body organs. Thus, consider taking only when pressure amounts in the workplace. One can take for a fortnight and relent for some time before embarking on the medication.

Short-term Usage

It is evident that it is safer to use Adrafinil for shorter periods. During this time, the drug is effective as it triggers cognitive and perceptive strengths in the body. It can boost the self-esteem of an individual when used appropriately.

Long-term Usage

According to medical standards, these drugs are not advocated for long-term use. Why should you desist from long-term use of the drug? Well, the human body is sensitive and can develop certain traits such as being talkative, aggressive and abusive.

What are the Effects of This Drug?

Having several benefits, that does not mean it doesn’t have some side effects. Prolonged usage can cause headaches, stomach aches and sometimes blood pressure. High intakes cause a decrease in urine frequency thus affecting the kidneys. Well, hallucinations and daydreaming cannot be escaped when subjected to adrafinil medication.

Those who abuse for long, experience liver damages since most of the absorption takes place there. Some experience kidney failure, while others are subjected to epilepsy. As much as the cognitive abilities are improved, dependency on the drug should be shunned.


With many doctors advocating for the usage of the drug, it has become popular, and several outlets both online and offline are retailing the drug.

Online Reddit Reviews for Adrafinil

A lot has been said about this drug, and it is an indication that many people are using the drug. Some people liken it to coffee. They say that is friendly to the digestive tract, and most Adrafinil Reddit reviews say its very safe if you take it on a short-term basis. Another review suggests that Adrafinil boosts vision and one can see things and situations more clearly. The majority of the reviews have depicted positive results, and this is an indication that most people are using the drug more often.


It is evident that adrafinil is the most ideal and effective nootropic compound around. However, before you purchase and start using consider getting a proper prescription from a qualified medical practitioner. Most Adrafinil reviews on Reddit rave about how powerful Adrafinil is, and go into specific detail as to its amazing benefits on focus and memory.

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