Adrafinil Reviews on memory, focus and energy

Adrafinil Reviews Highlighting Memory, Focus and Energy Levels

 What is Adrafinil?

This article will serve to identify mainyl Adrafinil reviews, and Adrafinil User Reviews, of how the drug works as a whole, possible side effects, and what you’ll actually feel if you decide to take Adrafinil. Adrafinil refers to a wakefulness promoting agent that is used to relieve excessive sleepiness. Individuals such as those working at night to avoid fatigue and keep them alert while they work, such as entrepreneurs and students, are the most frequent users of Adrafinil.

Sleep is defiantly important for the body, but sometimes, the nature of work one is doing might need maximum attention, and the luxury of sleep gives way to the vision of better financial well being, or that perfect GPA in University education. Drowsiness or sleepiness my result from just having a heavy meal in a day and that may deter you from maximum concentration at work. The Adrafinil does not necessary have to take away your sleeping timetable but helps to reduce relive excessive sleepiness in hours when your are supposed to be awake and/or working. In addition to this, it is used to treat people with sleeping issues such as narcolepsy, drowsiness and severe sleep apnea. It is categorized under the Nootropic drugs where it is considered as a eugeroic and said to be a central nervous system stimulant. It is primarily referred to as a good arouser. This Adrafinil user review will enlighten you about it.

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One of the negative side effects of using adrafinil is that it causes the buildup of harmful enzymes in the liver also referred to as Adrafinil liver toxicity or hepatocixity. This results due to the fact that this drug once in the liver breaks down and turns into another compound commonly referred to as modafinil. This process of breaking down the drug strains the liver leading to the rise of enzymes to a certain level. The levels of harmful enzymes also build up leading to damage of the liver in the long run. To prevent this liver problem, the users are advised to avoid taking the dosage daily so as to give the liver sufficient time to clear out the low levels of harmful enzymes. This dosage can be taken one or two days in a week to allow the liver have a chance to rest leading to less accumulation of chemicals that are harmful to the liver

Side effects of Adrafinil


Adrafinil has negative side effects such as blood pressure and heart related issues that mostly result when taken in high doses. People with heart problems or blood pressure problems are advised not to take adrafinil as it can worsen the condition. In addition to this people using adrafinil should avoid using other stimulants such as coffee and caffeine as this leads to an overdose. Overdose of adrafinil also results to high accumulation of harmful enzymes on the liver which may lead to liver problems and this leads to death if not treated early enough.


Dosage of Adrafinil.

In most cases it is recommended that the user takes between 150mg and 300mg. The beginners are advised to start with a small dose because the adrafinil is a highly powerful nootropic. However with time the body adjusts and the dosage can be increased but carefully to avoid long term effects of according to the doctor’s prescriptions. In addition to this it is recommended that adrafinil is not taken more than three times in a week and also should not be taken for periods longer than five months. Where the user plans to take the drug for longer period then the advice of the doctor should be sought so as to avoid liver damage. Most Adrafinil opinions, with myself included, state 300 milligrams as a first pass, the dose of the drug one should start with to gauge how it affects their personal biochemistry.


Long term effects

Apart from the liver toxicity which is a long term effects other long term effects include skin conditions such as Stevens Johnsons syndrome, DRESS syndrome and toxic Epidermal Necrolysis. These effects come up as a result of modafinil that is the major component of adrafinil. Although the skin conditions above are rarely reported those who use adrafinil should be keen on the skin so as to report to the physician whenever any change is noticed. Other long term effects are blood pressure and heart related problems that come up as a result of high dosage.


Short term effects

Short term effects are classified into two categories, the negative short term effects which include, headache, dizziness, loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, dry mouth irritability, hallucinations, chest pains and anxiety, the

positive short term effects on the other hand are the benefits of adrafinil which include increased energy levels, concentrating for long hours and high levels of alertness. The short term effects can be prolonged depending on the individual or the health of the person. They can be mistaken with symptoms of other types of diseases such as malaria and typhoid.


Productivity Benefits

Although there are some effects that result from Adrafinil, it also has some benefits, which include: Increases the levels of productivity. This comes as a result of increased energy to the user therefore increasing the level of work done. When used positively and using the right dosage it results to increased productivity

  • Increases the level of energy, attention and stamina. This is mostly to the students especially during the exam periods or the employees who do shift work and in other circumstances the truck drivers.
  • Increased learning ability and memory. This is mostly to the students as it reduces sleep and fatigue making the students to concentrate for more hours as compared to when the stimulant is not used.
  • Concentration for long hours. For some people just a few bite of any form of food or an exposure to a warm environment kick off their sleepy mode making them loose focus and concentration. This affects his or her performance and if someone is working in a high sensitive area, it often helps in avoiding accident due to drowsiness.
  • Reduction of accidents: In most cases people suffering from narcolepsy, drowsiness and severe sleep apnea often get into serious accident mostly road accidents when driving. These are the kind of sleep disorder that catch a person instantly perhaps after a heavy working hour and they suddenly doze off while behind the wheel and end up causing accident on the road that can be rather quite devastating. The Adrafinil work to keep such people with sleeping disorder alert and minimize such like accidents hence a benefit to them
  • Reduce strain while in work: Sometimes working in an environment where there is need or much thinking and the test metal ability, some people end up straining their mind and bodies. This may often lead to stress and fatigue. Thus with the Adrafinil the brain capability are able to deal with stains by keeping its capabilities and functions high.


Safety concerns

Although the drug has negative effects, it is considered to be safe especially when taken in small dosage such as 100 to 300 mg per day for beginners. To increase the dosage the user must seek the consent of the doctor. This drug should not be used together with other stimulants. In addition to this aspirin and Tylenol should not be used with adrafinil as it causes the increase of the harmful enzymes on the liver. The user should strictly follow the prescriptions and instructions of the doctor while using adrafinil so as to realize the benefits of using this drug. For both best and safe results the user is advised to use the drug in cycles and for short periods of time to lower the chances of long term effects and also avoid the severance of the short term effects.


User Reviews

Adrafinil Reviews, and looking over User’s documented experiences of Adrafinl is extremely important, as it helps the user to find out how it feels when adrafinil is taken and the results of taking the drug. The potential user is given a chance to think of whether or not he or she is interested in using the drug. This is after getting to know the benefits of using adrafinil, the short and long term effects and the type of dosage that should be followed to avoid the effects. User review is essential to the user as it helps the risk of long term blame either on oneself or on the doctors and the jurisdiction to the larger extends. This is because the person is in a position to understand the long term effects of the adrafinil to the body at large. In addition to this the individual is able to understand the benefits which in most cases are short term.




This drug is said for narcolepsy has been discovered by a French pharmaceutical company referred to as lafon in the late1970s.During its development it was referred to as CRL-40028 and the manufacturer was called Cephalonia. In 1986, it was offered in France as potential treatment. As years went by adrafinil was prescribed for patients with sleep disorders and narcolepsy. Other countries also appreciated the benefits of using this drug and they allowed its use. In countries such as Mexico and the unites states and Canada the use of this drug has been allowed therefore increasing the rate of the use of this drug in the jurisdictions and the world at large. It can be imported privately by citizens, or purchased as a research chemical. It is legal so it can be purchased without a prescription to use as a modafinil alternative.

Final Thoughts

Adrafinil is one of the drugs that most people use as a stimulant without putting into consideration the risks that are associated with its use. In addition to this the users mostly look at the benefits that are involved and do not consider the long term effects such as liver toxicity. In most cases this drug is used by students who like the last minute rush during the exam period to heighten the concentration periods. In addition to this the truck drivers use this drug to avoid fatigue and also lower the level and risk of getting sleepy especially during the night when they are driving for long distances and transporting goods that are needed urgently. Although this drug is not approved to be used in all jurisdictions, most of the people use the drug privately to their own benefit whereas others some jurisdictions allow the use of Adrafinil so as to enhance the economic growth through the increased productivity. In addition to this, it is approved in schools to allow high levels of academic performance.

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