Where Are The Best Places To Buy Adrafinil?

What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a powerful nootropic supplement and prodrug. It has many powerful stimulating effects and is often taken by start-up CEO’s in silicon valley, Wall-Street bankers, entrepreneurs, and College students looking for a boost on their exams.


Adrafinil’s benefits are based on how it influences brain function. It does this by improving mood, memory, focus and energy levels by acting on the serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and histamine neurotransmitters. These are all excitatory neurotransmitters (well…Serotonin can be a little of inhibitory also) and as such give one a burst of energy and “excitement” if you will. While there is always some worry about the possibility of liver toxicity since it is a prodrug (and therefore is synthesized into its true form via the liver), however, these are largely overblown. Drinking a beer is still much more taxing on the liver than taking Adrafinil is.


Adrafinil has a dosage of around 300 milligrams (minimum effective dosage) and with a capped out maximum dosage of 600 milligrams. Don’t take 600 milligrams until you’ve tried 300, as six hundred can be extremely strong for a first timer. Adrafinil is best if taken in the short-term, but can actually be taken long-term if a low dosage is taken.

Side Effects

Taking Adrafinil can have a number of side effects, especially if it’s taken too frequently or if too high of a dosage is used.


Adrafinil has a number of studies that available online which supports its efficacy and actually has decades of research to vouch for it.

Legal Status

Adrafinil is 100% legal in the United States. In the United Kingdom, it is a gray area supplement. It is not scheduled in the United States and as such is legal to buy and sell online.

Where Are the Best Adrafinil Stores?

Adrafinil stores are typically easy to find and very plentiful on the internet. A simple search on a popular search engine such as Google or Bing for “Buy Adrafinil” will bring up loads of stores where you can buy the nootropic. Of course, the best (biased I know, sue me it’s my business) is smartdrugsforcollege.com, and you can buy Adrafinil buy clicking on the bottles above. Also, make sure to sign-up, you’ll get 10% off all products in our online store, and you’ll get a free sample of Nootropics, a $50 value!

The best Adrafinil stores are:

  1. smartdrugsforcollege.com
  2. Adrafinil.com
  3. Nusups.com (capsules only)
  4. Bluebrainboost.com
  5. Modup.net (sells similar products, not sure if they still sell Adrafinil or not.)

Adrafinil Stores for Powder

Absorbyourhealth.com is the only store I know that sells Adrafinil Powder…Possibly lift mode, not sure if they still sell it.

Final Thoughts

The best Adrafinil stores are the ones where capsules and powder are sold at the cheapest price.

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