What Is The Adrafinil Supplement?

What is the Adrafinil Supplement?

Adrafinil is a prodrug. The drug was used in France to promote alertness, attention, and mood among the elderly. The popular brand name was Olmifon.  It is a supplement that is meant to boost mental energy and improve concentration. It boosts energy levels in the body. It is therefore recommended to take it at the right time as you may have trouble sleeping.

Adrafinil Supplement Use

Drugs come as a solution to the body weakness that at times induce and bring relief. Despite this with the continued research drugs such as Adrafinil are used as a stimulant and used away from the intended treatments. The Adrafinil supplement is typically used for performance, mood, memory, and self-improvement.


Benefits of using Adrafinil are:

  • the promotion of a general feeling of wakefulness and boosts your energy production.
  • it boosts mental performance, focus, concentration, and memory especially for those who would like to remember.
  • as a substitute to Modafinil, it raised the level of Modafinil in the in the body.
  • it acts as a stimulant giving you attention, energy, and stamina especially used by nightshift workers, truck drivers and academicians to stay awake for long hours.
  • reduces stress by enhancing excitement or pleasure.


The recommended dosage of Adrafinil is between 150 mg – 300 mg. Being a strong nootropic drug, it is advisable for starters to start with a smaller dose and adjust as the body changes. It is always advisable to switch off and on the use of Adrafinil and it limits the long term use. Before fully committing on the dosage it is important to seek your doctor’s advice.

Side Effects

Side effects always range from mild to severe in nature and depending on the range prior steps or recommendations are taken. Users may experience headaches, dizziness, stomach discomfort, and nausea after taking Adrafinil. This may just happen for some days because the body is not adjusted to such drugs and thus the effects may soon disappear.

Long-Term Use of the Adrafinil Supplement

Long-term use of Adrafinil results in liver toxicity. Users of longtime use are advised to subject it on an interval occasion that helps to limit the damage. Using it beyond a six-month time spell is classified as long-term as the body is already subjected to the drug. Those with narcolepsy are considered long-term users because of their state.

Short-Term Use of the Adrafinil Supplement

Those with the aim of attaining result especially for those who use Adrafinil as a stimulant. It is basically used for reducing stress, used by night shift workers and drivers to keep them awake for long hours. This short term use is always not severe to the users especially those who used for a short time but caution is always to the users to seek physician assistant before subjecting Adrafinil.

Research on Adrafinil

Adrafinil has been tested and proved on the human body by scientists with interest in the effects of the drug to sleep and alertness as well any side effects it has on the body. The drug is a stimulant known to fight sleep and doesn’t in any way cause hyperactivity. Some research work has also concluded that Adrafinil can be used to improve memory. This drug is used to treat excessive sleepiness on patients and works very well. However, long term use of the drug is discouraged because it causes negative side-effects on the liver which metabolizes it.

Effects of Adrafinil

Adrafinil has several effects on the human body and some of them have been utilized for not very good reasons. For example, athletes use Adrafinil because of the active metabolism impact it has on the body. The results to improved body efficiency and thus the drug was banned by the World-Anti Doping Agency. Adrafinil has also been used as a party drug. Considerable amounts of the drug result to other effects that can be very good for parties. As a result, the drug has been classified as a prescription drug in very many countries.

Safety Concerns

Adrafinil and Modafinil are both banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). This is because the organization ranks them as harmful nonspecific stimulant compounds. In several cases, research and studies on Adrafinil have concluded that the drug causes orofacial dyskinesia. This effect occurs after one has stopped taking the drugs. Such a body phenomenon occurs when there is an abnormal metabolism in the body which is usually the case when the liver metabolizes the drug.

Common Stacks

Adrafinil has very consequential effects on sleep since it results in alertness. Once the drug enters the body it takes about one hour to be in the bloodstream. During the metabolizing process is when thee modafinil is produced. Once the metabolites are in the blood circulatory system, the effects last for about five hours. That means you have to take the drug early in the day to avoid lack of sleep late in the night. common stacks

Adrafinil is available as a supplement and is normally taken as a dose for several days. If you are not aware of to use the drug, you can get a 5-day supplement course that can guide you. A standard dose is 600mg taken twice a day in the morning and the afternoon. Alternatively, the drug can be consumed as a 900mg dose taken once per day. All the doses are taken early in the day and not more than three times a week for a period of less than months.

Final Thoughts

Adrafinil is a drug that in some states are authorized to the public and can be accessed with ease. Adrafinil can still be consumed and used for the purposes of treatment and not otherwise. Although the drug is effective, there are no long term effects that are obviously irreversible. Using this drug has helped those with narcolepsy problems. It has also been used as a stimulant to the body relieving and giving it strength and motivation. Patients and those using the drug should seek physician advice.

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