Adrafinil vs Piracetam: Which Is Better?

Which Is Better: Adrafinil Or Piracetam?

Many nootropic supplements have other benefits in addition to their nootropic ones, and Adrafinil is no exception. People are sometimes specifically going to take Adrafinil for the sake of how effective it is as a stimulant. People will find that their energy levels have improved tremendously as a result of taking Adrafinil. Thinking and accomplishing a wide range of different tasks will be that much easier with Adrafinil. With Piracetam, however, it is an entirely different drug. Piracetam is good for long-term use and gives a slight, stimulating, head buzz.

Adrafinil is more of a stimulant-type drug, it’s significantly stronger than caffeine, and it can help with productivity immensely. Piracetam, however, is not a stimulant and has no physical effects. Mentally, it works on the acetylcholine receptors and gives greater clarity of thought and that’s pretty much it. This better clarity gives more energy, focus and memory-but the main use of the drug is to feel clear, clear and then even more clear. A fantastic drug to use on an everyday basis.


Some people are going to start feeling the effects of Adrafinil right away, even as they have only just started taking it. The people who do not have much of a tolerance level are going to be in the perfect situation. They’re going to be able to get all of the benefits and none of the costs when it comes to their Adrafinil regimens.

People who have more of a tolerance to Adrafinil might take longer to experience the effects. However, overall, this is a supplement that is going to make people more energetic when they start using it for the first time. It is a supplement that won’t take too long to work for most users. Effects of Piracetam are much milder, yet over the long-term can yield amazing benefits and include better clarity of thought, focus, mood, and memory.


People who take Adrafinil are going to get tremendous benefits when it comes to their mental energy levels and their ability to focus on a wide range of different tasks. People will find that they can pay closer attention to everything when they take Adrafinil, which will give them more energy and which will manage to alleviate feelings of fatigue. People will usually become more motivated and more willing to keep working towards a given goal because they’ve taken Adrafinil, which has a way of energizing people on many different levels. If you choose to Buy Adrafinil, choline is not needed!

Of course, Adrafinil is going to be able to make people feel more energetic in general. This is a supplement that is almost unique in its ability to give people much more energy than ever before, promoting wakefulness in a way that is truly immediate.

Piracetam…is totally different. You’ll definitely feel it, and the clarity of thought is actually pretty spectacular. However, there’s no “drive” like Adrafinil gives you. With Piracetam, you get absolute clarity. When comparing these two smart drugs, it all depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want a speed-inducing effect? (Adrafinil) or do you want a clarity-inducing nootropic…that’d be Piracetam!

Recommended Dosage

People will usually take 150 to 300 mg of Adrafinil a day on the days in which they are using the supplement, to begin with, since this is a supplement that needs to work in relatively large doses. People are going to need to take a lot of it on the days in which they have decided to take Adrafinil. People who do not have much tolerance and people who are worried about the side effects should tend to focus on the lower end of the range. Everyone else can start to gradually increase their intake of Adrafinil as they start to become more tolerant towards it. People who try cycling when it comes to their consumption of Adrafinil are going to find it that much easier to get all of the benefits and none of the associated costs.

The doses are higher on Piracetam, as the drug is much weaker in terms of stimulation. A typical regimen of Piracetam is 800-2400 mg, taken 1-3 times daily.

Side Effects

Adrafinil and Piracetam both have side effects that are strong enough that they’re not going to be the sort of nootropics that people are going to be able to use on a daily basis. The risks are going to be too great for the individuals who try to rely on Adrafinil for energy the way people tend to rely on coffee and caffeine in general. Taking Adrafinil can raise liver enzymes, so taking too much of it for a long period of time can lead to liver toxicity. Most of the other effects of Adrafinil are minor, and they might concern minor digestive problems like nausea and minor sleeping disturbances. People who are taking lots of Adrafinil to stay awake are not going to care about sleeping disturbances in all likelihood. Because Adrafinil is much more potent than Piracetam, the side effects of it are much worse. The only side effect of Piracetam has to do with the choline headache that can often time occur.

Long-Term Use

Using Adrafinil long-term is a bad idea. People can take this supplement off and on again for years, but it is not the sort of supplement that people should take every day for years. The people who try to do this are going to end up with severe liver toxicity. However, the individuals who are able to cycle on Adrafinil, taking it consistently and then going off of it consistently, are not usually going to experience similar effects. Piracetam does not need to be cycled, and can actually be taken every day with almost no build-up of tolerance, and with great benefits.


The research into Adrafinil has concerned its liver toxicity effects, however, unless extreme doses are taken, this shouldn’t be an issue. The research has also demonstrated the fact that moderate doses of Adrafinil are going to manage to give people much more energy than they ever believed possible, so this is certainly a supplement that is going to manage to deliver when it comes to its promises. The risks associated with Adrafinil can certainly be minimized. Piracetam is also a very well-researched nootropic.

Safety Concerns

The risk of liver toxicity is important to keep in mind when people are considering whether or not to take Adrafinil, especially if they are thinking about taking it for an extended period of time. However, taking the supplement within reason should not result in those tragic effects. Piracetam is also very safe and has few dangers behind it.

Legal Status

People are often going to take Adrafinil in the first place because of the shaky legal status that is associated with the parent drug Modafinil. Lots of people have heard of Modafinil, and fewer people have heard of Adrafinil. Adrafinil is not a drug that requires a prescription in the United States and most Western countries. This is not the case for Modafinil, which is certainly a drug that needs a prescription. Piracetam is also 100% legal worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Adrafinil is a great supplement for what it is. It is a supplement that is going to help people stay awake for longer during the times when they are really going to be in need of something like that. It is not the sort of supplement that people should take in order to regulate their sleeping cycles in general. As long as people are able to keep that in mind, they are not going to run into any major problems when they decide to take Adrafinil themselves. It is literally and figuratively safe to take in small doses. Piracetam is even safer, you can take the drug at up to 15x that of the recommended dosage with almost no excess side effects, sometimes called a “mega-dose!”

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