A Simple Guide To Using Adrafinil

What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a smart drug that is designed to improve overall alertness, as well as increase wakefulness in those who take it.


Since Adrafinil is considered to be a stimulant, one great benefit is that your overall energy levels, stamina, and attention span will be increased when you take this drug. This makes it extremely popular with both students and individuals who work long hours and/or jobs that are extremely strenuous. Furthermore, it also helps to increase overall levels of productivity, as well as memory and learning ability.


Typically, the most common dosage amount of Adrafinil is between 600mg and 1200mg. Since this drug is water soluble, it can be taken in one of two different ways: either on an empty stomach or with something to drink, such as juice or water. Initially, you will want to start taking it in lower quantities before gradually moving on to a higher dosage amount. Additionally, this is a drug that should only be taken on an occasional basis.

Side Effects

Just like with all other similar types of drugs, Adrafinil does have its share of side effects, which includes:

  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Sleep issues
  • Irritability
  • Bruising
  • Hallucinations
  • Chest pains
  • Heart palpitations

Long-Term Use

Medical professionals highly advise against taking Adrafinil on a long-term basis. This is because the body may actually develop tolerance against it, which can lead to its overall effect not being felt as a result. Additionally, it can also change people’s behaviors as well.

Sublingual Use

Taking Adrafinil in a sublingual manner is said to be one of the best ways to help make it work. This is where you allow the powder form of the product to dissolve under your tongue, which allows it to cross the blood-brain barrier much more quickly. As a response, this triggers an instant release effect, which helps make Adrafinil and its effects stronger.

Safety Concerns

A big safety concern with taking Adrafinil involves a possible strain on the human heart, especially if whoever is taking it suffers from any kind of a heart condition. This drug will likely increase risks of heart complications, meaning that before taking it, you should consult with your doctor. Another concern involves issues that can arise with the liver due to enzymes that can build up. Before resorting to taking Adrafinil every day, consider having your liver thoroughly examined and monitored.

Legal Status

Currently, Adrafinil is legal to purchase, use, and possess anywhere throughout the United States. It is not currently regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Adrafinil has not been submitted for or received approval by the FDA regarding specific clinical uses that require a prescription. Furthermore, the Drug Enforcement Agency currently has no jurisdiction over this drug because it does not fall under any category of being a controlled substance of any kind.

In the United Kingdom, Adrafinil is also not regulated for use. Furthermore, small quantities can be imported there for personal use. Australia, however, is a different story, as there, a prescription is required before anyone can obtain Adrafinil. However, if you have the drug shipped internationally or have it shipped overseas, you can legally import it to Australia.


Here are some basic facts regarding Adrafinil:

  • Adrafinil was originally discovered during the 1970s in France by pharmaceutical company Group Lafon.
  • Adrafinil does not stimulate motor coordination like other stimulants and is primarily a brain stimulant.
  • Adrafinil is used not only to help with studying sessions but is also given to French pilots in case of an emergency.
  • One study showed that Adrafinil improved the learning abilities of aged beagle dogs.

Online Reviews

Individuals who purchase and take Adrafinil often will leave online reviews about their overall experiences with taking it. Some of those reviews include:

  • “I wanted to take Modafinil but was leery of the mailing process; actually getting it without post office interference. So I tried this and got results that were described, and I expected. Will continue to buy, and use, occasionally.”
  • “Definitely gives focus and ability to complete things. The only downside, as with almost any, is build up of tolerance. I’ve remedied that by taking it every morning and early afternoon only, two days on, two days off. Still experimenting with what to take on two days off.”
  • “Adrafinil is a fantastic cognitive enhancer with very noticeable effects. With absolutely no crash this product tops anything I have taken so far.”


If you are a college student looking for a great way to cram for that next big exam or if you’re someone who works at a job that requires a great deal of your attention, Adrafinil may be a good drug for you to invest in, provided that you are able to remember that you need to take it as directed rather than taking however much you want. Also, as previously stated, take it on a more short-term basis rather than a long-term one, as you don’t want to develop tolerance against it and cause its effects to wear off and completely stop working.

If you have any questions or concerns at all about taking this, it’s advised that you consult with your doctor before you even consider purchasing this drug, as it’s likely that you may be put through a checkup to determine if you’re actually fit and healthy enough to take it in order to ensure that it won’t cause any long-lasting damage. If your doctor deems that you are healthy enough to take it, then and only then should you consider ordering it; however, you should only think about ordering the amount that you think you will need at first just to see if it will actually work for you. This will help to make sure that you aren’t actually wasting your money.

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