Adrafinilo: A Common Misspelling For Adrafinil?

What Is Adrafinilo?

What is Adrafinilo? Ahh this article, I’ve had it saved as a draft for quite some time. To be quite frank with you, Adrafinilo is a keyword, and this article’s purpose for being written was for traffic/money/extra marketing, I run a business and I’ve got rent to pay just like everyone else, so deal with it. Adrafinilo is either:

  • the Spanish word for Adrafinil,
  • a misspelling of the word Adrafinil on Google by so many people that it is now a keyword that gets traffic, or
  • the brand name of Adrafinil.

Being an entrepreneur, it seems to me that option B is the best answer. Don’t worry! if you’ve stumbled upon this article, you’ll still get a post with loads of information purely on the nootropics drug, Adrafinil.

Adrafinilo (Adrafinil) is a powerful prodrug and acts on the dopamine, serotonin and histamine centers of the human brain. Mainly on dopamine and histamine though. Dopamine is your pleasure center chemical, and it is highly motivating. Dopamine controls hunger, thirst, your sex drive, how good you feel on any certain day, it controls all your basic drives, it is the thing that makes people become addicts or obsessed with money, power, social status.


Adrafinilo helps the user to improve mood, memory, focus, and wakefulness. Adrafinilo, with its potent effects on dopamine (the driving neurotransmitter) and on histamine (the wakefulness neurotransmitter..keeps you crazy), can have really powerful effects on performance. It is typically used by those looking to improve focus in high-pressure jobs, such as software companies, or in startups looking to scale quickly and of which require extremely high energy performance.

How to Use Adrafinilo

Take 1-3 capsules daily, you can purchase it right off the bottles on this blog post. Each capsule contains 300mg of 100% of the prodrug.


Take Adrafinilo in dosages of 1-2 capsules daily but always start out with one capsule. Dosages should range from 300-600mg daily. 900mg is a bit of a stretch, so I wouldn’t recommend that. This should be spread out in two doses throughout the day and not taken all at once.

Side Effects

Adrafinilo’s side effects can include:

  • headaches,
  • dehydration,
  • jitters, and
  • the inability to sleep.

Long-Term Use

Not recommended, can have bad effects on the liver, will develop tolerance, and side effects will increase the longer you take it.

Final Thoughts

Adrafinilo is a great and powerful nootropic for supplement users of all experience levels. Just be sure to start off with one:)

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