What Are The Main Benefits Of Acetyl-L-Carnitine?

What Is Acetyl-L-Carnitine?

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is growing in its popularity as a brain booster that improves thought clarity and speeds mental processes. Its ability to boost focus and attention makes it a good choice for combatting the symptoms and consequences of conditions such as ADHD. In addition to this, there are multiple other health benefits associated with this supplement which make it a good choice for anyone who suffers from cognitive deficits or who simply want to enhance brain function and intellect. ALCAR benefits far outweigh any potential negatives.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is also known as ALCAR. It is a modified version of Carnitine, but with additional benefits. Carnitine is involved in the operation of the body’s metabolism, production of energy and brain plasticity. ALCAR is an acetylated type of L-Carnitine and this modification makes it better able to absorb through the intestinal tract into the bloodstream for more immediate use by the body.

It has a greater capacity for crossing the blood-brain barrier and gaining access to the central nervous system where it improves cell health and overall functionality for a nootropic effect. It is known for positively affecting brain function and intellect. In addition, energy production is increased bringing greater circulation for all parts of the body and a powerful antioxidant effect. It provides anti-aging effects by guarding cells against damage and illness. ALCAR performs at its peak when stacked with Choline supplements for maximized effects.


The list of benefits associated with ALCAR is extensive. It serves as an antioxidant for the removal of toxins and waste products from within brain tissues, heart tissue and other parts of the body for an overall immune stimulating effect. It provides protection for neurons and encourages the healthy growth of neural tissue for greater cognitive and mental performance. It may help to decrease the neural damage caused by Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease and it is possible to achieve a reversal of some of the damage and accompanying symptoms. Memory is improved and the increased ability to learn, retain, recall and think with greater clarity and focus is possible.

The anti-aging components help the elderly to perform better on mental exercises and improve their verbal and memory skills. Oxygen is increased to nerve cells in the brain for increased function and protection from further deterioration, lessening symptoms. It may also help in the prevention of subsequent strokes.

Social anxiety is decreased and those with depression find that their moods are elevated with the use of ALCAR. It also helps to increase mental energy and reasoning skills. Studies have also shown that this supplement may be helpful in combatting male infertility and decreasing diabetic nerve pain.

Recommended Dosage

For the best results, the recommended daily dosage is between 500 and 2,500 mg per day. It is further advised that you begin your regimen with the lowest dose to find out how your body chemistry responds to it. You may gradually increase the dosage to find the amount that gives you the desired results, just so long as you do not exceed the recommended maximum.

This supplement is water soluble so it is best taken with food and not on an empty stomach. The food will help in promoting a more rapid absorption rate for maximum effectiveness. ALCAR benefits may vary from one person to another so only you can be the judge of the best dosage level.

Side Effects

Potential side effects which may occur with recommended dosages include diarrhea, body odor, rash, headaches, and increase in appetite. These are rare and generally, subside within a couple of hours if they present at all. This supplement is created from a natural compound so it is highly rated as safe and generally well tolerated and free from the risk of serious side effects.

The reason why ALCAR is so safe is that the compound is one that is naturally produced in the body anyway, only in smaller amounts. ALCAR helps the body to achieve enhanced results from this compound by increasing its bio-availability and ensuring more reliable transport throughout the body.

Long-Term Use

Prolonged use of ALCAR is recommended because this is where the increased overall health benefits come in. The longer that this supplement is used, the more antioxidant and detoxification benefits are available to the body. The heart and brain are better protected from free radical damage and the environment for cellular regeneration and repair are greatly enhanced. Anti-aging and longevity enhancing features become more predominant with long term use.

Short-Term Use

When used in short term durations, ALCAR provides nootropic benefits of increased cognitive functioning. Energy levels increase which affect greater motivation, drive, and productivity. Learning is improved with greater retention and recall abilities. Mental processes such as thinking and reasoning are also enhanced with processing speeds improving for being able to think more quickly on your feet.

Legal Status

ALCAR is legal for purchase and uses in the United States. It is one supplement, however, that enhances physical performance. Because of this, it is vital that anyone who participates in athletic competitions check the regulatory lists on banned supplements for each respective country as the list is updated regularly.

Final Thoughts

ALCAR is a highly popular and useful Nootropic supplement that provides a long list of benefits for physical health and cognitive performance enhancement. It provides anti-aging features by protecting cells from damage and illness while ridding vital organs in the body of potentially harmful toxins. It promotes greater longevity when taken for more prolonged periods of time without the risk of developing serious side effects.

Clinical applications are indicated for anyone who suffers cognitive decline whether from illness and disease, brain trauma or the overuse of controlled substances. There is evidence to suggest that it may actually help reverse damage that has been done to brain cells. At a minimum, it provides a better environment for cell regeneration and for brain cells to form new connections for improved communication between cells. It also offers highly effective enhancement of cognitive and mental processes for those who simply wish to improve their performance in these areas.

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