ALCAR Side Effects

ALCAR….Extended benefits and no long term side effects, what more could you want from a pill?
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ALCAR Side Effects

ALCAR rarely results in side effects, and even in the off color chance that it does portray a mild discrepancy, only the most mild range of effects can occur, such as a headache or slight nausea.
Statistically and in my opinion, the benefits of this drug far outweigh any consequences. One of the most common formulations of L-Carnitine, an amino acid made up of lysine and methionine, this drug displays some of the most profound impacts on overall memory and cognition, and manifests itself as one of the safest supplemental nootropics. This version of carnitine in particular is significantly more active then just regular carnitine because it can cross the blood brain barrier in a much easier and more efficient manner, and because it has an added Acetyl group, meaning it

also influences the acetylcholine receptors in ones brain-equating to improvements in cognition over the long term.
Safety Concerns
At normal dosages, ALCAR demonstrates extreme safety, especially in cases of long term use. This is due to it being naturally produced in the body, and stored in tissues, muscles, brain and heart. ALCAR is always floating around in our systems, and we can boost our results with this natural chemical by supplementing it by way of this potent nootropic.
At proper dosages, absolutely no reported side effects exist, being that ALCAR is found naturally in humans. ALCAR manifests both nootropic and neuroprotective benefits, each in a simultaneous manner. ALCAR helps to increase acetylcholine within the brain (what causes these benefits), leading to an increased memory, better recall and an enhanced learning capacity. Users also experience an improved speed of memory recall and even a lengthened attention span and ability to multi task. Enhanced sensory perceptions and sometimes even hypomania, have also been reported.

As a neuro-protective nootropic, this supplement can help to keep the brain healthy,, namely by way of reducing nerve pain and possibly even promoting heart health, this is also considered to be a powerful anti-oxidant. It carries poisons and toxins out of the brain and helps to facilitate the growth, communication, and synergy of brain neurons.

The usual dosage of ALCAR is 500-1000mg, taken either all at once, or split into several equal portions throughout each day-and preferably with a meal. Though most advise starting with the lowest possible dosage of ALCAR when first beginning this supplement, honestly, because of how safe this supplement is and because it occurs
naturally in the body, you can start with an attack dose if not much of an effect is felt when you first begin, this can be from 1500-4000 milligrams, or about 3-8 pills over the course of a day. Bear in mind that although side effects are minor, when you go over 1500mg of ALCAR, the risk of side effects (possible headache) increases. With the administration of even a low dose of CDP Choline however, ZERO side effects have been recorded with ALCAR. This is because the possible headache is caused by ALCAR burning out the brain’s acetylcholine receptors sites, which CDP Choline immediately and adequately replenishes, those two supplements in conjunction is one of the best combinations for long term brain health, with the others being any of the original racetams, piracetam, aniracetam, oxiracetam, and pramiracetam, stacked with CDP Choline.
My Review

The first time I took ALCAR, I expected absolutely nothing, in that it is a supplemental nootropic and took it regardless of my presumption. Within minutes a wave of clarity washed over me. I was able to more accurately perceive the world around me. I first felt the escalation of my concentration and memory. I tested my increased mental capabilities on some brain games, and I figured that these effects could not possibly be a placebo. Although, I am overall happy with the performance of ALCAR, I was a bit displeased to find that I had a very mild headache at the beginning. Although the headache was not too much of a nuisance, I took 500 mg of CDP Choline just so I would feel absolute clarity. I probably should not have started with a 2000 milligram dose of ALCAR. About a day or two later when the effects wore off I decided to try again, this time using only 750 milligrams of the nootropic. PROBLEM SOLVED! No headache. Unless you are familiar with the nootropic and have been taking it for an extended period of time, I would recommend keeping the dosage under 1000 mg.
Final Thoughts
ALCAR was on about the same level as Piracetam, many of the same effects; However, the minuscule dangers associated with Piracetam were nonexistent with ALCAR. This is quite possibly one of my favorite nootropics. Extended benefits and no long term side effects, what more could you want from a pill?

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