Alpha GPC Benefits for ADHD, Depression, and Memory

Alpha GPC Benefits over the long-term

What is Alpha GPC?

Alpha GPC Benefits are extremely well researched, and as a synthetic form of natural choline, Alpha GPC Choline sits among the most powerful form of the plant extract currently available on the market. Alpha GPC, Or Alpha Glyceryl-Phosphoryl-Choline, is first and foremost a Choline supplement and as such, it will definitely increase your brain power. It is also a natural Choline which is found within the human brain. As a para-sympathomimetic-acetylcholine, it may also be a possible curative for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Biosynthetic Alpha GPC crosses rapidly over the Blood Brain Barrier to deliver Choline, a water soluble substance that is usually considered to be one of the B group of Vitamins. Choline is an essential chemical in the diet because it is a component of the cells’ membranes, notably those which are part of the learning and memory processes. Alpha-GPC is recognised to be generally safe in the USA and it can be bought as a non-prescription drug in many countries. Dietary and nutritional tables state that the recommended daily intakes of Choline are not often and consumed in the diet and that many people especially post-menopausal women may be deficient in this substance.

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The History of Alpha GPC.

Choline was discovered by Alfred Strecker in the year 1864 and it was synthesised soon afterwards. The US Institute of Medicine recognised that Choline was a nutrient vital to muscular and mental health in 1998. Although many foods contain Choline especially meat and milk, liver and eggs, it was discovered that sometimes these sources do not provide enough Choline to meet regular daily intake levels. A search for a more reliable source of Choline resulted in the development of Alpha GPC, which is now prescribed in Europe as an Anti- Alzheimer’s Disease medication. Alpha-GPC is sold as a supplement for brain health in the US and also in Australia. The word “nootropics” was first used by Doctor Giurgea in 1972, which was the year when Piracetam helped define the new science of cognitive health.

Research into Alpha-GPC.

The magazine Mechanisms of Aging and Development published a multi-study review concerning the effects of Glyceryl-phosphoryl-choline in November 2001. The results of this large-scale analysis showed that 4054 patients, who had participated in 13 clinical trials, while suffering from various brain disorders, were shown to have “Significantly improved patient clinical condition” after the researchers had administered GPC to them.

The researchers had recorded results which stated that GPC performed better in achieving improved clinical outcomes, than had the previously trialled acetylcholine precursors such as choline and lecithin. Researchers also stated that GPC could improve the cognitive function of those who had suffered from a stroke. All other diseases of cognitive impairment such as adult cognitive dysfunction, Alzheimer’s disease, transient ischemic attack, memory loss and attention deficit disorder were improved by varying dosages of GPC.

Cerebral circulatory deficiency and neurotransmitter deficiency are the hallmarks of aging of the mature brain and these tests seemed to prove that without a doubt, GPC offered clinical levels of improvement in all of these symptoms.

What Will I feel Like after Taking GPC?

Studies mainly agree, indicating that taking GPC is not dangerous and that it has very few painful side-effects. One study showed a drop-out rate of only 2% percent of participants, who claimed to feel heartburn, nausea, vomiting insomnia, increased excitation or headache.

Another study indicated that dosages of GPC should be commenced before the cognitive functions had deteriorated too much. In this case the system cannot make as good use of the GPC as it can when it is given to a patient with a brain that has not undergone as much age-related damage.

Most bloggers and on-site reports state that people feel normal after having taken a dose of GPC. Some say that they feel “High”, but this could be accounted for by saying that some people feel excited by their newly improved memorising and learning skills.

The Side Effects of Taking Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC Benefits far outweight any potential downsides

GPC has been reviewed as being a very safe nootropic compound, and very few side-effects have been reported. If you are using GPC at a very high dosage, one that is way beyond the recommended dosage, you may experience some side effects and this is only to be expected. You must always take supplements at the recommended dosage by following the instructions on the side of the bottle or packet. Alpha GPC may cause some excitation, hyper alertness or an energy boost that could keep some users awake at night. A slight fishy odour in the sweat or urine could also occur due to the elimination of Choline from the body. Also it is possible that you my experience increased sweating, increased salivation and some nausea. Alpha GPC usually has a low level of negative side-effects, but if you do experience any of these symptoms, immediately stop taking the product or take it at a lower dosage. It is safer not to take Alpha GPC during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Dosages of Alpha GPC.

The recommended dosage for GPC is usually from 300ml to 1,200ml per day. It is a good idea to split the amount of GPC that you take into two or more separate dosage times, morning and mid-afternoon being the recommended times. Alpha GPC may cause heightened stimulation, possibly caused by the larger amounts of blood that are flowing to the brain. This may keep some users awake at night. New users should trial the amounts of GPC that they take until they are sure how the substance works in their system. New users may need to experiment for a while with different dosage levels, especially if they are stacking Alpha GPC with other products. That being said, Alpha GPC is a well-tolerated product and if you stick to the lowest effective dosage for your body, few problems should occur.

How Will Taking Alpha GPC Effect My Appetite?

High dosages of Alpha GPC may cause irritation of the gastro-intestinal tract and some decrease in appetite and lower levels of food consumption. Several sites note this effect of decreasing the appetite, although Nootropics did not mention it. Overall it seems that dosing on Alpha GPC can decrease the appetite and that the best thing to do if this happens is to decrease the dosage straight away. People have differing metabolisms and each person will react to Alpha GPC in their own unique manner, so it important to be aware of side effects and to stop taking any substance that affects you in a negative way. However, while many sites do state that Alpha GPC can decrease the appetite, they also say that negative side effects occur rarely and that GPC is generally very well tolerated and safe. It’s probably safe to say that you are best placed to use your own common sense and take the precaution of lowering the dosages of Alpha GPC if you don’t feel completely right when you are taking it. Alpha GPC Choline for ADHD may help with overall maintenance, but is best if used in a way that allows for racetams to truly thrive, for best results, take alongside nootropics. Alpha GPC Benefits don’t stop with taking the nootropic on its own, but instead thrive when used alongside stacks such as CDP Choline, Racetams, and Ampakine nootropics.

How Strong is Alpha GPC?

It is possible to dose on Choline supplements to increase memory, but Alpha GPC has ratcheted up the potency levels of acetylcholine synthesis. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter which affects learning, memory and other cognitive functions and raising the levels of this chemical in the brain causes new neural connections to be formed, while all the processes of thought become more rapid. In this sense, Alpha GPC has a powerful effect on the brain and its neurons. The strength of the cholinergic supplement you are taking also depends on what the supplement is made from. Many Choline supplements are made from Soy Lecithin or Phosphatidylcholine and these two sources of Choline enhancement may produce a weaker supplement. Lecithin for example may contain only a low 6-10% of pure Choline. Another factor which affects the strength of the Choline supplement is stacking. Some users prefer to dose on a “Stack” of nutrients such as Alpha GPC and a “Racetam” such as Piracetam, Pramiracetam or Oxiracetam; these last three products give a strong boost to the memory function. Yet another opinion about the strength of Alpha GPC is that it is not a strong Choline supplement at all, because there are stronger products on the market, such as L-Carnitine supplements and even Vitamin B supplements.

The Benefits of Taking Alpha GPC Choline for ADHD

Taking Alpha GPC has many benefits, mainly to the cognitive functions, although it has also been said to increase levels of HGH in the human system. Advantages such as clearer thinking, repair of damaged brain cells and the healing of cognitive systems after a stroke or during a degenerative cycle are huge. Another desirable benefit to be gained from dosing on Alpha GPC is the improvement of all aspects of memory. After taking this supplement for a while you may discover that you are remembering more of what has occurred during the day. The increased Acetylcholine levels caused by dosing on Alpha GPC are a part of the improvement in both long-term and short memory functions. Some users are suddenly able to remember names dates and faces from the past. Alpha GPC can cause an increase in the blood supply and oxygenation levels of the brain, in part because it is a phospholipid which is the same bio-material as the brain’s own cells are made from.

The Long-Term Benefits of Taking Alpha GPC.

Taking Alpha GPC over the long term improves overall brain health – this is a definite certainty. The increased levels of Acetylcholine in the brain can create new cells and repair the damage in old and worn-out brain cells. Once old worn-out membranes have been repaired or replaced the brain’s neurons will be able to communicate more effectively with each other and this is where the noticeable changes come in. Alpha GPC in its powder form is also packed with anti-oxidants which help to flush stored poisons out of the system, thereby cleansing detritus from the body and brain. Changes in cognitive abilities can be noticed after dosing on Alpha GPC daily for five months, although many people notice results a lot sooner, for example, straight away. The benefits that you feel from taking GPC will be long-lasting if you continue to take your daily dosages. You will find that exams will no longer be so stressful. For those who are related to a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, you may be able to notice this person returning from the mental fog that has clouded their mind.

The Short-Term Benefits of Taking Alpha GPC.

In the short term, Alpha GPS can assist in the development of better skills in critical analysis, faster reaction times in tests as well as physically, better moods and improved recall. The increased acetylcholine levels caused by taking Alpha GPC improve functions on both sides of the brain and that means learning and logical reasoning as well as creative thinking. The deficiencies that are a result of a diet that is Choline-poor worldwide will soon vanish as you establish what dosage of this supplement is right for you and continue to take it. As previously mentioned, Alpha GPC is a lipid compound which is highly bio-available; in other words it crosses the blood brain barrier very quickly and this is the reason why benefits in the short term should show up so quickly. Seeing as almost everyone is suffering from a lack of dietary Choline, we all should become aware of at least some positive changes.

User Reviews of Alpha GPC.

In User Reviews the people who had started taking Alpha GPC praised it highly. Most included a comment about clearer thinking, increased mental sharpness or motivation.

Most also stated that it provided better clarity of thinking than too much coffee or caffeine pills, which just made the reviewers feel jittery. On the Nootriment site the review is divided into three sections, which are the Star Ratings for Memory, Focus and Mood. Alpha GPC receives 4 stars for memory, 4 stars for Focus and 3 stars for Mood, as compared to two other products. All positive reviews on Amazon give this product 5 Stars.

My Personal Experience.

I take a Vitamin B Complex supplement which includes Choline and I feel that this product is the right one for me, a writer. I’m not sure whether my cognitive processes have changed over a period of years, but overall I feel that my brain is working relatively well, except for some problems with memory. I’ve always been slow to recall the facts, but I remember conversations well. If I don’t take the Vitamin B Complex supplement I miss it and this usually causes me to definitely take it the next day. I prefer to take Choline as part of a Vitamin B supplement rather than taking a separate product, although not all Vitamin B supplements contain Choline.

Final Thoughts.

The most important usage of Alpha GPC, in my opinion, is as a repairing agent in the brains of people who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other age related diseases of the brain. Another situation in which it may be necessary to take Alpha GPC is in the situation where a long term student, say a PhD candidate, is suffering from mental fatigue. It’s good to know that there are some nutritional supplements which can help in these cases. Studies show that there is a dietary deficiency in Choline, but I’m not sure whether mental superpowers are needed by the average person. On the other hand, ongoing brain health is an important issue and to be able to dose on a product like Alpha GPC may be just what is needed to keep us all in excellent mental health.


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