A Brief Discussion of Alpha GPC Choline Laws In The UK

What Is Alpha GPC Choline?

Alpha GPC Choline is naturally found in the body and works to deliver choline to the brain. This choline can be taken in supplement form and passes through the blood barrier to provide necessary choline to the brain for better brain function. It has been found this supplement may be useful in treating Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias and is being studied for the many benefits it can offer those who suffer from problems with memory recall. This non-prescription drug is considered safe for most people and has been the subject of much research since it was discovered.


There are many brain functions that can be improved by taking Alpha GPC Choline, especially memory recall. Those who suffer from memory concerns or have a family history of dementia or other similar brain conditions would do well to learn all they can about this supplement and how it can protect their brain. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improves memory recall
  • Improves mood
  • Increases reaction time
  • Protects the brain tissues
  • Supports brain function
  • Treats brain injuries
  • Treats Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Treats Dementia
  • Treats Parkinson’s Disease
  • Treats complications from a stroke

This exciting form of Choline is considered a cognitive enhancer and can help to protect the brain’s function and improve it. Unlike Choline, Alpha GPC Choline has a greater ability to increase Acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine which are crucial for normal brain function. Acetylcholine is crucial for cognitive function and the brain’s ability to store memories and recall them. Alpha GPC Choline is able to effectively increase the amounts so brain function is dramatically improved. Alpha GPC UK laws put the drug at 100% legal, as it is entirely natural and a good source of choline.

Recommended Dosage

The standard recommended daily dosage of Alpha GPC Choline is between 300 and 600 mg. For combatting the symptoms of cognitive decline, it is recommended people take 1200 mg a day. This should be divided into three 400 mg doses for the best effect. Lower doses of the supplement have not been as successful in creating positive benefits to cognition so it is recommended the higher dose of 1200 is taken since this has produced consistent results in many studies. Alpha GPC UK laws put the drug at 100% legal, as it is entirely natural and a good source of choline.


Side-effects with Alpha GPC Choline are fairly rare and generally do not warrant a person stopping the supplement. Some people notice increased heartburn, slight nervousness, fatigue, sleep issues, and rashes. These are generally very mild and go away as the body grows accustomed to taking Alpha GPC Choline. If any of these symptoms become severe, it is crucial a person speaks with their doctor to determine whether or not they need to continue taking the supplement. Most people noticed these issues went away within several days of them being on a daily dose.

Long-Term Use

Over the long-term, Alpha GPC Choline does not appear to cause any major unwanted side-effects. Most people have been able to take the supplement on an ongoing basis without feeling the need to stop because of side-effects or unwanted health concerns. It is important the supplement is stored properly or it could become degraded. This is because the supplement pulls moisture from the air and can become tainted. It is important one carefully follows the manufacturer’s recommended storage for the best results.

Short-Term Use

In the short-term, Alpha GPC Choline appears to have a positive result on the attention span, allowing a person to become more alert. It has also been found to increase reaction time so a person’s reactions are not as sluggish and slow. This can help a person be more productive and better able to perform on the job or in school.


Over the years, there has been much research carried out on Alpha GPC Choline and how it works in the brain. Through research, it has been found this choline works to increase the natural levels of acetylcholine which is crucial for the way the brain is able to handle memory and how it is able to recall pieces of information. In a study carried out in 2012, it was found Alpha GPC Choline helped to increase Human Growth Hormone in the body which is beneficial in many ways.

Is Alpha GPC Choline Legal?

This supplement is naturally created by the body and is not considered a stimulant, therefore, it does not require a prescription for use. It is legal for a person to take this supplement on a daily basis and it can be legally purchased in all fifty states, at brick and mortar retailers and online. Those who want to be sure they are purchasing the best Alpha GPC Choline supplement need to make sure they purchase from a reputable dealer who can assure them of the high quality of the supplement so they can rest assured they will get the best results.

Online Reviews

When one reads through reviews on Alpha GPC Choline, they will quickly see this supplement is powerful. The vast majority of people report feeling some benefit right away with the feeling of increased attention and the ability to recall things they thought they had forgotten, and with a higher level of accuracy. It appears most people have found they saw the best results when they took the supplement on a daily basis and worked to ensure the right dosage level was achieved. To maintain ongoing effects, the drug needs to be taken regularly, while one avoids skipped doses.

Final Thoughts

This supplement has been one people have come to rely on to help their brains function at a higher level and give them a better ability to remember. This brain supplement is one of the most-respected cognitive enhancers available and has been the topic of countless research studies that have backed up its benefits to the human body. Since it is produced in the body, it does not cause any major side-effects and can be taken long-term to improve the way the brain operates. Those who are experiencing cognitive declines should consider taking this supplement to improve the health of their brain.

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