Alpha GPC vs CDP Choline Long-Term Effects

Alpha GPC vs CDP Choline Effects on the Brain

Alpha GPC vs CDP Choline is a combination that is being utilized by a considerable number of students, workers, and athletics on an everyday basis. For many this is their lifeline to enhanced thought and increased energy. The FDA or other reporting agencies do not publish much about recommended dosages or other specifiers. However, the information below will shed a little more light on the popular subject


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More about CDP Choline

What Is It?

It is a natural choline compound, which is located in the brain, there has been some studies done for its possible therapeutic use and potential for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This is a choline that has been used for increasing the memory functions in humans; it has improved the learning process, and has been used for over all cognitive enhancement. Alpha GPC is one of the most effective forms of choline at increasing levels found in the blood and brain. When paired with the cognitive enhancer Adrafinil, there were very beneficial effects, because it helped increase the choline usage by the brain.


Side Effects


These side effects can’t be considered as typical, because the behavior and actions of one could have influenced the group.



Be careful about the dosage that you start off at. Several individuals who decided to share the cost and the usage of the product together, started off using 250mg per day, which is very low, and had similar effects. Around the fourth day of usage, their concentration was not enhanced, but as a group they felt anxious and restless, depressed, irritable, and really constantly sleepy. They described themselves as experiencing mental and physical exhaustion. There concentration factor was very poor, and two of the three found it difficult to do math problems. One of the three got very nauseous, as soon as he started taking it. He also was said to experience a constant sore stomach.



Alpha GPC Dosages vs CDP Choline Dosages


There is a wide range of disagreement over how much of this product to take, and the frequency of taking it. There are literally thousands of people taking this supplement, with different body types and rates of metabolism. With all of these lingering variables, this is a contributing fact for there not being a unified dosage guideline administered by

the FDA, or any other health organizations, for that matter. It seems that once new users get over the initial shock of the new supplement, that the average usage range is around 400 to 1,200 mg per day. It would seem to be a logical step is to take the supplement with meals over the course of the day. CDP Choline, by definition, requires around half this required dosage.

Meaningful History


Individuals were looking for a means of adding to their intelligence factors, ways of enhancing mental ability, and acquiring the ability to increase mental stamina. Then Alpha GPC seemed to fill this void. Well, it is a natural compound that can be absorbed into the blood stream quite easily. After this there is a blood-brain connection. When this happens the supplement is interjected into the central nervous system, and very expeditiously. Past research has found that our bodies only receive around 10% choline from our normal diets. Recognizing this fact, many researches attempted to enhance this shortcoming by using Alpha GPC to generate increased Acetylcholine synthesis. Their target was to raise the level of this neurotransmitter, then cause the human brain to form various connections and speed up the thought processes in the brain.


Research on Alpha GPC vs CDP Choline


The study of Alpha GPC as a Nootropic supplement has attracted increasing attention from the research community. They have concluded that it is a proficient cognitive enhancer, effective brain booster, additionally it is thought to have long-term valuable benefits of various systems of your brain. Researchers have also indicated that Alpha GPC promotes your neurons, and strongly believe that it repairs and protects the damaged cells. An interesting concept is that communications between neurons within the brain take on new dimensions, resulting in a significant memory boost, increased mental clarity, and enhanced speed of thought, which can translate into exceptional learning and studying. Studies have also indicated that there is extremely low toxicity, very mild side effects, and an overall very safe user rate.


What Will I Feel If I Take This?


As long as you stay within the recommended dosages indicated, you should not have adverse feelings. The reason being, is that this supplement is very safe, but you do need to stay within the suggested dosages. A failure to stay within the suggested dosages may cause you to experience nausea and stomach pains, mouth salivation, enhanced sweating, and your body emitting a fishy smell. Depending on the source and quality of the choline, it also has an effect on the way that you will feel.


How Will This Affect My Appetite?


One of the initial and long termed use effects of utilizing Alpha GPC is a decrease in appetite. Many users have commented that it has the same effect on their bodies as does diet pills. If you are used to having well balanced nutritious meals, you may need to develop a habit of force eating. This can be an important factor, because over a long period of time you may notice a change in your desired weight. On the other hand, this situation may feel very desirable to some.


How Strong Is This?


Alpha GPC has strong therapeutic values which indicate that it has the power to help overall brain health. This product in itself is a phospholipid, which is like the same material that our cell membranes are constructed of. This supplement is strong enough to even repair previous cell damage. Human neurons containing worn out cell membranes identify a major cause of cognitive decline related to aging. This product helps reverse it. Its anti-oxidant properties help eliminate poisons, toxins, in addition to other adverse chemicals found in the body, tissue, and brain


User Reviews


This person works the overnight shift at a drug store and attends school during the day. His name was James, and James says that after he gets off work at 6:00Am that he goes straight home and gets about four hours of sleep. He gets up at 11:00Am and has classes from 12:00 Noon until 4:00Pm. James says that he started taking Alpha GPC and about six weeks later, it was like he was working on steroids. He said that he had more energy than he ever had before. He said at work that he was chipper, friendly, and after he got off, that his sleep time was cut in half. James stated that his school work and concentration improved, plus he did not have to spend that much time on homework, because the information flowed like a snap. Because James worked in a drug store, he asked the pharmacist about it, however, he would not give much information out, one way or another. This was probably done with the fact that he suggested that the information should come from a personal physician.




There was an article that had some very unique findings in it. These findings involve Alzheimer and dementia patients who have been on regimented doses of Alpha GPC. The findings of over 1500 Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in 10 hospital studies showed significant improvements in cognitive abilities, after utilizing the supplement for an established period of time.




Alpha GPC seems to be a favorite of athletes, due to its ability to enhance growth hormone production, along with the enhanced power output. However, due to the constant evolving rules concerning athletes use of enhancing drugs, there has not really been much feedback from the sector.





Alpha GPC is thought to have prolonged benefits for your entire brain systems. It reflects this, by being a strong brain booster plus an intense cognitive enhancer, which adds up to long-termed progressive brain improvements. Other benefits include sharper memory enhancement, faster thinking ability, more intense learning potential, better ability to study for exams, and increased mental clarity without an effect of toxic ramifications. Also, users have been able to hold and retain many of their daily observations, in addition to information read, and things that they have heard throughout the day.


My Personal Experience


Just to make sure that I did not overlook anything, I decided to keep a journal of any noticeable changes in my behavior, because I was taking Adrafinil in conjunction with the Alpha GPC. Now I am a retired person so I don’t work, but I am working out at the gym on a daily basis. Three days after starting, I started feeling more energy towards my workouts and not needing as much sleep. I was able to do more concentrated and intense workouts, which I could not do before. Also, I had been working out at the gym for about two years and had met a lot of people but not talked to them. I found myself going right up to people and starting conversations daily. Also, I usually forgot people’s names once meeting them. But now, I never forgot a name and even remembered the names of people that I had met years ago but never talked to. The names would just seem to come out of nowhere.


Long Term Benefits


  1. The Alpha GPC, once implemented and used on a continuing basis, will increase the brain blood flow having a constant supply of nutrients in your brain cells.




  1. As Alpha GPC aids in enhanced oxygenation to the brain, there is an increase of additional sugar, which can be metabolized and processed for energy.




  1. As these processes take place, they provide a substantial increase in mind fuel which accomplishes several goals. They include focus ability, increased attention span, and the ability for deep concentration.


Short Term Benefits


  1. Short term memory is fast and relates to information that is taken in by all of the sensory receptors.




  1. Subjects have gradual changes like recalling buried thoughts, forgotten names, and previous experiences.




  1. Suddenly being able to recall who was at a high school party, a particular meeting four years ago, or even what you had for dinner on a particular day years ago was easy.




  1. In addition to this some have suddenly had phenomenal recollections of conversion that they had as children.




  1. The speed in which memory was recalled varied with different individuals.



Final Thoughts: Looking at Alpha GPC objectively, it is still hard to determine how effective it is on a universal scale. However, on a one by one scale, you are able to way the pros and cons of individual users and study their individual case stories. The main use of Alpha GPC seems to be for school use and studying help. But there is a rising trend for athletes who are trying to improve their power output or enhance there human growth hormone level.


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