Alpha-Lipoic Acid & Its Benefits On The Brain


In a study done at the University of Maryland, Alpha-Lipoic acid was shown to be an important antioxidant that comes in when the body’s antioxidants are used up. This occurs when it fights free radicals that might cause cell-damaging reactions. It reactivates antioxidants like glutathione that helps the body get rid of harmful agents.

Alpha-Lipoic acid is soluble in both water and fat, making it easy for it to work throughout the body. Alpha-Lipoic acid is changed into dihydrolipoic acid in body cells.

A delicate organ like the brain gets its nerves and brain tissue protected thanks to the unique abilities of the alpha-Lipoic acids. Due to this fact, Alpha-Lipoic acid is helpful when one has injuries that cause damage to the brain. It also holds beneficial properties for people who might have debilitating brain health issues like Alzheimer’s and stroke.

In addition to its many benefits for the health of the brain, Alpha-Lipoic acid also helps to convert glucose into energy. This beneficial fact supports the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels.


Below are some of the many benefits of Lipoic acid:

A strong antioxidant

It fights oxidative elements and free radicals vigorously. It neutralizes free radicals and reduces oxidative stress hence preventing the damage that would have been caused if it kept increasing. With the ability to be absorbed both in water and fat, it can get transported to organs like the brain, liver, and nerves. Apart from its fighting abilities, Lipoic Acid amplifies other antioxidants like glutathione and coenzyme Q10 that fight aging and diseases.

Enhanced energy production

It is suspected that the role of lipoic acid in energy conversion plays a very important role in reducing the debilitating symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Protects the brain

Lipoic acid’s water and fat solubility give it the extra power to cross the barrier between the blood and the brain which goes to protect and nourish the brain matter, brain nerves and brain tissues.

Helps heavy metals bond

Lipoic acid promotes chelation. If by any chance toxic metals enter your body, it is the work of lipoic acid to protect your body against them. It bonds with those metals which make them inactive, allowing the body to get rid of them.

Breaks down sugars

High blood sugar ages brain tissues and blood vessels. Supplements that will help reduce brain inflammation and metabolic function will prevent and/or reduce mental and physical illness.

Protects against heart diseases

It does so by improving lipid profiles. These are agents like cholesterol, triglycerides, and lipoproteins. It further reduces plaque formation in arteries, hence the level of heart diseases goes down.

Protects against weight gain

Many people who take medication in relation to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism, severe depression or self-injury behavior may gain weight. Not only that, they are at risk of having metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Studies done on animals show that lipoic acid may protect against insulin resistance associated with the above medications and could promote weight loss.

Treatment for brain diseases

It has been mentioned several times that there are many promising studies out there that indicate that lipoic acid improves nerve blood flow and nerve conduction. This benefits those who suffer from multiple sclerosis, stroke, dementia, Alzheimer’s, diabetic neuropathy symptoms.

Good eye health

Lipoic acid supports optimal visual health. The older one gets, the more prevalent the signs of cataracts and the clouding of sight are felt. Cataracts form due to oxidation so lipoic acid supplementation helps fight it as seen in a study centered around these claims. Glaucoma is also known to cause vision impairment.


To take the supplement, it is advised to start with lower doses, from 200mg to 600mg three times a day. There are little to no side effects, it all depends on an individual. When taken, there will be a steady emergence on an individual’s memory and cognition. They are taken in via ingestion.


“This stuff really works well. MY A1c blood sugar dropped dramatically…that was really good. But then I decided to stop for a month, and my energy level went down. Started back again and my energy level came back up. This stuff works. Hope that helps. Blessings.” From Kristin Whitfield on Amazon.

“This supplement has been rated as one of the best that you can take. I have noticed a positive change in less than a week. I recommend that you take 600mg a day with food, but most important stay with it. You will lose weight and your energy level will increase two-fold more. For more information go to “Science Daily” selecting the product and check out thier comments.” From Robert Crusoe on Amazon.

“This stuff is killing me. The day after I take it 600Mg day 1 and 800mg day 2 , I am so tired I can barely stay awake. I initially thought it was making me hypoglycemic, but I started pounding carbs and was STILL fatigued. Does it effect anyone else this way, or am I some kind of freak? Thanks very much. I also using ALCAR+Coq10.” From Dell9927 on Reddit.

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