The Dangers Of Alpha Lipoic Acid Use

What Is Alpha Lipoic Acid?

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant secreted in animals for aerobic metabolism. It is a chemical derivative synthesized from octanoic acid. This is a vitamin-like compound naturally occurring in some organs like liver and kidney. Also, vegetables like potato and spinach are sources of this complex. In chemical terms, it is an organosulfur compound, where two sulfur atoms are attached to the octanoic acid (8 carbon chain acid) via disulfide bonds. Alpha Lipoic Acid dangers are almost entirely obsolete. It has many pharmaceutical applications, like a dietary supplement and also as a compounding pharmaceutical, where it is combined and processed into different forms with others to form a proper medicinal compound.


It has been used to treat many medical conditions. But its most basic application is as an antioxidant for the treatment of diabetes and HIV. Some other reported application of this compound has been seen for treatment of cancer and liver ailments. Some physicians have tested it to work as a weight reducing medicine and a specific dosage for a short duration can help reduce weight by a few Kgs. The compound has been observed to counter fatigue and improve health. For people with a hectic lifestyle, the drug aims to help them to do more and increase productivity.

Recommended Dosage

It is a good idea to consult doctors for the dosage limit when taking this drug. However, the medically approved limit for this chemical is set for 1800 mg per day. Based on its application and need a different dosage is prescribed. For uses like relieving pain and burning sensation, a dosage of about 700-900 mg is sufficient. It can compound with other elements and because of its ability to take different forms, it can be consumed orally, or even intravenously depending upon the requirements. Alpha Lipoic Acid dangers are almost entirely obsolete.

Side Effects

There have been no side effects encountered for its consumption. Some users have experienced a mild rash as a side effect. It has been approved and marked safe by most governments around the world. Here are some of the side effects reported to date:

  • In certain situations, it has been observed to lower sugar levels in diabetics.
  • It is recommended to avoid its use during pregnancies, because of the lack of details regarding this case.
  • Thyroid patients must avoid it, as alpha lipoic acid interferes with the compounds and might affect the thyroid treatment. Alpha Lipoic Acid dangers are almost entirely obsolete.

Long-Term Use

This product can be used for weight loss medication and also help control sugar levels in diabetics. If this product is consumed in the long term, it is definite to cause weight loss. Tests reveal that in the case of an uncontrolled dosage, organs like lungs, liver, thymus as subjected to a weight loss and affected functionality. But a controlled dosage as high as 60 mg per kg per day can be seen to have no adverse effects on the human subject. It is a good idea to consult a doctor before attempting to use this drug for the longer term.

Short-Term Use

This drug is perfect for use for the shorter term. In the short-term use, Alpha Lipoic Acid can help reduce the craving for sugar in diabetics and also work as a digestive supplement for relief from an upset stomach. Some people are observed to lose their tiredness. Also, it helps improve digestion and cleaning the body of toxins. Being a natural compound it does not have any addictive effects for use.


It is found in body tissues like kidney, heart and in vegetables like broccoli and spinach. Since it is a water-soluble fat, when taken orally, it gets dissolved and is passed on to the cells for action. Many body cells absorb it rapidly. These cells include that of brain, heart, muscles, and liver. It causes excretion of wastes from the cells, and then this is excreted from the body as it is filtered out of the bloodstream in the kidneys. Alpha Lipoic Acid dangers are almost entirely obsolete. It has some reported cases of weight reduction, as it affects the appetite and thus reduces the craving for food. Thus, it is observed that ALA can help reduce weight.

Legal Status

Yes, this drug has passed all kinds of screening processes and have been approved for medicinal purposes. It has no observed adverse effects on the human test subjects and also being a naturally occurring substance in the body it has no side effects as observed in tests. It is legal for use in many parts of the world and is clear for prescription by doctors.

Online Reviews

Most of the users have stated a positive response after using this drug. The product has received many positive reviews and recommended by many doctors. Users have given positive feedback for its usage. The medicine has helped many diabetics to counter the sugar and hunger cravings. People feel this helps them overcome fatigue. Its consumption after a meal helps fix the upset stomach and helps in digestion. Most users have reported that they have been able to control their hunger cravings which have helped them control their weight and be on the path to lose more weight. Alpha Lipoic Acid dangers are almost entirely obsolete.

Final Thoughts

Looking for the best way to lose weight? The problem most people face when they are trying to lose weight is hunger. They try to stop eating but at the end of the day, end up eating more. With this drug, they are able to control their hunger and be on the path to lose weight and do more with their life. The fact that the drug has been found to be useful when it comes to combating diseases like diabetes means that it is one of the more popular choices out there. Since this an artificial form of the naturally occurring substance, it has little to no observed side effects for use. Based on its applications and uses, this compound is very useful and can be used without any worries.

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