Alpha Lipoic Acid energy boosting effects

Alpha Lipoic Acid Energy Boosting Effects

Alpha Lipoic Acid  (ALA) is a vitamin-like substance that is produced in small amounts by the body.  Found in a few food sources such as brewer’s yeast, liver and green vegetables such as spinach, it is useful for both body and brain cells. Alpha-Lipoic Acid was discovered by researchers in the 1930s, and noted to be a key growth factor for various bacteria and protozoa.It is present in almost all foods, but is commonly found in kidney, heart, liver and vegetables such as broccoli.  Most manufacturers avail it in capsules, tablets, and aqueous liquids. In some countries, it is marketed primarily as a drug for weight loss or energy boosting supplement.  In fact, in some European countries, it has been approved as a drug against diabetic complications and is prescribed in medical institutions. In high to moderate dosages, such as in the supplements provided here, it poses a significant nootropic effect.

Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

It has antioxidant capabilities and is hence used to treat several ailments and boost body immunity. People suffering from Diabetes can benefit from alpha-lipoic acid in treating damaged nerves due to the complications related to the disease. For the diabetics, it  has been found out that it leads to  positive responses to insulin,  just on a daily dosage of 600mg, and lowers the levels of blood glucose.Animal studies have indicated that alpha-lipoic acid can increase blood flow to nerve areas, and improve nerve impulse.It is

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More about Alpha Lipoic Acid

used as an antioxidant supplement where it is known to boost liver functions, by assisting in eliminating toxins and also protecting it from free-radical damage. In that context, it is administered to people who have swallowed poison and are given alpha-lipoic acid to help eliminate the toxins.Due to its antioxidant capabilities, Alpha-lipoic acid can help in preventing cataracts, slowing Alzheimer’s, and boosting body immunity. Alpha Lipoic Acid is also useful in fighting hepatitis, fatty liver disease, cirrhosis and elevated liver enzymes.More, over it is linked with improving brain function and fighting stroke.Alpha-lipoic acid can protect the brain and its nerve tissues. Research is ongoing on the possibility of treating stroke and other brain ailments such as dementia with Alpha-lipoic acid, although there is no evidence at the moment.

My experience,

My experience with Alpha-lipoic acid is that a Doctor recommended it to me as an oxidant, and later , I learned that alpha-lipoic acid is helpful in treating diabetes, liver illnesses, and mercury intoxications and that is could be used in the healthy, to both heal, and enhance, on a regular basis. And so, I started using it regularly. It has not affected me negatively and neither have I experienced any of the health conditions that it is capable of fighting, but because of my health, and that I take it on a regular basis, its mood boosting, immune system improving, and nootropic potentiating benefits are at full capacity whenever another nootropic reaches my brain. If you supplement ALA regularly, when you take a nootropic, it will be significantly stronger..


It is given orally. The Oral dosage ranges from 300 to 1,800 mg daily. It is  also given intravenously at similar daily dosages. .

Side Effects of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

The side effects include restlessness, nausea and possible over stimulation when one first begins a long term regiment of it. They usually happen at dosages that are above 1000 mg a day. Others are: feeling hungry, weak, irritable, tremors, drowsiness, dizziness,  blurred vision, confusion, trouble while concentrating, fast heart rate, one  feeling as they  might go into shock, sweating, stomach upsets, body numbness, muscle cramps and mild skin rashes.

Final Thoughts

You can purchase ALA right here in our nootropics store, start supplementing it reguarly and your other nootropics will soon feel immensely stronger and more effective. An ALA regiment alongside proper use of nootropics as they are needed in your studies and career, can really supercharge you financial, social, emotional, and overall, your lives well being!

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