What are the best Alternatives to Adderall?

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Alternatives-Safety and Effectiveness of Adderall

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Whether you’re looking for a replacement to Adderall/Ritalin as an ADHD medication that you’ve been using for years, or just looking for something to replace Adderall as a healthier alternative whenever you need a boost for studying, you’ve come to the right place. While there are many different alternatives such as profiderall etc. Nootropics definitely give a much more effective boost, in the long run, and for the short term. Here’s my top ten for getting off your “prescription speed” habit, and making a better, healthier life for yourself. Alternatives to Adderall

1. Phenylpiracetam-The most stimulant like of the nootropics, ranking it as my number one alternative to Adderall. It’s basically Adderall without the side effects, and instead of compromising the immune system like Adderall does, it is actually an immunocorrector, with supreme benefits on your mental and physical strength and endurance for its duration. Definitely Recommend it!!!!!!!! Alternatives to Adderall

2. Unifiram– Unifiram deserves a high point on this list as well. It is a newly developed drug (only a few months ago), and is marketed as 1,000 times stronger than piracetam. Though without much peripheral effects on the body, the mental acuity and motivation it gives is definitely comparable to Adderall…just, without the side effects or…risk of addiction.

3. Colouracetam– Like Unifiram, one of the strongest nootropics in existence. It is an Ampakine nootropic, as are the top four on this list, meaning it acts primarily on dopamine and glutamate, the excitatory neurotransmitter. Minimal downregulation is activated as a side effect, making any withdrawal nonexistent, and its effects all the more similar to Adderall, just in a neuroprotective and healthy manner!

4. Sunifiram– The last ampakine nootropic on this list, Suniferam was recently developed alongside Uniferam. It is similar in biochemical makeup, and also acts on the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate. Cheaper than Uniferam, however is being marketed more thoroughly than Uniferam, also lacking a specific molecule that gives Uniferam one of its unique effects. A great Adderall alternative on a budget nonetheless!

5. Pramiracetam– VERY similar to Adderall in mental, stimulant like effect, only MUCH shorter lasting, and thus may need to be redosed accordingly. Minimal side effects, used mostly as a study aid when preparing for a big exam, speech, etc.
6. Aniracetam-Prominent anxiolytic effects and a minor euphoria known to Adderall users and abusers. Is used mainly in “stacks.” Ways of combining nootropics to maximize their effects. Stacked with Phenylpiracetam or Unifiram to add an anxiolytic effect to it’s already potent nootropic effects.

7. Noopept-If you thought the movie “Limitless” was based on Adderall you weren’t alone. However, I too was shocked to learn that instead it was based on Noopept, a small clear tablet that is taken sublingually, and produces incredibly similar effects to the drug taken in the movie (NOT NEARLY as strong though…). Has neuroprotective benefits if taken over the long term, and unlike Adderall, has very minimal side effects.

8. Oxiracetam-Almost stimulant like. A stronger version of piracetam. A good nootropic for stacking with others, or for using on the regular as a general mental enchancer.

9. Vassopressin-An interesting nootropic in itself. Vassopressin, or AntiDiuretic hormone, is used off label as a nootropic for its short term memory increasing effects. Usually stacked with Phenyl and Aniracetam to increase overall nootropic effect.

10. Gurana– A natural form of a stimulant, with a relatively mild dosage of caffeine on the side with it. If you’re used to using ADHD medication to give you that pick me up in the morning, then this is the supplement for you. Reduces brain fog, and helps with that morning grogginess we all loathe!!

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  1. Brad
    , 2016-10-17

    Is Nootropics and Phenylpiracetam legal to buy online? Is it a narcotic and a scheduled substance? I want to order this stuff but want to be legally safe doing it. thanks, Brad


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