What Are Ampakine nootropics?

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What are Ampakines?

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Ampakine nootropics are the newest kind of nootropic in existence, they are also the most synthetic, most fast acting and most potent of all existing nootropics. With this in mind however, they are also the LEAST researched as to side and long term effects, so take everything with a grain of salt..and use are your own risk, these are merely my own experiences with the nootropics. So here we go, the four types of ampakine nootopics.

Phenylpiracetam- My favorite of the ampakines, and my favorite nootropic overall. Ampakines act primarily on the glutamate receptors, however, phenylpiracetam is in a class of its own when it comes to this. Not only does it act on glutamate and acetylcholine, but also on dopamine, the motivation and energy neurotransmitter, enlightened by its added “Phenyl” group. Phenylpiracetam is the most potent nootropic I’ve ever tried, and gives the stimulant like boost I had longed for in nootropics.

Sunifiram– In the beginning, Sunifiram was a very potent nootropic, on par with Phenylpiracetam on it’s mental effects (although lacking physical.) Sunifiram works by influencing and activating the glutamate receptors in the brain, and does so in a very well rounded way. Best if taken with a choline source….one of the nootropics with a shorter history of study, take sparingly as tolerance develops quickly, and take at your own risk.

Unifiram– Almost identical to Sunifiram, only much more expensive because of its difficulty to synthesize. Acts on the glutamate receptors, and is equal in potency and effect so Sunifiram. A decent nootropic overall, and one of the more powerful in comparison.

Colouracetam– Very similar to modafinil and Phenylpiracetam by way of the specific clarity of thought and strange physical rush. On par as the most potent racetam, and is best if taken with a choline source (though not necessary due to it’s already added choline.) A very potent racetam, and one ampakine worth taking a shot with in the long run.

Final Thoughts

These are THE most potent nootropics currently in existence and with the most minimal side effects. Although with only limited research, and with little time available to the general public, these are still great nootropics, and I would recommend them to anyone of normal health and stature:)

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