Using Aniracetam For Depression

What is Aniracetam and Why Use the Drug for Depression?

Aniracetam is a potent, racetam nootropic drug, and was one of the first drugs in the nootropics realm ever to have been created. Aniracetam was the next nootropic created directly after the original nootropic drug, Piracetam, and in most user reviews was in-fact said to be as much as 15 times stronger. As it is a racetam, Aniracetam’s main effect comes from its influence on the drug’s Acetylcholine receptors in the brain, and as such choline is of the utmost importance when using this nootropic. Drugs such as Centrophenoxine, CDP Choline, and Alpha GPC Choline can work wonders in helping to destroy the dreaded “racetam-headache” as well as keep the nootropic running stronger and longer. Aniracetam for depression purposes is actually very commonly used and is somewhat effective if taken on a regular basis. The way in which Aniracetam increases acetylcholine, and the catecholamines to a slight extent is what makes the drug plausible.


In customer reports, the main benefits derived from Aniracetam appear to be an increase in focus, mood and memory, better recall, better overall cognition, and an increase in visual acuity and perception. Aniracetam also has a great effect on reducing anxiety and depression and can help users feel more mentally alert and focused for up to six hours on a single dose. Aniracetam has been studied-and reviewed as safe for decades, and since its founding, research and development in the 1960s has made a tremendous forthcoming in the realm of supplements, brain-drugs, RC’s and cognitive enhancers.

A true “Smart Drug”, Aniracetam is legal in the United States, and in nearly every country worldwide. For maximum benefits of Aniracetam for depression, for anxiety, for memory, mood and focus, one should absolutely (and I cannot stress this enough as it’s a wildly different experience) use a choline source, whether it be CDP Choline, Alpha GPC Choline, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Uridine Monophosphate, or Centrophenoxine, is up to the user (but honestly…they’re all pretty similar!)


The typical dosage of Aniracetam ranges from 750-1500 mg taken 1-2 times daily. Take one choline capsule (typically 250mg) for each Aniracetam capsule you consume (typically 700-750 mg.) With powder, obey the same rule just with appropriate dosing patterns. Aniracetam, on online forums, is often “mega-dosed” a term used by nootropic gurus to describe the large doses of the drug taken. This technique entails using as much as 10-15 times the recommended dosage of the drug in order to:

  • Get the drug into one’s system faster and essentially “jump-start” the cumulative effect it can have on the brain when taken long-term (similar to a loading phase with creatine.) and…
  • In order to get a SIGNIFICANTLY stronger effect. Yeah…this is the main you’ve probably guessed. If you take ten times as much….you can bet the house that the effects are going to be a lot stronger.

The best dosage for depression is the one that remains consistent, so not as to cause “ups and downs.” This would be a 700-800mg dosage taken daily with a choline supplement.

Side Effects

Side effects of Aniracetam are mild in nearly all user reviews, and while a full list of side effects will take pages and pages (potential side effects that are) here are the basic ones to look out for in a mild manner, Aniracetam can cause:

  • Headache: easily negated by proper choline use
  • Sleepiness: If too much is taken, and it also depends on the user
  • Jitters and over-stimulation: If too much is taken-again….wholly depends on the user’s biology as to which one will occur
  • Stimulation: A good side-effect but nonetheless a side effect. Aniracetam can stimulate you smoothly, give you a subtle euphoria (as shown in research in mice, as well as in emails/constant reviews from our loyal customers).
  • Dehydration: Make sure to have some fluids nearby!
  • Loss of Appetite: Make sure to eat normally

Long-Term Use

Long-term use of Aniracetam is very safe. As a racetam nootropic drug, it has no physical effects and is fairly mild in terms of overall stimulation. Aniracetam’s primary use is actually as a long-term nootropic drug because the drug’s effects are fairly subtle. There’s no “awakening” you get with Aniracetam, like in “Limitless” or like if you take a Hydrafinil or other similar nootropic. Instead, Aniracetam is good for daily use. Aniracetam’s effects typically kick in at full speed if and when the drug has been used, at a low to moderate dose, for six-eight weeks without a break. This is because, like a “loading” phase of Creatine, the drug has a cumulative effect, and the more of it is in your system, the better the drug’s overall effect will be.

Short-Term Use

Short-term use of Aniracetam is actually not recommended quite as much. This is because when Aniracetam is taken on an infrequent basis, higher doses tend to be used (if you can keep the dose low in doing this…go for it, less is always more with nootropics!) A common theme among those who use Aniracetam on an irregular basis is that of mega-dosing. This is where 10-15 times the typical amount of the drug is taken! 10-15 times! While it is considered “safe” in most of the online medical literature…I wouldn’t recommend it….just….just don’t. Yes there’s never been an overdose, and yes if you take enough choline you can beat anything..blah blah blah…it only takes one, don’t risk it;)

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