How Effective Is Using Aniracetam for Studying?

Education is getting more expensive and getting a good one is becoming more difficult than ever before. The stakes are much higher now for the college graduate as there are fewer high-paying jobs available to the graduate after leaving the university. This means every moment spent on campus is valuable and you have to get the most out of your study time. Aniracetam for studying has been reviewed by college students to bump up their GPA as much as one-half of a point when it is taken on a regular basis.

This is where Nootropic comes into its own. These classes of human enhancement performance boosters can make you a veritable human-computer able to solve complex problems and study for extended lengths of time with no fatigue. At the end of this marathon study, you will discover that you will retain more of the material as well.

Today, we are going to talk about one Nootropic, Aniracetam, in particular, that offers you a better memory, the ability to focus your mind like a laser on any given topic, and your cognitive abilities will rival those of Warren Buffet or Alan Greenspan.

Along with this lightning computational ability, you will discover that your ability to retain knowledge and thereby utilize it will have expanded as well. And the source of all these wonders is a Nootropics called Aniracetam which came out of a Belgian lab in the middle-to-late 60s and has been used in Europe for decades as well as Asia to give their students a leg up and the edge over American’s and their study skills.

What Is Aniracetam?

Aniracetam is a powerful replacement for the famous Nootropic, Piracetam. It can increase your ability to study in ways that can only image.

Neurons in your brain will fire more quickly as the neuroreceptors for Acetylcholine are enhanced and your brain accelerates to a much higher speed than you’re used to using. Your memory function and the cognitive ability expand which enables you to learn quicker than someone who doesn’t use the smart pill, as it enhances your brain in three key areas.

Focus is considered one of the most important skills for a student in school that enables them to complete a project by a predetermined deadline. Mental acuity is also necessary for the successful completion of the many projects the student has to face in today’s demanding educational system. In addition, the final leg of the triad, creativity needs to be there to create the new knowledge, products and processes that will be needed for the second decade of the 21st century and beyond.

That’s what Aniracetam offers the student who uses this particular Nootropical drug.

Use For Anxiety?

Aside for the best improvement of your studies, you will also find your level of stress while going to college, university, and/or prep school will drop markedly as well. This is because along with the increased blood flow and smooth firing of your synopses your brain is better able to deal with the pressures of the current education system. This is a double win as a more relaxed you become your ability to learn, increases proportionally.

As your anxiety levels drop calm surrounds you and your ability to reason and solve the sources of your anxiety comes to the forefront. You will have the feeling that there is no problem that is insurmountable with your newfound abilities and along with all that your health will improve and your blood pressure will drop as the stressor hormones are cleansed from your system automatically.

Use As A Sleep Aid?

Along with all the relaxation you are now experiencing the additional blood flow and smooth operation of your mind coupled with the loss of stress are hormones and other fight or flight chemicals in your bloodstream means you’ll get untroubled sleep along with your newfound cognitive and memorization abilities.

Sleep is the one thing most college and university students failed to get enough of either because of their course load, subject anxiety, and the fear of failure on examinations. Aniracetam does away with all of this and you may get the first night of resoundingly good sleep that you’ve had since leaving home to come to college/university.

Use Aniracetam For Studying?

This is a stackable crème del la crème Nootropic product that lets you access all the powers of your mind in order to make the best use of them intercollegiate work. Your ability to focus on research, critical thinking, and applying what you learn to either your studies or two projects they can further your future once you graduate. Aniracetam for studying is becoming significantly more common in colleges.


Within 30 – 60 minutes after you, take this drug the world will seem to slow down as your mind speeds up. You will develop a seemingly miraculous ability to calculate figures and facts that after graduation will make you perfect for working on the staff of Dean Witter, Sachs, or any one of the other major trading firms on Wall Street today.

Your ability to retain figures facts and formulas will expand equally as well and people around you will be amazed and ask you how you became such a source of knowledge. Let that be our little secret as today many colleges and universities are considering a ban on the use of so-called “Smart Pills” that are seen as a cheat or a dishonest way to beat the system at best.

Others, however, look at Nootropics as the next stage of the educational process that allows the human brain to absorb a new and vast amount of information that is being created every day. The education systems of today are not geared for the rapid assimilation of knowledge and still use techniques that were old in the 19th century.

Nootropics are the first major educational advance in the last 70 or 80 years that give the student the ability to master their area of study and future expertise.

Recommended Dosage

750 mg is all it takes to start you own your way to an entirely different academic and educational way of life. Taking this drug, twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening a total of 1400 mg. boosts your IQ, your ability to think rationally, and your memory allows you to retain more of what you’ve learned. So, by using two tablets or two small scoops of the powdered form of Aniracetam takes you into a different realm of learning and understanding.

However, be careful not to overdo it, as megadoses of Aniracetam are not necessary to realize the boosts that you want in your educational acumen. The dosage we are recommending in this article is the optimum for getting all the benefits that this powerful Nootropic has to offer without giving you any of the side effects that are prevalent with some of the older and now obsolete drugs.

Just two tablets, capsules, and/or scoops of this amazing Nootropic is all that it takes.

Side Effects

The beauty of it all this is that the drug offers little or no side effects for the benefits it brings. Aniracetam has been in use for many decades now and the most irritating side effect is the possibility of a headache caused by the acceleration of the Acetylcholine receptors as your brain accelerates to a new level of performance.

Most that have experienced this problem say that simple aspirin or other headache remedies, as well as meditation and deep breathing techniques, alleviate this condition as quickly as they manifest themselves. And this side effect only affects a very small portion of the user community.


Your mind goes into a more relaxed clear state of being. Stress and pressure disappear in your mind seems to expand after the drug takes effect. Your heart rate slows a bit and blood vessels inside your body dilate and allow more blood flow.

Your neurons suddenly begin firing at a quicker rate of speed and images appear inside your mind as if on a giant movie screen. You feel as you can reach into the picture, touch objects, and manipulate them in a manner very similar to that of Tony Stark in the first Iron Man movie when he was designing the next variation of the Iron Man suit. But now you don’t need millions of dollars of computer hardware and CGI special effects because it’s all now within your head and with the help of Aniracetam you have a Pixar animation system that’s yours to command.

You will now be able to visualize solutions to problems that used to take you days hard work to realize and now they come to you almost immediately after you are posed the question.

Is Aniracetam Legal?

What’s really great is here in the United States all this is perfectly legal. Nootropics are considered dietary supplements and not medical drugs at all even though in Europe, in France in particular, Aniracetam can only be had through a doctor’s prescription.

Here in America however, you can buy over-the-counter at many health food stores or fight in bulk online and have it delivered to your home. The FDA at this time is keeping a hands-off policy toward Nootropics as their area of focus is for medically oriented drugs and not chemicals and compounds designed for human performance enhancement. Because it is legal to use Aniracetam for studying, it has gained popularity among students.

Safety Concerns

The only danger for the use of Aniracetam is an over doing it. So this means if you follow our recommendations and not exceed the 750 mg twice a day regimen we recommend you will experience non-over the severe side effects that are inherent with the use of some of prescription based ant-anxiety, antidepressant, and mood elevators that doctors are prescribing for their patients nowadays.

Its also the added benefit that Nootropics are non-addictive or habit-forming which means you won’t suffer withdrawal symptoms should you decide to hang up your spurs and stop using “Smart Pills” entirely. Aniracetam for studying, because of its nootropic qualities, is a great long-term drug.

Final Thoughts

There you have it…one little pill/tablet or a scoop of a ubiquitous powder and suddenly your study skills rival those of Einstein or one of the many other geniuses on Wall Street or Madison Avenue groups of people who make up the top 1% of American earners.

Now your study skills will be boosted to a level that you would consider as well as many others to be far beyond the norm. Your cognitive and thinking skills will triple, your memory will become crystal clear, and your ability to focus for long periods of time will have increased to the nth degree.

All this is made possible by the science of Nootropics and the 126 to 200 different drugs and dietary supplements, which boost human performance and thinking skills to limits far above those imagined only a few years ago. Nootropics that were discovered over the last 50 years are just now are getting the publicity they so richly deserve. The veil of secrecy has been ripped away from the top students at America’s best universities, Wall Street stock market gurus and businessman from Park Avenue to Madison Avenue have been using secretly for years to give them their edge they need to become the top 1% in this country.

Now you too can used the same “smart pills” to enhance your own performance while studying so you can learn at a higher rate of speed and retain what you have learned better than the rest of your classmates. Using Aniracetam for studying is extremely beneficial, and I highly recommend it.

The issue of whether it’s fair or unfair is moot in today’s academic world as it is a fact of life and students from Europe, China, Japan, and the rest of the world are already using Nootropics to compete head-to-head with America and take world economic dominance away from us. This means that if you want to compete successfully, you need to shift how you think about education and the use of “Smart Pills” and perhaps consider their use yourself.

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