Do I Need Approval For An Aniracetam Prescription?

What Is Aniracetam?

Aniracetam is a supplement which belongs to the Racetam chemical class. Simply put, this means that it is a drug that may have a beneficial impact on memory, focus, and mood, and as such, is part of the ‘nootropics,’ group of pills – also known as smart drugs. As a drug designed to act on the brain, Aniracetam is fat-soluble and is available in either pill or powder form. Developed in the 1970s in Belgium by the Hoffman-La Roche company, Aniracetam is generally considered to be a step-up from Piracetam, the original nootropic, packing a punch which is five times stronger. But despite its strength, it is widely considered to be gentle, effective and safe making it widely considered to be an all-purpose cognitive enhancer. Aniracetam is not a prescription only supplement, an Aniracetam prescription is not needed, and Aniracetam is an entirely legal supplement available for purchase right here on our site!

Use For Anxiety

Not only is Aniracetam a smart drug which can boost brain health, improve mood and help you exceed professional or academic expectations, but it’s also an anxiolytic (i.e., a drug which inhibits anxiety). In anti-anxiety tests on animals, reported in the European Journal of Pharmacology, they found that it improved social interaction test scores and reduced depression and anxiety in environments designed to provoke those very feelings. Crossing the species divide, human use of Aniracetam for anxiety has had similar good results, with users reporting enhanced feelings of calmness and peace. For those people who constantly live in the past, going over what they should have said, done or felt may also feel the benefits of Aniracetam, as it’s reported to cut down on the tendency to overanalyze and obsess. And for people whose shyness is on the verge of crippling, Aniracetam comes to the rescue there, too, by lowering inhibitions. So, with plenty of research on its side, you can be sure that using Aniracetam for anxiety is a well-documented and successful approach to tackling your problem.

Use As A Sleep Aid

Aniracetam’s applications don’t stop at cognitive functioning or mood-boosting, either, for it also can help with sleep problems. Sleep is critical to our minds, bodies, and spirits, and broken nights, whether you struggle with falling asleep, getting up or suffer frequent wakings, can have an awful effect on even the healthiest of people, impacting the immune system, skin, mood and, most commonly of all, memory. If you struggle to stay asleep, then Aniracetam could be the answer for you. It works by quickening the pace at which dopamine and serotonin, both critical neurochemicals in the brain, are produced, and both of this help to regulate sleep. Reviews regularly cite Aniracetam’s ability to help them sleep throughout the night, rather than fractured bouts of sleep which leave people irritable and prone to operating below average the next day. Users have also reported that their ability to lucid dream – control their dreams whilst in them – has increased, leading to vivid, playful and creative experiences whilst asleep.

Use For Studying

When it comes to the classroom or the boardroom, Aniracetam can help you excel there, too. Users tend to report an increased ability when it comes to retaining and processing information, meaning that studying for tests or memorizing an important presentation comes more easily. Like Aniracetam’s general effects, this impact varies from user to user, with some reports being more subtle than significant, but every little helps, and with the chance of it boosting your test scores or getting you that promotion, then experimenting with Aniracetam, or building a ‘stack,’ – a combination of smart drugs – is a tried, tested and trusted way to boost your brain power in the professional arena. Improved attention span is also a bonus, meaning that you can study harder – for longer – meaning that you may well find a way to play as hard as you’re working. Another nascent, though untested, the benefit of taking Aniracetam is that it promotes communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. This ‘inter spheric’ chatter means that rather than being a left brained or right brained person, you can begin to use both sides at once, combining the benefits of both logic and creativity at once. So, as you can see, Aniracetam is one of the most popular smart drugs on U.S. campuses and with good reason.


From the informal benefits of improved mood, focus, and concentration, to the big-hitting studies that are currently underway looking into Aniracetam’s effects on Alzheimer’s, ADHD and epilepsy, this is a smart drug with many different applications. The most widely reported benefit is improved memory, which in turn can affect many areas of a person’s social, emotional and mental performance, from improvements in the workplace to more confidence in social settings. Another general benefit is an improved attention span, which can lead to greater productivity and ease of action both in and out of the workplace. Everything from holding a conversation to following through on practical tasks becomes easier when your brain is more focussed upon the task in hand and this, in turn, can make interactions with others far more rewarding, too. If you like to brain-train using any number of online or smartphone-based apps, you may see your scores improve, with enhanced speed of recall being reported. And thinking ahead to the long-term, even the decline of brain health, generally seen as an inevitable part of the ageing process can be challenged by taking Aniracetam, with studies showing that it can support the growth of neuroplasticity – literally the brain’s ability to change itself by building new neural pathways – which helps keep your brain youthful, responsive and capable. Of course, everyone is unique and as such, Aniracetam’s benefits will reflect the brain they’re acting upon – a very creative person may find that their thoughts, mental images, and productivity increase, while a more rational thinker might see great advances in their powers of logic, deduction and persuasion. Aniracetam prescription logs typically have good reviews with regards to the drug’s potency.

Recommended Dosage

The standard recommended dose of Aniracetam is between 750 – 1500 mg three times per day. If you opt for a lower dosage, you may not see any particular benefits, but if you increase your dosage beyond this general limit, you may see fewer positive returns as well as raising your level of some of its side effects which, while generally mild, are uncomfortable; we’re talking headaches, for example, which would put the kibosh on any cognitive functions, irrespective of what supplement you chose to take. An interesting fact about Aniracetam is that it has a low half-life, meaning that its effects diminish within about two hours. For that reason, it is best to break up your dosages throughout the day, to give your brain a constant supply.

Side Effects

One of the great plusses of Aniracetam is that its side effects are few and generally mild. It’s even been shown to be less toxic than salt, so if you really wanted to sprinkle it liberally on your food, you could. A relative of another smart drug, Piracetam, the racetam class of drugs of which Aniracetam is a member have few serious adverse effects and low toxicity, so it’s difficult to do any harm with them, but as with all supplements, there is a level of risk. The main side effect of Aniracetam that’s been reported are headaches, but this can be mitigated against by adding a choline supplement to your routine. There have also been reports of mild nausea and fatigue, but each of those can be solved by light, appropriate use of over-the-counter remedies or even a simple herbal tea, such as peppermint or ginger, brewed up to offset the feeling of tummy trouble. Slightly more unpredictable is that Aniracetam has been reported to lower or even completely shed inhibitions in some users, so if you know that you’re naturally prone to enjoying wild times, whether for better or worse, then tread lightly when it comes to settling on the right dosage for you. Aniracetam prescription side effects are near entirely non-existent in nature.

Is Aniracetam Legal?

The question of legality has always dogged the smart drugs market and sadly, Aniracetam is no different. However, the important point to make is that in the U.S., possession or purchase of Aniracetam is not illegal. It is not a controlled substance and you can use it freely. However, the drug is unregulated, meaning that the FDA has yet to approve its use. Roughly translated, this equates as ‘purchase it at your own risk,’ so while the reviews are generally positive and the side-effects very mild, its efficacy and safety are still open to challenge. The U.K., Canada, and Australia offer its citizens a similar approach, with Aniracetam being unregulated but legal to buy and possess. Personal use, generally considered to be 1 to 3 months’ supply, will pass through Customs unchallenged, so users are advised to buy it in that quantity to avoid any delays.

Safety Concerns

Although it remains unregulated, Aniracetam is one of the safest nootropics around, with very few reported side effects and even then, just gentle ones. But, like any drug, it can incur risk with improper use and this is where it’s crucial that the user determines their own compatibility with it based on experience and medical history. If you’re used to living a reckless life with few inhibitions, for example, than Aniracetam will only emphasize that, making it a possible portal into even wilder behavior. Meanwhile, those who suffer from bipolar should avoid it wherever possible, as the increases in dopamine and serotonin can an unpleasant exaggeration of symptoms in some users. For those who are prescribed antipsychotics such as Seroquel, the same rule applies. If you’re taking any prescribed medication that increases your serotonin levels, such as anti-depressants from the SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) group, you must see your doctor before embarking on Aniracetam use, as the potentially life-threatening condition known as ‘serotonin syndrome’ can occur if you take pills which cause too much serotonin to be produced in the brain. While the condition can occur by taking just one type of pill, it’s more likely to occur when you’re combining medications, including smart drugs. Another danger is that as it’s fat-soluble, it is not excreted from the body when you pass water throughout the day, so any surplus is instead stored in tissue in the body. But for this happen, you will have to be taking very big amounts, so just stick to the recommended, effective dose for you to avoid incurring any damage.

Final Thoughts

Despite the possible dangers listed above, if used responsibly, Aniracetam is still one of the safest, most powerful and effective smart drugs available on the market. With a myriad of benefits, positive reviews, mild, occasional and easily surmountable side-effects, Aniracetam is a great choice for most users, delivering improvements to cognitive functions across the board, from mood and motivation to sleep, study and self-esteem. While some users should exercise vigilance when considering using it, the majority of people can rest assured that the addition of Aniracetam to their daily diet will confer wonderful benefits that will help them excel in every corner of their lives. Aniracetam is a great nootropic drug, and a prescription is not needed

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