What Is The Legal Status Of Aniracetam In The U.K.?

What Is Aniracetam?

Aniracetam is a nootropic (nootropics are also known as “smart drugs” or “brain boosters”) belonging to the racetam class of drugs. In fact, it was one of the first effective drugs in its class to hit the mainstream market and has been used (and studied) extensively ever since. With no recreational effects, it sets itself apart from other non-prescription, non-over-the-counter drugs through positive effects on one’s mental and emotional state, as well as its ability to significantly better one’s cognition through increased memory, performance on tests and quick thinking/judgment.

Use For Anxiety

It may sound rather contradictory that one might see value in this drug as part of anxiety treatment, even though one if its side effects is an increase in anxiety. However, for most people who take it properly through well-researched dosing schedules will find that Aniracetam actually helps with anxiety.

As with any other medication, it may not eliminate anxiety completely, though many users report it to have positive effects on their anxiety levels. Aniracetam can be a good addition to a proper treatment plan in treating anxiety. Coupled with certain therapies, or even on its own to a degree, users may find a significant increase in their quality of life due to the drug’s anti-anxiety properties. Aniracetam U.K. laws now classify the drug as entirely legal and it can be obtained without needing a prescription.

Use As A Sleep Aid

Aniracetam can be used as a sleep aid, but not in the traditional sense. User’s taking the drug right before bedtime may find it to have the opposite effect they were hoping for. Aniracetam is different in that, when used as a sleep aid, it should be taken much earlier in the day than a traditional sleeping pill.

Those who have a hard time expending their energy throughout the day, or are plagued by stress (both of which can cause major sleeping issues), may find value in Aniracetam’s ability to counteract both of these problems through its motivating and euphoric effects. Leading to an increased ability to properly wind down and practice good sleep-hygiene before bed. Aniracetam U.K. literature actually boasts about using the drug for sleep.

Use For Studying

Aniracetam in the U.K., even for those college students looking for a boost, has been entirely banned for individual retail sale purposes. It can, however, be bought and imported into the area of the U.K.

Of all the reasons people take Aniracetam – or any racetam/nootropic for that matter – the most common reason people take it is for its ability to increase test performance. This is why the racetam class of drugs is so popular among students. Here’s how it works.

As mentioned earlier, Aniracetam increases one’s ability to learn new information. This works through an increase in cognition (which positively affects one’s memory) as well as an increased ability to call upon said information even after the drug has worn off. Not only that, but users who continue taking the drug during the test they’ve been studying for may find an extra reserve of mental energy, motivation, and focus they didn’t even know they had.

Also, due to its lesser-known ability to promote healthy sleep patterns when taken accordingly, students can reap the rewards of a good night’s sleep after each studying session, furthering the memory enhancing effects of this drug.


The obvious effects include increased focus, memory and test performance. These are the most sought-after effects and are why people find themselves taking the drug usually. This corresponds to better grades, performance at work, etc.

Some lesser-known benefits, however, are Aniracetam’s positive effects on the typical user’s emotions. Those who take Aniracetam generally find themselves, at the very least, going about their day with a more positive and optimistic outlook on life, with an increased willingness to participate in activities (studying, attending events, etc.) that they may usually find themselves skipping out on.

Better yet, some users actually find themselves feeling somewhat euphoric, an added benefit of this drug. And, unlike recreational drugs, a constant need to re-dose isn’t needed to maintain such euphoria, making this drug “functional,” in the sense that users can go about their day, just feeling better than usual.

Recommended Dosage

The dosage among users varies, as does the recommended dose by professionals. 500mg to 1000mg every 3 or 4 hours (with a higher-ranged dose when one takes the drug less frequently, vice-versa) seems to be the standard dosage for a good positive effect/side effect ratio. The idea here is to get exactly what one wants out of the drug, without increasing the likelihood of experiencing negative effects.

As with any drug, everyone’s body and mind will react differently to any given dose. For this reason, it’s recommended that users start at the lower end of the dosing scale (500mg every 4 hours). It’s better to find out that Aniracetam doesn’t work for you while you’re on 500mg, as opposed to 1000mg. For those who want to be really safe, a threshold dose (~200mg, dependent upon the person’s genetic makeup and weight) should be a good starting dose simply to serve as a test. After that, one should work their way up with each subsequent dose without issue.

Side Effects

Aniracetam has an extremely low occurrence of side effects. And, even when side effects do occur, they tend to be quite mild and manageable. These side effects typically include, mania, changes in sleep patterns through increased energy levels, and anxiety.

These can generally be minimized or prevented through strategic dosing. For example, refraining from use before bedtime will often-times eliminate any negative effects on sleep. Lowering the dose will often help reduce the risks of becoming manic or anxious while on the drug. This is why it is generally recommended that new users start out with smart doses to test the waters.


Aniracetam’s mental effects mostly revolve around cognition. This includes a better ability to retain information. In fact, those who learn something new while taking this drug (such as through studying) will still find benefits in the drug even after it wears off. Meaning, one can study for a test on Aniracetam, and recall upon what they’ve learned while taking the said test, even once the drug has worn off.

Aniracetam also has emotional effects. For an unlucky few, this means anxiety and mania. For the majority, however; an increase in positive emotions – such as happiness, contentment, sociability, etc. – is often experienced throughout the day after taking the drug.

Aniracetam also appears to have positive effects on one’s energy levels. Both physical and (especially) mental energy is increased in the majority of users taking this drug. And, unlike with other stimulants such as caffeine and amphetamines, this is achieved without any of the negative effects typical of stimulants. The jitters and getting twitchy aren’t generally reported among users.

Is Aniracetam Legal In U.K.?

Throughout most of the world, Aniracetam is completely legal – even without a prescription – due to its general lack/infrequency of negative effects. However, while the U.K. government hasn’t come out and outright banned it, the Aniracetam U.K. legal status is rather up in the air at this moment in time. It’s a pretty complicated issue, so let’s take a closer look.

Blanket ban – this is the term used for when a government bans everything that falls under a certain category. The U.K. has recently released a blanket ban on any non-pharmaceutical, psychoactive substances. This was done to reduce the prevalence of street drugs known as “legal highs.” Unfortunately, this blanket ban has left nootropic users with their hands in the air, not quite sure of what to do next.

Luckily, there are exceptions to this ban. Those caught with enough of any given drug for police to have reason to believe the user has (or had) an intent to distribute or sell said the drug, may face legal troubles. However, those with small amounts of nootropics for personal use have nothing to worry about.

So, for small quantities without intent to sell – yes, Aniracetam is completely legal. To stay safe, one should be sure to possess no more than one month’s worth of the drug at any time and to never give any of it away to friends. This constitutes distribution and should be avoided at all costs.

Safety Concerns

As previously stated, the side effects of this drug are few and far between. Those who do experience side effects tend to find them infrequent, mild and manageable.

Manic emotions such as anxiety, restlessness, excitability, and frustration have been reported with the use of Aniracetam. Some physical effects have also been reported. These include nausea, headaches, aches, and pains, as well as mild vertigo.

What does this all mean? As with any new drug being introduced to the system, one should start with small doses, taken in a safe environment, and should slowly work their way up to a proper dose. Those who find they are experiencing any side effects should stop taking the drug and not continue to do so until consulting with a health professional.

The side effects should never be severe enough to cause panic when taken properly. Through safe dosing practices and strategic dose timing, Aniracetam should remain completely safe and worry-free.

Final Thoughts

Aniracetam can be a great drug, taken for many reasons. Due to its wide range of positive effects on mental function, cognition, and emotional well-being, there’s certainly something positive to be found in this drug for nearly everyone.

Whether a student, a worker or a stay-at-home parent. Aniracetam’s effects can significantly increase one’s well-being, mental function, quality of life and even overall health when taken accordingly. Aniracetam should be taken in a safe manner, starting with low doses so as to ensure a smooth ride, and increased until one finds solace in their new and improved state of mind.

Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should stay away from Aniracetam, however. While studied extensively, much more research needs to be done before it can be safely concluded that a soon-to-be mother can take such a drug without issue.

Those looking for an alternative to their current concoction of daily stimulants can seek refuge in Aniracetam as well. Many have found it to be a safe alternative to stimulants even as mild as caffeine. Due to its general lack of side effects and other positive properties that most stimulants lack, Aniracetam should be considered by all those who are sick and tired of their morning cup of coffee.

As with anything; safety should be practiced through thorough research, moderation, proper dosing (through both dose timing and dose sizes). Those who wish to remain extra safe may even find value in speaking with their family practitioner before undertaking this new regimen.

Stay safe, and you may find Aniracetam to solve more problems than what you could even imagine.

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