Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam Effects on Cognition

Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam


Aniracetam is one of the most well-known nootropics in the racetam nootropic family. It is more powerful than many of them, although not the most powerful of the racetam family. It is primarily distinguished by the fact that it carries a whole host of psychological benefits in addition to its wide range of benefits for a person’s intelligence. When deciding on Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam, consider whether you desire a stimulating, or a relaxing, anxiolytic feeling.

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More About Aniracetam

Aniracetam benefits

The racetam family is primarily distinguished by the fact that the drugs in this category have a positive effect on memory. Aniracetam is certainly no exception. People can experience tremendous improvements in terms of their memories and their ability to recall facts as a result of an Aniracetam supplement. While these benefits are going to mainly involve a person’s short-term memory, some people have experienced benefits that are even more significant than that.

Mental energy is one of the biggest limiting factors when it comes to brainpower. People everywhere have experienced situations in which they had a difficult time thinking as a result of not having eaten enough, or at least not having taken in enough calories that they would be able to process quickly. Brains are expensive from an energy standpoint. It is estimated that humans use twenty percent of their calories just powering their brains, so to speak, and people are not always going to be able to use any of that energy efficiently. Drugs like Aniracetam can certainly help in that regard.

The people who take Aniracetam will often find that they just have more energy to think. They will be able to summon up the energy and the focus that they need in order to follow their thoughts through to the end, and this is partly a consequence of taking something like Aniracetam. Aniracetam can also help people think more lucidly in general, and thanks to its other effects, they will be able to pursue their lucid thoughts with vigor. Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam benefits vary from person to person,

Side effects

The side effects of Aniracetam are going to be familiar to almost everyone who has ever had to take supplements of any kind, including nootropics, but also including all sorts of medications. Aniracetam will tend to give people headaches unless they take choline supplements to compensate. Even the people who take those choline supplements might end up experiencing headaches anyway.

Plenty of people will experience various digestive problems as a result of Aniracetam. Nausea is certainly a common one, but other people will have a wide range of different digestive problems. Other people will simply start getting drowsier than they would like. They might have a difficult time getting a full night’s sleep afterward, possibly because they’re feeling too drowsy during the day and their sleep cycle is disrupted, or possibly because of other factors. Either way, people sometimes have a hard time getting the right amount of sleep on Aniracetam.

User reviews

Aniracetam has exploded in terms of its popularity, so people will find positive review after positive review online. Nootropics users will typically discuss their positive experiences with the supplement in detail, and they will often recommend it to others.


The people who are looking for a nootropic and an anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication in one are typically going to choose Aniracetam. This is the sort of versatile nootropic that is really going to give people the results that they want in terms of their mental and intellectual health.


The people who stick to the right supplemental regimen won’t run into any problems with Aniracetam. The usual concerns about drug interactions and allergies are still going to apply, of course. People need to make sure that they’re not taking any medications that are going to interact poorly with the Aniracetam. Other than that, it is a safe supplement. Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam as far as dangers are concerned, has Aniracetam as slightly safer (because of how it’s weaker.

Does this nootropic need choline?

Many people who take Aniracetam do, in fact, take it with choline. Aniracetam works in part by interacting with the acetylcholine receptors in the brain. People’s reserves of choline can be reduced. Choline can be found in eggs, chicken, scallops, tuna, shrimp, and turkey, but many people don’t eat anywhere near enough of those foods on a regular basis to get the choline that they need to begin with, which is going to put them in a particularly difficult situation if they plan on taking Aniracetam. As such, it is often a good idea to take choline supplements as part of a regimen that may also include Aniracetam.


It should be noted that the half-life of Aniracetam is relatively short, at least as far as many nootropics go in general. As such, it is a good idea to take it many different times during the day, and always in equal amounts. Of course, the fact that it has a relatively short half-life is also going to make it safer than many of the other nootropics that people are going to take. People need a total of two grams of Aniracetam every day in order to really experience the full effects, and they will tend to get those in four supplemental increments each and every day.


Aniracteam has been the subject of a lot of medical research over the course of the last few decades. The customer base for nootropics like these has expanded by a wide margin, which is going to make it much more profitable to study supplements like this in the first place. Whatever it is that gets researched is often a matter of funding, and the research that has been done on Aniracetam has shown that its cognitive benefits are very real.


Aniracetam made its grand debut in the 1970s, and it has gone through numerous developments ever since then. The increased popularity of nootropics has led to much more research into the side effects of supplements like Aniracetam.

Long-Term Effects

People who take Aniracetam with the appropriate dosages in mind should not experience any negative long-term effects as long as they do not experience any allergic reactions or any extremely rare adverse reactions.

Short Term Effects

The short-term effects of Aniracetam are going to be very mild, depending upon how one defines the concept of short-term in the first place. Some people are going to need to be on the supplement for weeks before they will really experience the cognitive effects or the physical side effects. Either way, those are the only real short-term effects that most people will experience.


There are few nootropics that can match the sheer power of a supplement like Pramiracetam. This is one of the strongest nootropics that has ever been devised, which is one of the reasons why people are drawn to it in the first place. They want to be able to get the strong and overarching cognitive benefits that Pramiracetam can offer them. The racetam family of nootropics has produced some truly great products in general, but few of them can quite measure up to Pramiracetam.

Pramiracetam benefits

When it comes to cognitive enhancement, Pramiracetam has a wonderfully multifaceted approach that will manage to improve people’s ability to think, while also making it that much easier for them to properly use whatever it is that they have learned and thought in the first place.

This supplement is almost unique in its ability to actually improve fluid intelligence, and not simply one’s memory and other cognitive functions that are easier to treat or to enhance. Fluid intelligence is a very important component of intelligence in general, and it relates to people’s ability to solve problems in general, to adapt to new situations, to come up with new ideas, and to think quickly. While crystallized intelligence is very important when it comes to a person’s academic achievements and how he or she will functionally use intelligence, people need fluid intelligence in order to properly apply what they have learned.

The person who looks something up and uses that knowledge is improving his or her crystallized intelligence and making use of it. The person who thinks up a creative solution to a problem so he or she doesn’t have to look

anything up, or thinks about what the answer might logically be without doing research, is using fluid intelligence and strengthening those parts of his or her brain. People who try to add up numbers in their own heads rather than using calculators or people who try to remember something on their own without resorting to looking it up are also making use of fluid intelligence. Pramiracetam is truly a supplement that can make someone smarter in this regard, thus making such a person smarter through and through.

People will find that their drive, motivation, and focus will improve after they have been on a regimen of Pramiracetam. Being significantly smarter and having a great memory can certainly be helpful no matter what, but being able to put those new skills into practice is what is really going to make all the difference for a person, and that is what people will be able to experience thanks to Pramiracetam.

Side effects

Nausea is probably the most common side effect, and some people are also going to manage to experience heartburn and other gastrointestinal problems. Some of these effects will dissipate with time. Habitual users of nootropics may not experience any of these effects, since they will be so accustomed to drugs of this nature, especially if they make a habit of taking the drugs from the racetam family. However, these side effects are still notable, and people are better off if they’re prepared for them. In the debate of Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam with regards to side effects, Pramiracetam has more side effects.

User reviews

Pramiracetam has been one of the most popular of all nootropic drugs for a long time now. Many of the people who want something that’s very strong and potent will recommend Pramiracetam to one another in an attempt to promote the best of the best. Plenty of customers have reported that they started to feel the effects almost immediately. They found that their thinking improved and their memories got sharper, exceeding all of their expectations in the process. When deciding Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam, decide what general effects you’re looking for. For a speedy cognition boost use Pramiracetam…for reduction in overall anxiety however…Aniracetam is your man! In the debate of Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam regarding user reviews, Pramiracetam is much stronger, yet Aniracetam helps with anxiety to a greater degree.


People take Pramiracetam for the cognitive benefits, but also in an effort to overcome procrastination and similar challenges. Many people have the brains to succeed. They simply can’t motivate themselves, and they can fall into the vicious cycle of frustrated procrastination instead. Taking a supplement like Pramiracetam can help people break that cycle once and for all. Naturally, when people do decide to go through with their goals as a result of taking this supplement, they will be able to succeed at them that much more readily as a result of taking such a powerful cognitive-enhancing drug.


People are going to have to keep to a strict supplement schedule when they are taking such a potent racetam, but as long as they do that, they should be fine. Drug interactions and allergies are the only other concerns, and people should talk to their doctors about those.

Does this nootropic need choline, Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam Cholinergic Needs

Many people who take nootropics are going to take choline, which is a good idea anyway. Far too many people aren’t getting anywhere near enough choline, even if they do try to get enough of it through diet, which is rare. People who are taking supplements in the racetam family shouldn’t often take choline, since it can prevent some of the resultant headaches. Pramiracetam works on the acetylcholine receptors just as surely as other nootropics in the racetam family, so it is still a good idea to take the requisite choline supplements.

However, there are plenty of people who don’t even really seem to be experiencing side effects like headaches in the first place, and for these people, a choline supplement may seem to be somewhat redundant. It is true that they just may not have experienced the side effects yet, in which case taking choline can work well as something of a preventative measure for the people who might experience headaches down the line. However, ultimately, everyone’s body is going to react in a slightly different way, and people are going to need to see how their bodies respond when they start taking Pramiracetam.

Dosages of Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam

Pramiracetam has a fairly long half-life, especially compared to many of the other supplements that are in the racetam family. People only need two dosages in a given day. The fact that this is a fat soluble supplement and the fact that it has such a relatively long half-life is also going to mean that taking too much Pramiracetam is going to be comparatively dangerous. People will need to be especially mindful of their supplement schedule when they are taking Pramiracetam. People will need between one hundred and one thousand milligrams of Pramiracetam a day. When compared to Aniracetam, Pramiracetam has a much lower dosage.


Research into Pramiracetam is partly rewarding because its effects are so conducive to a scientific environment in the first place. The effects of nootropics can sometimes be difficult to test because they are going to be primarily internal, and also behavioral. The drugs are going to need to visibly alter a person’s behavior, or they are going to be difficult to test, and their effects will be equally difficult to test. However, the behavioral effects of Pramiracetam are going to be both obvious and clear, so researchers are going to be able to get all of the data that they want in this regard.


Pramiracetam made its debt during the 1970s, along with most of the drugs in the racetam family in general. The 1970s was the decade that gave birth to a wide range of nootropics, so the fact that the origin of this supplement can be traced there should not be surprising. Scientists have more or less been researching this particular drug since 1978, and they have uncovered plenty of positive results since that time period.

Long-Term Effects

The long-term effects of Pramiracetam are contested. Usually, there won’t be any if nothing went wrong with the dosage. Scientists are still investigating the possibility that taking nootropics like Pramiracetam can cause permanent changes in the way a person’s brain functions, whether it is for the better or for the worse. The smaller side effects certainly aren’t going to be permanent. The people who are on a Pramiracetam regimen won’t have to experience digestive problems for the rest of their lives if they simply quit taking the supplement, and they might not be able to experience the cognitive benefits for the rest of their lives if they quit taking the supplement. The jury is still out on whether or not people are restructuring their brains in any way by taking Pramiracetam or any racetam supplement. However, this particular supplement is more likely than others to be effective in that regard, given its extreme potency.

Short Term Effects

Pramiracetam is the sort of nootropic that will deliver very rapid effects. People will quickly find themselves experiencing the cognitive benefits, especially the cognitive benefits that involve increased motivation and drive. Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam, with regards to short term effects, has Pramiracetam as being a significantly stronger nootropic for general, short-term focus and drive.

Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam Final Comparison

Ultimately, the primary difference between these two excellent nootropics involves their strength. Pramiracetam is one of the most powerful nootropics that has ever been developed, to the point where it can leave even the highly potent Aniracetam in the dust. It is estimated to be about ten times more potent than its cousin Aniracetam. People will be able to experience the effects much more strongly, and they will probably manage to feel them more quickly than they would with the milder Aniracetam.

Obviously, both of these supplements are going to be extremely effective for their purposes. However, the benefits of Pramiracetam are almost entirely intellectual in nature. It can improve a person’s motivation and drive, which can have positive psychological effects indirectly, naturally. However, the people who take Pramiracetam are the people who are only in it for the cognitive benefits, so to speak, and they don’t have any of the psychological problems that Aniracetam can solve holding them back. Or, if they do, they are going to solve them using other methods or temporarily ignore them for whatever reason.

For many people, being able to enhance their cognitive skills while also enhancing their psychological states is truly going to make all the difference. Aniracetam can give them that sort of opportunity, which is not something that they’re going to get with most other nootropics, even if they are as good as Pramiracetam.

Final Thoughts on Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam

Both of these supplements are great. Aniracetam is the safer drug that can offer psychological benefits in addition to cognitive ones, and Pramiracetam can make people both smarter workers and harder workers. It all depends upon what people want out of their nootropics.

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