How Does Aniracetam Improve Performance

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How Does Aniracetam Improve Performance

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More About Aniracetam

What is Aniracetam, and how can you use it to better performance in studying, and in general intelligence?

Aniracetam is one of the weaker, yet more long term racetams, in which portrays a significant variety of effects not seen in other, more common nootropics. Developed in Belgium in the early 1970’s, Aniracetam is a nootropic variety of the racetam family who’s main mechanism of action lies in blocking the reuptake of acetylcholine in the brain, causing an excess of it to build up in the prefrontal cortex of the cerebrum. For this reason, it is important to take a strong choline source, such as Citicholine or Alpha GPC, or for added benefits, a choline type stack, such as Onnit Labs Alpha Brain, but to also ensure that your dosing of Aniracetam is correct. Typical dosing of Aniracetam is 700 milligrams, dosed three times daily (preferably with each meal to aid absorbing and help the nootropic last longer), yet most nootropic connoisseur’s such as myself will recommend beginning an Aniracetam regimen with an attack dose, dosing as much as 5 times the recommended dosage all at once (make sure to use that choline when doing so!)

Aniracetam is a well studied nootropic supplement, has very subtle, yet cumulative and extremely noticeable effects, and has been shown in clinical trials to be well tolerated among humans, even in doses near 25 times that recommended!

Aniracetam once in your system, dramatically increased learning capacity, helps oxygenate and increase blood flow to the brain, stimulates alertness and focus while also providing a significant anxiolytic effect, and will overall improve neuroplasticity in the brain at a faster rate than without Aniracetam, meaning that you could permanently make yourself more intelligent through regular supplementation of this nootropic compound.

Aniracetam easily crosses the blood brain barrier, and also has a mild influence on the neurotransmitters dopamine, seratonin, and norepinephrine (to an extremely subtle degree.) Aniracetam has also been found as effective in the treatment of previously drug induced brain damage, as well as in the management of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Aniracetam has also been used overseas (primarly in Europe) as a treatment for Alzheimer’s and ADHD, and is being studied in the Americas modern day as a possible replacement for more addictive, more dangerous, and over time, less effective, ADHD stimulant medications. It is also currently undergoing clinical trials as a possible anti-aging supplement, as well as for a possible SSRI replacement, due to its significant, and sometimes permanently lasting impact on mood over long periods of time.

Common Aniracetam Stacks

Aniracetam, due to its significant benefits regarding anxiety reduction, Aniracetam has most commonly been stacked with Modafinil, Adrafanil, and Phenylpiraceta-the more stimulating types of nootropics. Nootropic genius Dave Asperey reports “using Aniracetam daily alongside my modafinil dosage in order to ward off any unpleasant side effects.” Try Aniracetam next time as an additive to your nootropic stack, and reap this smart drugs amazing benefits.

Possible Side Effects

Aniracetam generally has understood mild side effects, with the only actual one that’s noticeable manifesting itself in the form of a headache, a direct result of the choline uptake receptors overusing acetylcholine, burning out the receptor faster than it can be replenished. Although this sounds tricky, a simple choline supplement (or choline stack such as Alpha Brain for even better measure) will eliminate whatever pesky headache you may come across. Stack some choline with your aniracetam and all pesky side effects will immediately cease.

Final Thoughts

Aniracetam is the best long term nootropic racetam for reducing stress and anxiety,improving overall brain function, and even for boosting mood on days you feel blue. So pick up a bottle of Aniracetam and stack it with your favorite nootropics, you’ll be glad you did! As always, remember to check out our nootropics store for all your supplement needs.

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