Artemisinin Tablets

What is Artemisinin?

Also commonly known as wormwood, Artemisinin is a Chinese herbal compound and is an active ingredient in drugs that are most commonly used to help treat multi-drug resistant strains of malaria. It’s also a separate dietary supplement that can be used to help fight aging and support general health.


Artemisinin has many different health benefits attached to it that help to make it an extremely popular health remedy with countless people who take it. One great benefit is that this supplement can be used as a sedative to help calm muscles and nerves in the body thanks to specific compounds. Additionally, it also helps to promote sleep. Another wonderful benefit is that Artemisinin also has effective anti-inflammatory properties.


The exact dosage amount for Artemisinin varies depending on what your particular treatment option is.  The recommended dosage amount is one or two capsules of 100mg each twice per day before eating a meal.

Side Effects

As with any other kind of drug currently available to purchase or be prescribed by a medical professional, Artemisinin does have its share of side effects. Artemisinin tablets typically have a few side effects. These include the following:

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Urine darkening
  • Immature red blood cells
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting

Short-Term Use

There are some medical health professionals who recommend Artemisinin for more of a short-term use rather than a long-term use because they feel that some sort of tolerance or resistance to the supplement itself may form.

Safety Concerns

This particular supplement has been available everywhere in the United States for the past decade without having to obtain a prescription in order to obtain it. This alone is a sign that, generally, this supplement is considered to be safe, effective, and very well-tolerated for treating malaria and other different issues.

However, in addition to the more common side effects, Artemisinin does also have other safety concerns as well that may be slightly more severe in nature. For instance, those who take more than the prescribed amount of this supplement may experience cardiovascular issues as a result.

Purchasing And Pricing

Currently, it appears that the only place that Artemisinin can be purchased is through various online pharmacies and retail outlets, such as Amazon and our partner affiliate site Absorb Health. Alternatively, you can also purchase this supplement through the popular online auction website eBay.

The overall total price of Artemisinin seems to depend on the actual location in which you purchase the supplement itself. For instance, Amazon currently has the following options listed:


  • $23.99 for a 100-count 100mg bottle
  • $10.48 for a 90-count 425mg bottle
  • $21.54 for a 90-count 100mg “vegetable capsule” bottle
  • $23.95 for a 100-count 400mg bottle

All in all, it really depends on exactly how many pills you need, the exact dosage amount that you’re looking for, and exactly how much money you’re looking to spend for the supplement itself. Bear in mind, however, that typical dosage of the substance range from 1-500mg, taken 1-3 times daily, so it is best to stay at least within the range of that particular limit.


Here are some additional facts regarding Artemisinin:

  • The medicinal plant “Artemisia annua” is currently the sole source of Artemisinin.
  • The effectiveness of Artemisinin is threatened by parasite resistance.

Artemisinin in Tablet form is always a great addition to any nootropic stack.


Artemisinin Stacks

As with most other supplements, it is common to stack Artemisinin with other types of herbs. One common claim is that stacking this supplement together with iron can improve its effects. On the other hand, combining Artemisinin with other types of herbs can prove to be dangerous because, as previously stated, if this is taken with other types of medication, some of which may contain other types of herbs, it can cause these other medications to not do the jobs that they are intended to do.

Final Thoughts

Artemisinin, at first, was something that I had never actually heard of before until I started reading more information about it. What seems to have the most positive attention is all of the great health benefits in terms of anti-inflammatory/antibacterial properties, low resistance, etc.  Get your hands on some Artemisinin and improve your supplement stack!


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