The Benefits of Adrafinil

What is Adrafinil?

Everyone needs a little pick me up from time to time. We live in a world where things can get pretty stressful. That is why nootropic drugs can be the perfect solution to your problem. Going to college or work every day can be hectic especially when your workload is heavy. Being alert and having a great mood can really have an impact on the way our day goes. There are drugs called smart drugs that are out there to make your life easier. There is one drug in particular that can help improve your mood and increase your alertness and that drug is called Adrafinil.

Adrafinil is a nootropic drug that is considered to be eugeroic. It is a central nervous system stimulant that was discovered in the 1970s. Adrafinil can be purchased without a prescription and can be bought online because it is not a controlled substance in the United States. It is as an alertness agent and can improve your mood and your overall mental health.


There are a lot of benefits of taking Adrafinil. If you ever feel low on energy or your mind may seem a little foggy, Adrafinil can do these following things to help you feel more mentally alert:

  • Increase mental alertness
  • Gives you energy
  • Improves your focus
  • Improves your concentration
  • Increase motivation

These benefits are important to consider when you are trying to decide whether or not Adrafinil will be right for you. Adrafinil is very powerful when using as a smart drug.

Recommended Dosage 

Adrafinil is a powerful nootropic drug, so you have to be cautious of the dosage. The recommended dosage for Adrafinil is between 150 to 300 mg a day. You can take it either in a capsule or powder form. You should not exceed the recommended dosage for adrafinil because you may have some dangerous side effects. It’s also best to start with a smaller dose so your body can get adjusted to Adrafinil. Adrafinil smart drug qualities typically show themselves at all dosages.


You can easily buy Adrafinil online. The price of Adrafinil may vary depending on the website you buy it from. The price range as low as $12 for the powder and as high as $32 for a capsule. You should go for whatever fits your budget. Regardless of the price, you will still get the same effect.

Powders vs. Capsules

Adrafinil capsules are water soluble, so it makes it easier to take. All you have to do is mix it with juice. The capsules you just simply take by mouth. You also have the option of purchasing a cheap pill capping device to make your own capsule. You will have the same benefits no matter which way you take them.


Adrafinil has been known to improve a lot of lives. Research has shown that this smart drug works best for college students and industrial workers. Adrafinil works by preventing the breakdown of dopamine which helps improve stress or your mood. It also increases hormones. Adrafinil was originally prescribed in Europe for people with sleep disorders.

Online Reviews 

There are many reviews out on Adrafinil. Some of the reviews say that it has fewer side effects than most smart drugs. People have said that it is a more efficient nootropic drug when used the right way and not overdosing on it. There are more positive reviews than negative reviews on these on Adrafinil.

Side Effects

Although side effects of nootropic drugs are mild, there are some risks of side effects with Adrafinil. Some side effects are nausea, dizziness, headache, and stomach discomfort. Most of the time you only have these side effects when you are taking a high dose. The most serious side effect is the potential for liver issues. You can avoid this side effect by not mixing Adrafinil with alcohol or drugs like Tylenol.

Final Thoughts 

Adrafinil can be a very helpful drug if you need help with school or work. When you use this smart drug, you will see a lot of difference in your mood and your energy. Nootropic drugs were created to better people’s lives and help them through their everyday struggles. If you need motivation and need to get through the day, Adrafinil can help. It is an effective drug, and the benefits outweigh the side effects. The main Adrafinil smart drug benefits lie in its ability to increase energy, which is a powerful effect indeed.


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