Bromantane For Your Brain, Bro!


Aside from having a name that sounds like nothing so much as a cheap Frat boy aphrodisiac, Bromantane, otherwise marketed as Ladasten ®, is a psychostimulant with anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties. It was used by Soviet and Russian armies to lessen recovery times after fierce physical exertion. Often billed as a brain health supplement, Bromantane is dependent upon dopaminergic and, perhaps, serotonergic neurotransmitter systems. It has gained momentum in the nootropic marketplace for its sordid cognitive benefits and is often paired with Modafinil as a study aid.


Although Bromantane’s exact molecular mechanism of action for serving as a dopamine synthesis enhancer is unclear, the results are quite amazing. What we know is, Bromantane is an actoprotector which possesses 42% bioavailability. Once taken orally, it is swiftly (but only somewhat) absorbed from the GI (gastrointestinal) tract into your blood. It is then meted out to multiple organs and tissues and slowly excreted from the body. Extremely lipophilic in nature, Bromantane enters the lipids of the brain and is deposited in the adipose tissue.

Metabolized by the liver, Bromantane is excreted, in large part, through the adrenal gland. On a pharmacological level, Bromantane boosts our resistance to overheating, thereby rejuvenating the body after physical exertion. It works on the body and the mind simultaneously, restoring cognitive and physiological elements after working loads. Scientists have marveled at its ability to enhance learning processes and improve motor skills.


Although Bromantane was developed in Russia and remains a regular form of treatment for neurasthenia in said country, Bromantane has become a valuable commodity among inhabitants of Canada and the US alike for its benefits as a smart drug. Little to no research has been conducted in recent years to support Bromantane’s alleged cognitive profile, however, it is theorized that it would be advantageous to those looking to recover from extended bouts of “brain drain” or mental fatigue and for those who are subsequently seeking to study long and hard.

Largely used as an anti-anxiety medication, Bromantane has become increasingly popular as a nootropic for maximizing the mind’s abilities.


The aforementioned cognitive abilities are key to what makes Bromantane so attractive as a supplement. Whether you’re taking Bromantane powder or a Bromantane capsule, this special compound will unlock many notable benefits, the likes of the following:

  • Improved Learning Capacity
  • Increase in Memory Formation & Retention
  • Enhancement of Physical Endurance
  • Reduction of Anxiety
  • Stimulation of the Nervous System

What’s more, Bromantane has a very small toxicity level when compared to similar stimulants and little to no chance of resulting in addiction.


Perhaps the only gripe people seem to have with Bromantane is how expensive it is, particularly among high profile vendors like Awake Brain. As for the quality of the product, word of mouth speaks for itself. Nootropic enthusiasts on Reddit have rapped about the wonders of Bromantan
e extensively. Some call it “
magic” while others call it “the one.” They speak of the calm-inducing effect, of how it motivates them and instills a very subtle kind of euphoric mood throughout the day. With this comes sociability and happiness. Some have spoken of it alleviating their depression. One raved, “I have never experienced a nootropic with such effectiveness.” And they’re not the only ones loving on it.

A source close to me with substantial experience with nootropics has said, “Bromantane was the most profound nootropic I have ever tried. I felt calm but extremely alert and awake. My workouts were insanely good and I was super-motivated to just complete tasks.

“It made me not need much sleep at all. I felt like a Russian soldier. Sex drive went through the roof too. The effects built up each day after dosing.”

On the negative side, this same source decided to discontinue use because he believed it was causing mild hypomania. But as with all drugs, Bromantane can cause adverse effects which bring us to…


There have been few recorded cases of negative side effects from taking Bromantane. Aside from posts about brain fog resulting from over-stimulation of serotonin levels, there haven’t been many reports of bad reactions. Nevertheless, should users experience any odd physiological or psychological changes after taking Bromantane, they should discontinue use at once and seek immediate medical attention. Results may vary. Always take care when taking nootropics for the first time.


Health Canada has ruled that Bromantane is not a controlled substance. As such, it can be freely purchased via online vendors. There are several sources for Bromantane powder or Bromantane supplements, but it is hard to ascertain exactly which ones are the most trust-worthy as Bromantane is a lesser-known nootropic compared to similar compounds like racetams and others.

One source that has cropped up recently is Trusted Online Pharm, an outfit that calls itself an anonymous pharmacy. Their website promises anonymity and privacy as well as a fixed shipping price on all orders and money back guarantee. They also provide a blog for those looking for more information and an About Us page that shows they are based in India.

Awake Brain appears to be the most well-known of Bromantane providers, but their website isn’t nearly as professional-looking as Trusted Online Pharm. Our readers are encouraged to do their own independent research into any and all online vendors so as to ensure that they get the product they really want instead of the bogus crap that some shady people are pushing on consumers.


Americans should have no trouble snapping up a package of Bromantane powder. While the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has not approved it as a viable medication, Bromantane remains legal as of the time of this writing and can be ordered via Awake Brain.


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