The Benefits of Purchasing Noopept in Bulk

What is Bulk Noopept?

Noopept is a forerunner in terms of enhancing memory and other cognitive functions. The reason behind this effect of Noopept is that it is a nootropic supplement. A nootropic supplement such as Noopept, as mentioned, enhances memory and cognitive functions such as concentration and learning. Noopept is made out of a synthetic nootropic molecule called N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester. This molecule gives the brain a mild cognitive boost after ingestion. It stimulates the brain as well.


Noopept is made out of a synthetic nootropic molecule called N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester. This molecule gives the brain a mild cognitive boost after ingestion. It stimulates the brain as well. According to research, Noopept is effective in enhancing memory and learning abilities. Thus, the brain is quicker in remembering things, even small details. Noopept is important for overall brain health and wellbeing. Because of its ability to boost brain function, it keeps the brain alert and healthy as well.


Noopept is recommended to be taken once a day with a 10-30mg dosage. This dosage can be taken up to 56 days per cycle. Another recommendation of Noopept is to take it sublingually for better absorption.

Side Effects

There are some side effects that can be experienced while taking Noonept. Some reports of headaches in some people have been recorded. It can also cause irritability as well as loss of appetite in some.  Bulk Noopept is typically much cheaper than if it is bought in small amounts.

Long-term use

For long-term use, Noopept has many benefits as well. Perception is noticeably enhanced starting with vision. Other senses can be boosted as well as the olfactory senses. The hearing is also enhanced. There are no hallucinations experienced but some distortions with hearing felt. In terms of memory, a sharpness of recollection of old memories have been observed. Quick thinking was also observed. On the other hand, irritability was also observed with prolonged use of Noopept.

Noopept Megadose

A Noopept Megadose is a very large dose of Noopept. For example, a megadose can be 100mg of Noopept or the consumption of 200mg in 6 hours. This can lead to increase productivity and concentration. But the negative side effect of a megadose is that short-term memory is reportedly impaired.

Sublingual Use

Ingesting a drug sublingually allows it to be absorbed into the bloodstream much quicker. You can take Noopept sublingually as this skips the process of Noopept being digested and absorbed in the intestines. As said earlier, sublingual intake of Noopept drives it straight to the bloodstream which makes Noopept more powerful if taken sublingually than orally.

Common Noopept Stacks

The most common Noopept stack is the Noopept-Choline stack. This is common among users of nootropics who want to optimize the cognitive effects that they get. Since Noopept can enhance concentration and other cognitive functions, Choline is stacked with Noopept to reduce the negative side effects of the dosage such as headaches. The Noopept-Choline stack is ideal to enhance mental clarity to give a mental or cognitive boost.

Choline deficiency is present in about 85% of people. This deficiency causes lack of concentration, irritability, and a dull memory process. If taken with Noopept, it can reduce the headaches experienced. Another boost the Noopept-Choline stack can contribute is that they work well together in enhancing the benefits of Noopept’s cognitive boost.

Common Market Price

The common Noopept market price is around $68.00 for 100g of Noopept. It can start as low as about $5 for a 1g tub then it can go up to around $68 for 100g.


Research has shown that Noopept is most effective if taken orally. Furthermore, it leads to better absorption of Noopept. Research has also found that an oral dose of Noopept is equal to about one-tenth of an injected dose. Most research on Noopept has been administered to rats and results have been recorded to give more understanding of the effects and benefits of Noopept.

Noopept appears to be more lasting with its effects on cognitive functions compared to Piracetam despite their similarities. The reason why Noopept can affect cognitive functions positively is that it has a “sensitizing” effect on Acetylcholine processes which has been theorized to enhance memory.

Legal Status

Noopept is legal. In Russia where it took its roots, Noopept is readily available. The same goes with Noopept’s presence in the USA where it is also readily available. Take note, however, that Noopept is not approved by the FDA. This means that Noopept does not have enough to support its therapeutic claims.

Online Reviews

Noopept has had a good series of online reviews. A user wrote his experience of long-term usage of Noopept and notes how well his memory has improved and only notes irritability as a negative side effect. His senses were also enhanced and smelling and listening were two things he noted to be more powerful than before his intake of Noopept.

Other users reported the same thing and are very satisfied with the effect of Noopept.

Many people report having a better perception after using Noopept. They reported that listening to music is clearer and memories are recalled clearer as well. They reported it as a total brain boost experience wherein their concentration and productivity are heightened. It’s like going on a brain trip where things are clearer and sharper to the senses.

A reviewer commented that Noopept is a “buffed up” version of Piracetam which means that Noopept has more cognitive boosting potential than Piracetam. Noopept is often confused with Piracetam. Their molecular composition is different from each other but there are some similarities.

One user claims that his focus and concentration were two things that improved the most during his use of Noopept. He notes that he is calmer especially if he takes nightly doses. Memory recall was also very observable because he was able to remember details of past events as if they just happened.

It is important to note that the effects experienced varies from person to person. Some users of Noopept have experienced a significant change in memory capacity. They are able to remember more and are quicker in remembering things.

Reports of customer experiences include increased attention span as well. The functions of the brain are boosted so much so that there are more levels of productivity experienced.

Final Thoughts

Noopept is good for giving your brain a much-needed boost for concentration and productivity. It helps sharpen your senses such as your olfactory and hearing senses. It also allows for better memory recall. The most reported negative side effect of Noopept is the experience of headaches which can be lessened by stacking Noopept with Choline.


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