Bulletproof is one of the most popular and successful nootropic companies active today. They are known primarily for their line of coffee products. Founded in 2009 by CEO Dave Asprey, a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, Bulletproof is a US purveyor of everything from coffee blends to protein packs.

Bulletproof coffee is a branded java containing “Brain Octane oil,” a unique eight-carbon fragment of medium-chain triglyceride oil. Made with grass-fed butter and upgraded black coffee, Bulletproof is billed as a blend for “power, mind, and body.”

As seen on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, CNN Money, ABC Nightline, and America This Morning, Bulletproof’s Upgraded ™ coffee upgrades your day with its energy-infusing blend of organic butter and XCT oil.

Their beans are cultivated and hand-harvested at high altitudes in Guatemala for optimal integrity. Bulletproof encourages its customers to blend their coffee with Brain Octane for hours of brain energy and max performance. Brain Octane oil comes with a money back guarantee, promising to make a notable difference in how you feel and what you can get accomplished. It is said to aid in fat burning and cognitive enhancement. Each 32 oz. Unit of Brain Octane is distilled from one hundred percent pure coconut oil.

Bulletproof’s trademarked coffee comes in a variety of flavors and intensities. There’s the original whole bean blend as well as decaf, French Kick Dark Roast and something they call The Mentalist. The Mentalist Dark Roast Whole Bean coffee consist of adumbrated cocoa with vanilla aromatics that unleash a decadent, full-bodied coffee with the cherry sweet, frothy mouthfeel and almond caramel notes.

Other drink products include a coffee upgrade InstaMix and Fat Water, all-natural agua infused with droplets of Brain Octane oil and B-vitamins.

Bulletproof’s product line includes Collagen Protein packs and Ketoprime, a high-performance brain food that comes in lozenge form. Each 30 pack of Ketoprime propagates mitochondria and “blasts through brain fog,” boosting cell activity and enabling the user to achieve peak mental and physical performance. Its effects are largely the result of the signature molecule contained within. Oxaloacetate (or OAA) eliminates excess glutamate before it can negatively affect your brain and works to prevent feelings of fatigue.

The company now offers performance kits, coffee accessories, downloadable products and more! Creator Dave Asprey even offers a handy guide to a Bulletproof diet and many bloggers have chimed in, offering tips on how to properly diet the Bulletproof way and how to brew the perfect Bulletproof cup o’ joe.

So what are people saying about Bulletproof? While many consumers give it maximum star ratings and some call their Upgraded coffee a secret weapon for fat burning and performance, others aren’t as impressed. A writer for Authority Nutrition posted three reasons not to drink Bulletproof coffee, stating that by drinking it in place of a balanced breakfast, one is starving themselves of essential nutrients. They go on to say that consuming so much saturated fat is ill-advised and that studies have revealed that Bulletproof coffee can elevate your cholesterol levels.

Despite this potentially damaging news, most online consumers have responded well to their line of products, especially their coffee with one reviewer saying, “This is a great product…wow! This stuff is delicious and satisfying.”

Their prices are a bit steep with a twelve-ounce container of coffee going for $18.95 and thirty-two ounces of Brain Octane running you $41.36. But while I can’t see most people paying $34.95 for a twelve-pack of water, Bulletproof’s product benefits are great and their reputation is awesome overall.

Power yourself up, purchase a pouch or protein pack and unlock your potential!

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