A Beginner’s Review Of Fluorenol

What is Fluorenol?

Time is running out, and you are yet to complete your assignment for submitting the following day or finish the project for presentation the next working day, or whatever else you wish to end in a hurry. But sleep is catching up with you, you are tired, and you have little concentration. At times, you are working in the office and just dozing off. That is not a problem any longer. You only need a dose of Fluorenol, and you are actively back in action again once it takes effect. Worry no more or postpone your work for later, you can do it just then and continue to other businesses.

It is also known as Hydrafinil. A stimulant made from an alcohol compound; it stimulates the brain, increasing alertness hence enabling one concentrate for much longer. It’s a viable substitute for Modafinil, and it’s bound to do it out with time. It was manufactured to increase alertness but rather be non-addictive and also have few side effects on the users.


On taking the stimulant, the effect sets in after a few minutes, say 20- 30 minutes. One becomes more alert and hence concentrates more on the tasks at hand. There is also increased energy on the person after taking the drug. Other effects are:

  • Promotes wakefulness:  a dose of fluorenol enables one to stay up to four hours. That is plenty of time to do one’s work hence it is considered useful.
  • Motivation: once you take the drug, it stimulates the brain, and you feel much motivated, and hence it ensures productivity as well.
  • Increases the ability to learn and memorize: this becomes more useful for those who intend to stay up to read for exams, tackle assignments and handling projects. And more so those prone to hurry up to catch the deadlines.
  • Improves mood: being a stimulant, it mainly interferes with the brain activity and one of the activities controlled by the brain being mood, the stimulant, plays a role in enhancing good mood to the user.


Fluorenol is available in varying dosage and also at an affordable price. However, high doses are not advisable or safe for your health. 500-mg is considered just enough for a day.

 Side Effects

In as far as the drug is concerned, most reviews are positive from users, but some users report:

  • Having sleeping paralysis after taking Fluorenol
  • Mild crashes,
  • The drug has weaker effects’ compared to other eugeroics
  • It is a less stimulant

Long-Term Use

Because Fluorenol has been introduced to the market recently, its long-term effects are yet to arise. However, it is likely to cause liver damage in the long run and also damage to other body organs.

Safety Concerns

The drug has not been on the market for long hence some of the effects are still unknown including its safety to human beings. However, so far it is working quite well, and there are no severe reports from users of adverse effects from using it. Many say a lot of progress and love for the drug, so as far as it is, the drug is safe for human consumption. To buy Fluorenol online is typically difficult to find, as it is a highly potent nootropic drug.


A lot of the investigation is still being undertaken on Fluorenol more so because it is not yet fully introduced, or approved for use by humans, it is still under research. Research is proving Fluorenol being less favorable compared to other eugeroics (e.g. Modafinil).

It is like to cause adverse effects to humans, and the drug, being still under research, many doctors may not know the cause of the effects since much data is not yet available on the drug. The drug isn’t carcinogenic but may be proven to be carcinogenic in the future. Since research is still in progress, like many other drugs, it is undergoing a lot of safety tests before being widely-released for human use.

There aren’t any reported cases of Fluorenol causing liver damage. However, if users tend to have liver problems after taking the drug, they are advised to seek medical attention. There is a possibility of Fluorenol being mutagenic. These will pose a significant threat to cancer and other adverse effects on the body due to the drug tampering with your DNA. There is a possibility of the drug being neurotoxic by killing brain cells, causing adverse skin conditions, and affecting the granulocytes hence subjecting the users to infections.

Online Reviews

Most users are reporting success on the usage of the drug with most loving it compared to other eugeroics. The prefer Fluorenol because it is much cheaper, available in small doses that play the role of a high dose in others e.g. Modafinil, crashes; in short, it has fewer side effects compared to other eugeroic and these makes it liked by many. Most users love taking eugeroics sublingually and so is the intake of Fluorenol.


In as far as Fluorenol is a good eugeroic, one has to consider the effects of the drug in the long run before making the decision to take it. When the deal is too good, stop and think twice before getting into it. Fluorenol is an excellent stimulant with a practical outcome that makes your life much easier, especially in beating deadlines, it is also cheap and small quantities, have a powerful effect, but how much do you care about your health?

Weigh the benefits you will get from taking the stimulant, against the health implications you will have in the long run; both to you and your family, since they will suffer as you do. Psychological suffering is suffering. You should not experience physical pain to say you are suffering. Once you weigh the option go for the one most beneficial option, the outcome will follow sooner or later.

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