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It is important to live naturally, but we also want to live better, live faster, think sharper and take life by the short and curlies. Noopept is but one of a number of awesome nootropics that can enable us to emancipate our minds. A powerful peptide, Noopept is a deftly potent compound that is swiftly metabolized and earns the honor of being famously 1,000 times stronger than Piracetam.

For those who want to expand their horizons, boost their learning ability and sharpen their focus, Noopept is the drug for them! In addition to its cognitive enhancing capability, it exhibits powerful anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties and can noticeably improve your mood.

Everyone’s been talking about it, but few know just where to go to get their hands on choice bulk Noopept powder. Here you will find the answers that you seek.


Whether you live in Vancouver, BC; Ontario or Quebec, Noopept can come straight to your doorway! Courtesy of the folks at Peak Nootropics and, you can have premium Noopept at a price that is unbeatable!

For just $19.99, Peak Nootropics will send you 10-40 mg of the powder and throw in a 10 mg scoop for free! This is compared to Absorb Your Health’s $19.99 bottle of 100 vegetarian capsules of Noopept. Each capsule contains 10 mg of Noopept powder. Absorb Your Health will permit you to order as much as $124.99 worth of it in capsule form. That’s about six bottles or so.

As with all products, there are a number of vendors out there who you can take a look at including and Powder City, Readers are urged to explore and vet these vendors independent of the information provided herein.


This blend is becoming increasingly easy to find all over the globe, but there are only so many trust-worthy suppliers out there. For those of us who reside in America, they include Nootropics Depot who offer a 5-10 g jar of Noopept powder for $7.99, but Peak Nootropics is easily the most trusted source for bulk Noopept Powder out there. And they offer convenient USPS Priority Shipping along with a money back guarantee!


It’s easy to get hoodwinked into buying an inferior product, especially when ordering online. Websites wow us with a lot of bells and whistles, but many sites turn out to be smokescreens for swindlers out to sell you on bogus goods. It’s not uncommon to come across a web forum where folks are complaining about receiving no effects whatsoever from its use. This is invariably because they ordered from a vendor who didn’t actually give them real Noopept.

When doing business online, our readers are advised to do independent research to ensure that they are getting the real deal from those who they purchase their bulk Noopept powder from. Whether you are in Canada or the US, it never hurts to do a cursory web search concerning each of the vendors you are considering.

The Better Business Bureau is always a viable option as are other nootropic-related websites. A quick Google search yields several pages about the legitimacy of Peak Nootropics. However, there have been some reports suggesting Absorb Your Health is an alternative to the above. Some Reddit users have also questioned whether they are selling fake products. However, it is important to vet your vendors, lest you end up with something other than true, pure bulk Phenibut powder.

When purchasing nootropics in bulk, whether in Canada or the US, it is recommended that you request a COA (Certificate of Authenticity). Remember, be safe, be smart and emancipate your mind.

For more on Noopept’s side effects, benefits, etc. visit our article “Noopept for Studying.”


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